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  1. Zaldi Saddles

    probably looks really random that I haven't posted on here in a year or so and I chose this one to reply to to make my appearance...but, oh well, haha. anyways. do you know the model of saddle your friend is selling? Zaldi's newer close-contact ones, I think called the Star, are awesome; beautiful leather and put me in just the right position. My trainer has one in her "collection" and while I didn't own a Zaldi saddle for jumping, if I needed one I would certainly look into it. On the other hand, I did own a Zaldi dressage saddle and the craftmanship and leather certainly carries over whether dressage or c/c...I absolutely loved that saddle, but sold it just because it'd been so long since I'd used it and I'm a poor college student :\ Lately I've been regretting the decision, but...oh well, i guess! You mentioned it is a Zaldi all-purpose...is it older or newer? If it's one of the older models (which, I've only seen the older ones in an all-purpose model) as much as I loved my experiences with Zaldi, I'm not so sure it's worth the $500 your friend is asking...then again, i'm picturing something like this so my opinion may be off
  2. New horse update. (vet results top of 2nd page)

    that's so exciting, i hope he vets well! i feel so privileged that everyone wants to see photos and i've actually seen him go :-P
  3. well, not showing now for a while

    I usually lurk here, but oh well. I went to Dorset today to watch (I live like, 45 mins away) and I saw your round, just wanted to say that Willow is absolutely gorgeous! You guys looked great together, and worked through the tough part really nicely. From the photos she doesn't seem like she'd be so huge, I just love her! hehe :-P And she's SO WHITE! Hopefully the crack will heal quickly and correctly. Did the horse you were looking at show today, in the main ring? If so I may have seen him, too; I remember a beatiful grey and commenting on how young the rider seemed to be! I was bummed that he got a rail (if I remember correctly?) because they seemed like such a nice pair, awesome rider, too. And if there's no chance that this is the horse you were looking at, you can just tell me I'm crazy, sorry! [ 07-13-2007, 11:41 PM: Message edited by: carousel_canter ]
  4. Free horse/Project horse....Opinions...HELP!!!!

    Ithink I'd pass...How much else do you know about this mare? I would be worried by Terri being so desperate to get rid of her, especially since she sounds like she can be a bit...well, shady? Not to be rude as if I understand it correctly you guys have known her for a while so she may not be this way at all, but between saying she'll give you a horse, then having you pay $1000 for a horse she knew had soundness issues, then offering you another horse for free only to ask $1800 again, and then later saying yet again that you can have the horse and sounding completely desperate to get rid of her. and on top of that, with the situation you're in at the moment it would be pretty difficult if anything were to happen with her and you needed an emergency vet call or the like.
  5. Half Pads?

    There's also a brand called Moxie (they used to go by FUEL Riding Gear - if you ask me that sounds much cooler, haha) that's on ebay a lot for $50, I've had mine for 6 months and it's still as good as new; I've washed it plenty of times and each time it comes out looking just like it did the day I got it. It also has the rolled edges, though I think they either used a cheaper sheepskin or a really nice fleece there; you can't tell by looking but there's just a slight difference in feel, so that could be where they save the money in creating them. Anyway, I also like how they're not really "floppy" like the fleeceworks ones, they have more of a spine, if that makes sense, and a nice quilted top. Unfortunately I don't think they have correctional ones yet though, so if you were looking for one with a bit of a lift in either the front or back, you'd be out of luck with this brand. I'm hoping they come out with one soon! The regular one works fine with my c/c saddle, but my dressage saddle is wider and I need one with wither inserts until my guy gets more of a topline. Anyway, sorry for writing a novel. Figured I'd throw that brand out there in case you're like me and like to save money :-P I'll openly admit I was skeptical at first that they'd really be as nice, and was really scared the first time I washed it. Then I figured "hey, I paid $50, not $150+" which definitely helped; if it ever gets really gross or something happens, it's much cheaper to replace!
  6. quote: Originally posted by OTTB: have you had your saddle fit checked by a professional? Much improved, but she looks so tense in her back in so many photos. Especially if you get your weight on the front of the saddle. I have had horses with sensitive backs, and ones that were really had to fit (saddle wise). When a saddle wasn't fitting right, they had much of the same reaction your horses seems to have in a lot of these photos. (tense, from the shoulders/wither foward, ears pining any time you stand foward in the saddle, and concentrate your weight over the stirrup bars of the tree..) Is she uniformly sweaty under the saddle when you take it off after a ride? I was thinking the same thing; definitely something to look into. The other thing I noticed that should really be worked on is that it appears she is counter bent in most of the photos, and just seems very stiff through her neck. I would take a couple days and really get her bending before doing a whole lot; this will also help to engage her hind end more. I would just take a day and spend a long time at the walk and trot, really working on getting her looking to the inside, riding her into your outside rein; opening your inside rein and keeping a hold of your outside rein. Since it appears she's been going like this for a while, she won't get it right away. It will be frustrating for a bit. But it will click, and you'll look even better. She has certainly come a long way, and it looks like you two have a great bond, which definitely plays a big role [hopefully i didn't say anything crazy off, people can yell at me if i did and i'll just remember to keep my mouth shut )
  7. reaallllyyy good leather cleaners and conditioners?

