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  1. Horse Feeder

    For hay nets I have two buckets hooks mounted on the wall about 2 feet apart, near the hay cart, like these: http://flynnssaddles...ger-300x300.jpg I hang two edges of the net on the hooks, pull the front and it makes a big triangle opening. Then I grab hay with the other hand and stuff it in. (Imagine it looks like this, but the yellow part would be on the wall, and the bag would be a hay net.)http://ecx.images-am...L500_SS500_.jpg And while camping, I use one of these: You roll it up, slip it in the hay net and it unwinds and holds it open. Shove in the hay and pull it out!
  2. Honey Boo Boo......

    I can't stand that kid. I don't understand that "parenting", or lack of. Why raise kids people can't stand to be around? I guess I'm old but kids today are too much in the "front line" of the family. Things like everyone gets a trophy and such, what is the kid going to do when they're an adult? Life isn't fair and nor is the workplace. I think they're being raised to be on pedestals when the world could care less about the individual. No manners, no respect. I just don't get it...
  3. Argh, Barn Door Frozen Shut

    I've read that a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar is a good dethawer, put it in a spray bottle and use on frozen windshields Maybe vinegar straight would work on your barn door?
  4. Well Things Sure Are Different Around Here!

    Hey Megs good to see you!!!
  5. Found One ! (Oct 2013 Update)

    Wow you are amazing! I don't think I would ever get back on a horse again, as much as I love it...
  6. Rescued Morgan Update

    I have a gaited Morgan and I just love her! She is hot hot hot and fun fun fun and I love her to pieces! I wish she was registered but it's all good. Cowboy race: So sorry for the highjack...
  7. The Elephant On The Forum...

    I'm 189, here I am on my Morgan mare. She is a hot hot horse. I ride her in a synthetic circle Y saddle, a dressage saddle or bareback.
  8. Is There Something Wrong?

    I love the choice we have to NOT see signatures, they annoy me.
  9. Wow! This Is So Cool!

    Hubby got me a gopro Hero3 camera for Christmas, so excited! Can't wait to use it. Been playing with it in the house, not as much fun, but love the wide angle lens!!!
  10. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I've been here since 2004. Don't post much anymore, mostly hang around COTH. Never liked the format change, and the changes since.
  11. Hairy, Tackless :)

    Wow so pretty! Love big hairy horses, LOL!
  12. Why Are People Not A Fan Of Synthetic Western Saddles?

    I have a Circle Y synthetic Park and Trail and I love it! Can hose it off and scrub it off with a brush and soapy water and so light weight. My only issue is I wish it had leather fenders as the horse sweat gets my lower leg wet too, though when I wear half chaps it's not an issue. Here is a picture of it:
  13. Hi

    Oh Alleyway I am so glad to hear from you! I have thought of you often and have wondered how you were doing. I hate that you are still having such hard times still, I hope it's uphill for you from now on!
  14. I Have A New Horse

    Cute boy! He looks like a TWH (head and hip).