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  1. Polygamy

    Hey man. No means No. kapische?
  2. Polygamy

    verbal evasions? how amusing. how about calling them fake news
  3. Polygamy

    gee you accuse a lot of people of not being to read well. ever consider that you don't express yourself in a manner that the members here can understand? in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein **** storm it should be obvious to anybody with a pulse that this is sexual abuse. pontificating that if the "women wanted it or provoked it" it's okay is right up there with saying making rape victims asked for it. you know, the attitude in the Congo.
  4. election results

    the GOP seems hellbent on ramming their tax "reforms" through anyway. a lot of GOP committee members resigning (not seeking reelection). i'm flying to California tomorrow. it'll be interesting to see what the mood is.
  5. in a country of 95 million.
  6. as of today when the bill was proposed there are 160,000 germans without gender oriented genitilia. they need to be recognized on the birth certificates.
  7. election results

    I found the link interesting too
  8. for children born with no male or female genitalia. birth certficates must declare the absence as of 2108. 160.000 alone affected in Germany, a country of 95 million.
  9. election results

  10. election results

    I think it's what quite a few people expected. Trump disapproval ratings is dragging the whole GNP down. doesn't help that as usual he says "it's all their fault" (GNP candidates).
  11. election results

    interesting. a distinctly non republican note. a "je ne sais crois".
  12. Polygamy

    it's a felony. like pedophilia. catch up NP. if you want to go to jail go for it.
  13. Polygamy

    polygamy in the usa is against the law. what other forms of "individualitly" do you want to condone when they are "against the law" in America?
  14. Lift the slaughter ban?

    how about if we all step up. including expats. you know the people living overseas but still paying taxes at home.
  15. you sound like trump's tweets.