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  1. Hello!

    Hi everyone, I was a regular on the KOBB a long time ago. But I lurked on the GCC a lot (a LOT) and thought I'd pop in to say hello. I think I would hear my voice echo if I created a post saying hello on the KOBB. Side note: I'm glad to see the emoticons here are largely unchanged, from what I can tell. I was in grade school when I first started visiting HC. Now I have a bachelor's degree and even went for my "masters" (okay, not really) at cosmetology school. I'm a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Ohio but I don't actually do hair. I kind of just did that for fun. I work in human resources for a large hospital now. I haven't taken horseback riding lessons since I was 18. (I'm now 23.) The last time I rode a horse was on a trail ride on a vacation this past summer, I'm sad to say. I genuinely miss it. Since I now have a regular schedule and have weekends off, I dream of taking lessons again. But the $50/week seems a little steep when you're working an entry level job and trying to pay rent. I haven't gotten rid of my saddle, helmet, or any of my things except what I've physically outgrown. I hold onto the hope that I will pick it back up again. I used to have a miniature horse named Apollo. I sold him before I went off to college to a very lovely couple. Sorry for blabbing on about myself, but I would love updates from anyone here. I think of many of you! What ever happened to BuddyRoo? Sweet Caroline? Tuckaway? Mudder? I saw a post by Pepper's Dad and it makes me smile to think that he still hangs around here. I also saw a post by ozland, whom I remember as well. Those are just some that come to my mind immediately, but as I think about it, I'm remembering many more. I'm sure a lot has gone on that I've missed. Like I said, I would love to hear from any of you!
  2. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    HI! I don't know why but I started thinking about HC the other day.
  3. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Close! I believe it was AutumnLeaves for some time, I rode a horse whose show name was Autumn Leaves. But there was/is another user named AutumnoOoColors or something like that. So I think you are just mixing us up, but yes, you are right. Surprised anyone remembers that, I honestly forgot that was my username for a little while!
  4. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I joined in 2004. I didn't frequent the General Chit-Chat (though I lurked it like crazy). I was more active on KOBB and H/J.
  5. Hey Kids

    Hahaha I will not be held responsible for your trolling, thank you very much!
  6. Who Here Is Old?

    I realize this is an old topic, but I also still peek in from time to time (usually when I am on break from school). I joined when I was 12 or 13 (pretty sure it was 2004), I think, and now I am 20. I'll be 21 in March. I miss the fun times we used to have on this board, but it makes me happy that the other oldies still check in from time to time, like I do! I wish I could go back and look at our old posts and reminisce, but it seems they have all disappeared. Very sad.
  7. Prom Dress Shopping...GO!

    It makes me laugh when I think that when this thread was created, prom seemed like a long way off for me, and now prom seems like so long ago.
  8. Does Anyone Remember Me?

    For some reason, your name looks very familiar to me, haha
  9. How Do You Make $$$$$

    You all have way more interesting jobs than I do. I work at a salon/retail store that sells makeup and hair products. Used to be a semi-known chain but we've broken off from the franchise and gone our own way, so now it's just a locally owned small business. The pay isn't super awesome... but the hours are excellent and very flexible. And considering my crazy college schedule/desire for a social life at night on the weekends, I am grateful for the hours at this place. The bosses are very laid back as well. Oh yeah, and I get an awesome discount on my hair products and get free haircuts/color/waxes... The customers can be really bad at times but I can't complain too much!
  10. Hello Oldies!

    Haha I definitely remember Sadie(MYHORSEHADHERBABY). Haha. Guess her name got stuck like that when they disabled the ability to change your name on here. Does anyone remember arabian300? I think that was her name.
  11. Hello Oldies!

    I am so honored that I am remembered! Haha. I LOVED the Gangly Horse and still think about it from time to time. That was a really fun group of people and I remember talking to some people on AIM and such in those days... good times. I recall talking to Lumptoid a lot, haha. Who knows if that was a good thing for my 13 year old self. Doron was awesome! I wish she was still around here. I loved reading her posts/seeing her pictures. Anyway, hello everyone! I do lurk on here from time to time and I really miss the old group that used to be around here. I might have posted about this but I am too lazy to check. I sold Apollo about two years ago. I knew college was looming on the horizon (this was halfway through my senior year of high school) and I felt like I was already struggling to find ample time for him. I sold him to a wonderful lady who had a farm with a variety of animals; she really just wanted a friendly little guy who would be nice to her neighbor kids (she and her husband didn't have any kids themselves, they decided they just wanted four-legged children). Apollo was perfect and I could tell she really loved him. It was honestly a relief to sell him. I felt really guilty about spending less time with him. While the people at my barn loved him (it caused a slight uproar when I decided to sell him), I just knew that it would be better for both of us if he found a new home. Unfortunately, I haven't even been on a horse in a year and a half. It kind of kills me to type that! I miss it like crazy. If there is anyone in SW Ohio that wants to let me ride their horses sometime, by all means, contact me! Haha. Or if anyone knows of anywhere in SW Ohio that I can just go ride, even if I have to pay for it. I desperately want to ride but due to work and school, my schedule is too erratic to commit to weekly lessons of any kind. So lately I've just been kinda chugging along in school, majoring in Public Relations. Finals week was last week and now I am on winter break (and boredom is what lead me to check out what was going on here!). I have a job at a salon where I've been working for about a year and a half. Life isn't bad, overall! If anyone wants to add me on Facebook, PM me with your name and I'll find you or if I can't find you, I'll give you my name and you can find me on there. I probably won't respond if you are someone I don't know, but I recognize pretty much all of the names on here so I think you all are safe. Haha. Okay enough rambling. I hope everyone is well! I was overjoyed to see all of the familiar faces (names?) posting on this thread.
  12. What's Up/help Me :)

