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  1. Riding With Glasses On

    I've always worn glasses while riding (didn't start riding until I was a teenager, got glasses as a kid). Well fitted glasses should stay pretty well, maybe slide down your nose a bit when it's hot/you sweat, but when you wipe the sweat off your face, you're good again. Personally, I prefer my wire-rimmed glasses (as opposed to plastic frames) because usually, if something does happen to them (I fall off the horse, get hit in the face, fall asleep in them, etc.), they don't seem to break quite as easily. If they get a bit bent out of shape, it's pretty easy to bend them back. As for getting hit in the face by the horse's head.....I try to avoid riding horses that do that, as I'm just not a big fan.....wearing glasses doesn't factor in that decision I'm with Shameless as to what an astigmatism is. I've always understood it as, basically, one part of your lens is thicker than the other. Nothing to do with near- or far-sightedness or the mix of one type of each eye. Personally, I'm nearsighted (need my glasses to see distance), with currently an astigmatism only in one eye, although I've had a slight correction for it in both eyes before. (Eyes are always changing, so it is possible to gain or lose a slight astigmatism correction).
  2. Few Horse Pics

    I want to go meet your horses when I come visit, Pinky.
  3. Favorite Meal From Your Childhood

    A favorite of mine from childhood was spaghetti with sauce with no yuckies in it. (Hey, you said childhood, that's what they were then, yuckies ). My mom would make sauce with hamburger meat and only use tomato sauce/paste and seasonings, no chunks of tomato, no onion pieces, no pieces of any kind of other than hamburger meat. It was always so great to not have to pick out the pieces of tomato and onion.
  4. A Few Horse Pics

    I do love pictures of your beasties
  5. Bucket List

    Horsey related-gallop along the beach Other-visit/explore Great Britain and Ireland
  6. Oh, Greenhaven I haven't been on HC in a while and I wander back to see this. I don't have any advice or help to offer you, but you do have my support and thoughts
  7. Reina Crossed The Bridge On New Years Eve

    I'm so sorry Heidi. Such a beautiful girl :huggy:
  8. I Got A "new" Horse...sort Of.

    Mighty Mighty Marco! (One of my favorite show names I've seen). Congrats on getting him back
  9. Procrastinators Unite! Tomorrow!

    Opening the mail. Yesterday I told myself I'd do it today. But that didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.
  10. Remember When.......

    The Night Owl posts about any and all wacky and crazy stuff that'd go on for pages.
  11. What Are You Reading?

    Historical romance fluff
  12. Delay Leading Gcc

    You know, I was going to say I haven't had a problem with it. Or if there was a slight delay, I chalked it up to our internet, because sometimes it decides it randomly can't load, or it'll stop working/start back up again, no reason, just for funsies. So I hadn't really noticed it. But just now I did notice that it took a long moment to load coming to GCC. So, I dunno
  13. What Happened To The Hc Questionaire?

    It's right up top of the pinned posts for me
  14. Why Is Buying Airplant Tickets So Difficult?

    Glad you found a flight. For domestic flights, I've tended to fall back on Southwest Airlines. In the comparison shopping I've done, and for where I was looking to go, they were either the cheapest for me, or the price difference was small enough (say $20-50 difference), that I opted to go with company I had flown with before and have had good service with. I also like that they first two checked bags are free with them. That being said, the city I fly out of is one of their major hubs, so it's almost guaranteed they'll be flying to where I want to go.