    Passier Lederbalsam and Effax LederCombi I love leather cleaner, hehe. I usually clean after each ride with the Effax and then once a week at most do a good conditioning with the Passier, letting it sit in over night. It's also great for bridles and other misc. leather bits; if you massage it in with your hands if your bridle's kind of cheaper/stiff leather, it can make it reallly nice!
  8. Update/New Photos and Show Video!

    from a week ago or so: *some of them i look really funky. this isn't an excuse, but i had taken a lesson with a hunter rider. WHOA is it different! lol. Burly seemed to react well to it though, so I was playing around with it...he was very "arch your back, get FORWARD!" whereas I'm used to "SIT BACK!!!" haha... warming up: shortening my reins...it's a never-ending problem with me... and then we got this: here's the link to photos of his first ride: http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n1/jlk39/burly2ndride/
  9. Update/New Photos and Show Video!

    Sooo...some of you may remember my post a couple weeks ago with photos from my second ride on my new horse. A lot of you asked to keep updating, so here I am again! Anyway, Burly's been doing really well; he's good for me because when you really ride him, he looks great; if you just get on and decide to ride around and kind of ride, he just gets strung out and not-so-pretty. We went to our first show yesterday; just a really small, laid back schooling show at the barn I used to ride at...I was worried he'd be spooky or hyper, and the owner would say something to me that I'd have been better off buying the horse I'd been riding there in my lessons (I just stopped riding there aabout a two months or so ago) but he was absolutely fantastic. Completely level-headed, didn't care about the speaker or all the activity in the indoor, trailered great, everything. So my goal for this show was just that; I didn't care how we did, as long as he was relaxed away from home. We ended up placing first, but the score really wasn't that great; only a 56.78%. The judge did say she loved his gaits, and that I can definitely ask more of him because he definitely has it in him. My trainer said she seemed to be juding pretty roughly, especially for such a small, relaxed schooling show that was basically the first show of the year here. They announced the first score [lowest placing, rather] as a 36%, and my trainer and I gave each other funny looks; we were both hoping that for some strange, odd, unknown reason the scores were being converted to how they'd be for eventing. [it is an eventing barn, but still...] but, they weren't... Alright, onto vids/photos...start with the vids from the show...i got video from beginning to end with no breaks, but i broke it up into 1 min intervals so that i wouldn't be waiting forever for it to upload! they got kind of choppy, but you can still make it out enough. critique semi-lightly...i was really relaxed about the whole thing, and then it seemed like all of a sudden as i was circling around the ring i got really nervous, so i forgot how to ride...I think it was just because of the new horse and old trainer situation! so i wasn't really asking for much. our transitions need a lot of work, too...oh! also, dressage saddle is still too wide for him, though it fits much better than the last time, which proves he is getting some topline. When I go to a bigger show this coming sunday, there is a saddle fitter there...I'm going to bring my dressage saddle and see if she thinks there's any chance it will fit him once he fills in, or if he's just plain too narrow...i'm really hoping it will work though, I love my dressage saddle, and i doubt I'll be able to find the same one in a different tree! okay, enough blabbing: some photos: more coming...
  10. Another "Which Would YOU Choose?"

