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  1. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Another oldie saying hello, been several years since I've posted here. Officially joined in '04 but was posting before you had to actually join to post. Nice seeing old faces/names
  2. Hey if you ever want to sell your teal Elites...get a hold of me please. Thanks. :)

  3. What's For Supper?

    I have no idea....we had a late lunch and now I'm cooling off after the farrier visit....something simple like sandwiches probably.
  4. Since When Is One Space Ok

    Ahh something I had wondered about myself. I too grew up being taught it was two spaces after a period. My english and lit professors would note on my papers that I only needed one space after a period, not two. I did ask about it but both of them seemed to think I had three heads and had never heard of such a thing? I don't know, I find it also a hard habit to break after so many years of using two spaces. Each paper I would turn in I had to go over twice just checking my spacing after periods because they do consider that a mistake and will dock points LOL
  5. Do You Chew Gum?

    Orbit sweet mint hands down. It tastes very much like mint choco chip ice cream!
  6. Baby Guineas!

    7 whole weeks, well that is good, they'll be ready for the outside by then right? They sure are good for bugs though and nothing beats them for ticks. Shoot they are almost better then any watch dog as well, someone comes up they let the world know about it! We had some pearl's many years ago along with all the other birds we used to keep. Of course during mating season I do think peacocks would give them a run for their money in the who can be the loudest contest LOL I hope you'll post more pics as they grow up. I think they are neat, if sometimes annoyingly loud birds.
  7. Baby Guineas!

    Very cute! How long before they get loud? LOL
  8. Can Somebody Give Me Some Tips

    I ditto manes but also want to say that not all horse traders are bad. I grew up as a horse traders daughter and while I have seen my fair share of the shady ones, I have met many that were not that way at all, my dad was a good one and was honest about every horse we sold. Do you have someone that could go with you? Someone horsey obviously as an extra set of eyes? Not sure where you are(I can't remember lol) but probably to far for me to come with ya or I'd offer just to be an extra set of eyes.
  9. Mantracker

    I watched some episodes today. Great show! That guy is really good I have to say.
  10. Tylers Bedroom Redone

    Looks great Tuck! I agree that it looks very grown up. I love the single display shelves, those are pretty cool!
  11. Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    ROFL I was typing before I saw your post Bump rofl
  12. Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    It's just a jump to the left And then a step to the right Put your hands on your hips You bring your knee in tight. But its the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane lets do the time warp again! Lets do the time warp again! Yep, it's a cult classic. Used to go every year in high school to the showing. Fun times, everyone went in costume and acted it out on stage with the movie going.
  13. I Need To Vent

    Wow. What a jerk. [Huggy] I'd love to come party but apparently with the meds I'm on for this darn infection I'm not supposed to drink LOL
  14. Jrrodeomom

    PBS - You must be reading my mind, I was just going to post this same topic! I hope all is well.
  15. Should I, Or Shouldn't I?

    Ahh yea that makes sense on the goat thing....thats more or less the reason we don't have any goats, none of my fencing is goat proof.