    Thank you for the advice so far everyone. Barbie, I agree that it'd be nice to get friends through my classes and such. That way, I'd at least have a group of people to choose friends from and not just be wandering around, trying to make them, haha. Krystal, I see what you mean about the resume thing. Honestly, putting a study abroad in France on my resume isn't a huge selling point to the idea for me. I have other things that will boost my resume that are currently happening/going to happen that I'd rather put the emphasis on for any resume. And Maggie, I'm not completely looking to become fluent in French. It would be cool and obviously I want to be fairly proficient in the language at some point but it's less of a focus. By living there after graduation, do you think it would be tough to just rent an apartment for three months? We almost rented an apartment for our time that we were staying there because it's pretty common for people to do that. But three months is kind of a long time so maybe it wouldn't be as easy. One of my friends who actually could probably afford it sounds interested in going, but she wants to visit other places as well. So that might throw my plans off a little bit and become more of a traveling-around-Europe trip but as I told her, I want to spend most of my time in France/Paris.
  13. What's Up/help Me :)

    Hi everyone!! I have been lurking lately but not really posting. School is out, I'm pretty bored, and I have time to creep on you all, but I'm usually too lazy to contribute. I have to say, I am happy to see a lot of familiar names still on here! I thought that pretty much everyone I knew would be gone and replaced already by new faces, but that does not seem to be the case entirely. That pleases me. Skip to the very bottom of this post to get the main gist if you don't want to read my novel that's coming. Anyway, I am posting this because I am very stressed and overwhelmed right now. I went to Paris in May and had the most amazing time ever. The funny thing is, I wasn't that excited to go. I mean, I was looking forward to it but I wasn't bursting with excitement. But I fell in love with that city. I think about it all the time and pretty much every night, I have dreams that I'm there again. This has prompted me to look into study abroad opportunities in France. For the record, I have just finished my first year at college. Right now, there are pretty much two options. One is a two-week study abroad that would happen next May. I would go with a small group of just students from my university and two professors from my university. I would earn three credit hours in political science or philosophy (I'd take the philosophy, that is what I'll need). After looking at this year's itinerary, I can see that there is a decent amount of free time each day. I would love that free time -- the thing that I look forward to the most about going back to Paris is being able to walk around and explore. The downsides to this trip are that a lot of the main activities are things I already did this year. I wouldn't mind going to the Louvre again or anything like that, of course, but there are some really long lines for things I've already done and I'd rather spend that time roaming around Paris by myself. The price of this is also very, very reasonable for a two week excursion to Paris that also includes 3 credit hours. Another option is to go to Paris and spend a semester there. I would definitely have a lot of time to explore the city and actually live there, which would be incredible. It could look pretty good on a resume as well -- I found a university in Paris that offers a global communications program that sounds really interesting. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually live in Paris and really get to know the culture and meet people/make friends there. The downsides are that I might hate the college/program, and if I do, it's not like I can just go home. I also might get homesick, although I'm a pretty independent girl so this is a lesser concern for me. Not sure about the price of this but I think it would be comparable to what I pay for a semester my current university. Housing may cost a little more but it would be doable. After talking to my dad, he did suggest that it might be possible for me to go to Paris after I graduate from college and spend a summer there, just enjoying myself (basically an extended vacation). Now that would be incredible. With help from my parents, and the fact that I am cheap and have been saving almost every dollar I've made at my job for the last year, this could be very possible. Renting an apartment in Paris can be reasonable depending on the location and food won't break the bank as long as I don't eat out very often. Downside to this: Most likely, none of my friends can afford it. I'd probably have to go by myself, and as I said, I'm pretty independent. My French is decent, I'm social enough, I could meet people and make friends there. But the thought of going to a foreign country by myself is pretty intimidating. My parents would probably come for a week or so and visit me if they could. I could do the two-week study abroad and then do this after graduation. Honestly, I think that sounds like the best combination... the only thing holding me back would be going by myself. Obviously this isn't something I have to decide on today, but it has been bugging me for weeks and I think I'm starting to go crazy in the head over here. I need to get a clearer direction of where I'm going and your help/opinions/advice are seriously appreciated. Too long; didn't read: Should I study abroad for two weeks or a semester? Should I go to Paris by myself for 3 months after I graduate from college? THANKS!
  14. Teacher Punches Student

    I hope she gets her job back. She seems like a genuinely nice woman who was just worried about her own safety. That kid needs a kick in the butt.
  15. So, Is It Happy Holidays Or Merry Christmas?

    Some people at my work say "Merry Christmas" when they are saying goodbye to a customer. I just avoid that whole "Merry Christmas"/"Happy Holidays" thing and tell them to have a nice day. The owners tend to randomly put Christmas music on between Black Friday and Christmas... we've had people yell at us for it before. I want to tell them, trust me, I cannot STAND this music. I'd turn it off if I could, but I have no control over what music is played.