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  1. Who is now a licensed contractor in Austria, ex CFO ikea Switzerland, married to an Austrian who is a partner in an American management consulting company just rented out one of her apartments to the Lebanese consulate. That’s what happens out there if you’re paying attention.
  2. And once again, why do you think I care? It’s the Internet.
  3. Thank you for the offer but it’s too partisan for my taste. But i’m sure everybody in any room is smarter than I.

    oh, gee. now I see that trump family enterprises (having always been) manufacturing exclusively in china, Indonesia and Vietnam, with not one single item "made in America" are conveniently exempt from the raise in import taxes. what a surprise. tell that to companies like Harley Davidson BMW who had sizable workforces in the us of a and have been slammed by trump to moving some manufacturing offshore to mitigate the raise in export taxes.
  5. Trump produces exclusively overseas, including his daughter and son in law. how can he slam other manufacturers for doing the same thing for cheap labor? trump does nothing for local employment. name me one measure?
  6. record heat in los angeles, mudslides in japan killing dozens of people, crazy monsoons in asia, record north pole warming. this trend is accelerating folks. temperatures in the 50's centigrade in the middle east. somebody tell me please where the brakes are? and for those of you have children. i'd think you'd be interested most of all. and you should be most interested in the availability of potable water.
  7. i'm interested really. and please cite your sources?
  8. the immigrant that needs to perhaps be freed the most is melania. i see "free Melania tshirts" are getting more popular. along with her jacket worn by her to her to minor detention centers in texas (to be caring) that said "I don't care".
  9. yes, this is true. the emperor has no clothes.
  10. the judicial branch is pretty important to everybody when it comes to the constitution and a democracy as we've known it (so far), so i think it bears discussion.
  11. since justice Kennedy announced his retirement recently at age 80, the trump administration has been searching feverishly for a successor. he can't fire them after all once they're approved unlike the rest of his appointees. the nominees are: Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge and Amy Coney Barett. Mr Pence met with them all last week. what do you think they talked about? a legit debate topic when you look them all up.
  12. scott pruit out on his arse. how much more of this nonsense is everybody here willing to put up with? i'm not making this up folks. not fake news, it's even on FOX. anyone?
  13. children removed from their parents seeking asylum? who would agree it's an absolute disgrace that a toddler is separated from the parents and flown 2000 miles away to a "detention center"? i don't know--according to some international legal standards it would be called "child trafficking". i'd like to hear from those who think it's not a disgrace and why. now that's a challenge!!
  14. i have no idea who you are are. it has nothing to do with you. i'm sure you're a fine person.
  15. huh. somebody who knows firsthand.
  16. because it's true. there are things more important at this second than you or me and why on earth would anybody take that personally. on the internet for crying out loud. this whole thing is such a courageous endeavor for everyone involved, including the boys. more important than you or me. get it? google it,
  17. only if you want to. if i enrage you so much just ignore me. you , on the other hand don't bother me at all. it's that simple.
  18. now to interrupt this broadcast, great news! the rescue of a soccer team of twelve young lads in Thailand trapped with their coach in a cave for two weeks because of unseasonal rains and rising waters is proceeding ahead of schedudle! nobody can tell me i'm being uppity with this headline. if you have a pulse you know this is happening because it's an internationial rescue effort plastered everywhere. if you are unaware you must live under a rock. back to your original positive or negative programming.
  19. i don't like to bury my head in the sand. i don't igonore anyone, i think that's cowardly and disrespectful. and childish. just because i don't agree with you doesn't mean i'm unwilling to hear you out. quite the contrary--i'm very interested in views (aside from my arse or fingers freezing off, i don't think anyone is interested in that please. ) who contradict mine. how boring hanging around with people who always agree with you!! whether people engage in my threads or not doesn't interest me. aspiring to "be liked" on the internet is delusional, and frankly IMO indicative of people who have "no real life". i'll exercise my first right amendment rights and put my opinion out here as i started doing, uh, let's see, 12,000 plus posts ago. thank you everybody for engaging in this post.
  20. i beg to differ, your're participating, noponies is participating. the level of discourse is odd but hey, we live in the land of the first amendment ( for now lol). for example.
  21. Just put me on “ignore”. It’s that easy. Or do you enjoy trying to be a bully? Please, on the Internet? Nobody is going to take that seriously except for the very vulnerable. You enjoy that? Who on earth would wish that someone suffers physical maladies on someone they don’t know unless they are unendingly bitter. i repeat, there is an “ignore” function. Administration seems to have left the building.
  22. btw, how lovely for you that you feel "content" . I am feeling the "winter of discontent" should the Bard interest you. some bad stuff is headed our way on a constitutional basis. but carry on by all means.
  23. not interested in catching flies. why would anyone want to catch flies?
  24. Heidi cute job stats. who are the people in the sewers, who are in hospitality who take everybody's crap away. who are the best sous chefs -America. who does the back breaking work of picking asaparagus or strawberries in a fly and wasp infested field? certainly not you or me. don't you ever ask yourself where food comes from.
  25. Audi CEO Stadtler arrested.

    Thank you for that link. I was aware that the infant mortality rate in the US is shocking.