    though this would be an unrealistic question for me personally ( ) I can dream, and I'd say I'd go for the Schleese. It's kind of surprising to me that your trainer's never heard of them! Anyways, it sounds like the Schleese would be most ideal for where you're at right now; speaking in terms of the ability to adjust the tree when you get a new horse, but it not being the cheap wintec/bates adjustability. If that makes sense, lol. And then being able to "switch" it back with the company if your horse turns out to be a totally different build than you were initially shopping for, which we all know happens! I'd also heard the same thing that the new Bevals aren't as nice as the old ones, though I'm sure they're still excellent quality. Let us know what you do!
  11. Instruction While Selling a Horse

    When people have come to look at my pony, I'll usually say a little about how she rides before they're on, or while I'm on her. My trainer is usually with me when people come to look at her, so if there's any problems of any sort, she'll usually help them through it. I don't really like to say anything unless somethings really not working, or if the person isn't quite as experienced; otherwise I don't feel worthy enough to tell people how to do something! And they figure it out, too. I always tell them that she probably WILL try to test you; she's just in that stage, so don't be afraid to pop her with the crop. She won't do anything naughty, but may try to see what she can get away with by just not giving or bending in the beginning, not moving out, etc. If you get right on and don't put up with that by just giving her a pop and kick, then she rides perfectly. I love when they bring their trainer as well; that way if I see something I can mention "oh, she really just needs a steady contact and leg to come into the bridle, not so much wiggling with the reins" or whatever, and then they'll say something. Sometimes they'll just agree and say "Yeah, I really have no idea what she's doing." hehe Of course, this is my experience from being there when my trainer is showing a horse, too; I've only shown my horse to people three times, lol. I always bring my trainer along when going to look at a horse, too. She'll give me little hints and talk to the owner about the horse, etc. I also ask questions before I get on; is he used to a lot of leg and contact or a little? anyting to watch for? etc.
  12. Saddle buffs please help, updated

    quote: Originally posted by LoveVTEK33: not going to lie... to me it looks like one of those saddle that would come in one of those $200 saddle packages. that's the very first thing i thought when i first looked at this...just didn't want to be the first one to say it what worries me is that it sounds like the lady is telling you it's a high quality saddle...that it was custom made or a bates, etc...?
  13. Creative people help me please =(

    okay, the only reason i thought of this particular song was because the post underneath this one had the lyrics as the subject, but Blue October's Into The Ocean could be kinda cool...of course, i don't really know what kind of music you listen too Evaline - "A protest in lines too thick to read" (though may be a touchy subject...) Alesana - "Apology" maybe Dear Whoever - "Changing for the Rain" or "We Cry mercy" Sorry if you listen to music nothing like those suggestions, haha...i tried
  14. Creative people help me please =(

    okay, the only reason i thought of this particular song was because the post underneath this one had the lyrics as the subject, but Blue October's Into The Ocean could be kinda cool...of course, i don't really know what kind of music you listen too Evaline - "A protest in lines too thick to read" (though may be a touchy subject...) Alesana - "Apology" maybe Dear Whoever - "Changing for the Rain" or "We Cry mercy" Sorry if you listen to music nothing like those suggestions, haha...i tried
  15. Lets see those little jumping ponies!

    This is my 14hh quarter pony mare. i'll be showing her in some horse trials, along with some h/j shows this summer, given that i still have her then. this was taken 3 days ago; during this lesson was her first vertical. here it is at 2'6". I was surprised when I saw her form; she felt like she used her back a lot, and when freejumping she really picks her knees up, so we'll be doing some gymnastics to get that form undersaddle, since we know it's in her i don't really know why i'm looking down so much there, but ohw ell.