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  1. Saddle Seat PPL!!!!! here are some websites that might help u in your search
  2. I was wondering

    its really hard to explain but its having this 1,000 pound animal with so much power get all hyped up and just showing off for ya while your hanging on by a thread just to stay with him its an sweet feeling it makes u feel like your everything thought your nothing for that 5 mins in the rings its worth everything!!!! i started out ridding huntseat for at least 8 years before ridding saddleseat and belive me i loved ridding huntseat but getting on a saddlebred show horse just blew me away and im glad i tryed saddleseat and now im getting into barrel racing i have a need for power and speed
  3. *Critque this please!

    peppy i dont know why u keep telling her her horses front legs need to be more streached forward because they dont u want them straight underneth themself! and he looks good try not to overstreach the back legs. good luck with whatever you do with him. very pretty!
  4. *critique*

    and Kwooten many horse have the potential to preform without the use of artificial training aids such as the padded shoes and chains or streachers ect.
  5. *critique*

    shes beautiful!!!! will u be showing her anytime soon? if so in what?