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  1. Doubts On Trainig

    I don't know much about dressage, but I will speak from experience here. It sounds like this filly knows what she can get away with with you. The point that this trainer could get her to do the proper thing within 5 minutes shows she CAN do it. And it shows that when you rode her for any length of time, your cues and what you had allowed her to do made her nervous and she figured out that she didn't HAVE to do it. I do not think the trainer was in the wrong from the sounds of how this horse is acting. She needs an attitude adjustment, then worked correctly until it becomes a habit. I have seen horses who slowly got away with things and turned ugly in no time! I personally had a horse who did that! Overall, I am not saying that the trainer did the right or wrong thing, but from the sounds of it, the horse has a stubborn side that needs to be softened up. These hardcore training sessions will come less often the more consistently she is worked doing the correct things with her. Sometimes you have to "break" through these issues and like the trainer did, end the session with her doing something right, even if its not exactly what you wanted. It is sort of like a child, when a parent says "no honey" all of the time, with no real correction, a child can figure out real quick that they can push the boundaries without any real consequences. Then, say the child actually gets disciplined, they react with a temper tantrum and may get a bad attitude, kind of like your mare did. The more corrective action you take early on will help avoid these strong tantrums she is pulling. I hope this made sense! Good luck with her! Edited to add: This horse sounds like she needs a more firm/confident and consistent hand until she is more broke. Not saying your not good with her, just sounds like with this particular horse and issue, she may need someone a little different on her for a little bit. And regarding the sweat, she probably was drenched like that due to the intense nervousness she was showing. A horse doesn't have to be worked to death to sweat like that. She will learn to relax the more consistent she is worked using cues that keep her calm and listening.
  2. Barrel Clinicians

    Pete Oen puts on a great clinic! I have been to one clinic and I'm attending his last one for the year again. He works one on one with the students, gives them all the time they need, and explains things soooo well. How he does things is: He rides your horse the 1st day, you tell him what issues you are having, what you would like your horse to do better, etc.... Then the second day you ride your horse with him in the arena working with you. All of this is one on one. He does so well and works great with all levels of riders and horses. He would be by far my #1 choice. He does a limited number of clinics a year so be sure to give him ample notice if your wanting him to do one.
  3. Prospect

    I am kind of looking for a prospect, but I do not want anything super expensive, but would like it to have some decent breeding. I found one that was a granddaughter of Frenchmans Guy, and on dams side goes back to a stud that was out of Sun Frost...but Sun Frost on the dams side would be off the papers. Would this make a good running horse? I was just a little worried at the lack of actually running bred horses in the pedigree, but know that Frenchman's guy has produced some nice running horses. What is everyone's thoughts and opinions?
  4. Balancing College And Horses

  5. Putting Metal Spots On Breastcollar

    So what would be the best way to attach those metal spots? I wish I had all of the tools to make the breast collar in layers, but right now I just don't have all the tools to go from scratch. I'm hoping eventually I will be able to do so! So for now I'm just going to work with pre-made breast collars. Is there a way I could add a layer to the back to be cautious about the ends of the metal spots coming through? For future reference, would buying 4oz leather work and stitch two pieces together to make the breast collar? Also, how do you cut the leather into the desired shape so precisely?
  6. Putting Metal Spots On Breastcollar

    Thank you for the info! I was reading about the spots, and it says they do not show on the opposite side of the leather, they set inside. But maybe they could work their way through? Also, where would I find the leather pieces? I have been looking at leather suppliers but can't seem to find the right type of leather for breast collars. I saw this tool, would it work for punching the holes instead of the dremel? And thank you, I have so much to learn, and appreciate the help!
  7. Putting Metal Spots On Breastcollar

    I'm glad to know this will be possible! I like the sound of the spray, may be easiest for me to get a thin layer applied evenly. I appreciate your advice, I feel like I have learned so much! Eventually I would like to make my own breast collar, but going to go with just jazzing up pre-made ones for now. Again, thank you sooo much!!
  8. Putting Metal Spots On Breastcollar

    Here is a rough painting of what I want to do! The black is stringray, with the white being the white spot on the stingray. The little white dots all around the edge would be the metal spots and the large gray squares are the conchos!
  9. Putting Metal Spots On Breastcollar

    I was going to add the 3/16 spots with just a tiny bit of space in between...guessing I would use about 100 on each side of the breast collar? I will try to get a paint drawing done (just had one and deleted it! lol). I have had leather work done at a shoe repair place, he does great work, but worried it may be way to expensive, as it was about $15 just to put new buckles on my headstall (required un-sewing and re-sewing that little part where the leather loops around the buckle).
  10. Putting Metal Spots On Breastcollar

    That's EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Thank you!! I'm so new to the leather work, I'd like to keep it simple at first, later get a sewing machine to where I can separate leather and sew it back together. Do you think I can attach a sting ray overlay using the dot, that way I won't need to stitch the string ray on?
  11. Adding Metal Spots To A Breastcollar

    That's awesome! What special needles, thread do you need? Is there an informational website for stitching? I'm definitely no sewing expert, but willing to learn!
  12. Adding Metal Spots To A Breastcollar

    That sounds like a great idea, but I'm very new to this and was going to do this on a pre-made breast collar, and don't have to tools to unstitch it and stitch it back together
  13. Putting Metal Spots On Breastcollar

    Oh, and yes I checked with them, and they have about the same supply as the others. I'm stumped!
  14. Putting Metal Spots On Breastcollar

    I just looked, and they have exactly what I'm looking for but pose the same problem as the others, will they be long enough to punch through thick leather? I'm starting to wonder if I just tap them in the leather would they stay without having to be punch clear through?