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  1. Horse Show *pics*

    Great Job. Horse horse is super cute. I love the third pic
  2. Need a little guidance with my baby boy!

    One of may horses had to have colic surgery last spring so I understand where you are coming from. It is important to remeber that when they opened him up they cut all the muscles in his stomach. It may not seem like it but he is still in some pain when you ask him to work over his back because of all the scare tissue. This doesn't mean you shouldn't ask him because it won't get any better if you don't just keep it in mind. You will have to take it slow and break lose all the scare tissue. With my horse we did a lot of long troting for endurance once he could work comfortabably for a half an hour or so we began working on the canter. This was the worse. The first time we cantered I was worried we had EPM or something his hind end was so week. Just do lot of spiral in at the trot for a while and some big canter cicrle once he is confortable here start spiral in at the canter. Use I know your horse is young and might not be know how to do this but take it slow and don't ask for alot but these exercises will help stengthen him.
  3. Could you take a look at this saddle?

    Thanks Everyone I think the Keiffer is only uncomfortable because it is so old. The padding in the seat is pratically gone. Which is think is to be expected. I bought it cheap because i was just trying dressage at the time and didn't know if i was going to stick with it. I have ridden in a couple of passiers on my horse and they fit him and i loved riding in it. However, i am not opposed to trying a new keiffer either. Just depends on what I can find in the right price range.
  4. Could you take a look at this saddle?

    Thanks I am in no hurry I have and older Keiffer that fits him great but it is not the most comfortable saddle to ride in only because it is like 20 years old. But I really like the passier I just might have to keep looking until I can find one for the right price.
  5. Could you take a look at this saddle?

    I found this saddle and it looks to be in good condition. I know Harry Dabbs makes great jumping saddles but wasn't sure about dressage. web page Thanks for the help
  6. New Point System

    True- it is for the levels above 3rd however in my area we only have two shows a year so the it will be extermely had to get enough points to move up to the next level. I do think that a system need to be sent in place however think of the money this is going to cost the average person to attend enough show to get the point required to move up the levels.
  7. New Point System

    How do you feel about the new piont system that will begin in 2010? Ido think that some kind if system needs to be out in place that will help to stop people from moving up when they are not ready however I'm not sure this is the right way. What worries me is the amount of point you have to get. In my region we do not have may shows so it will take forever and a day to be able to go to the next level. Here is a link that explains the plans. point system
  8. schooling in hand

  9. schooling in hand

    Does anyone know of any good books, videos, or articles about schooling horses in hand and well and doing the triangle. Thanks so much
  10. suddenly snarky...?

    OTTB often have ulsers which can make them very touching. You could talk with you vet and find out. But the more you ask him to work the worse they act up because anything more than a walk makes them produce more acid. There are many supplement that help with this problem.
  11. Parelli thoughts

    My sister an i have both done parelli with our horses and like all training it depends on the horse as to what works best. My horse could have cared less but he is just that kind of stuborn horse anyways while my sisters horse is mores spooky and it help him to trust her better. Now mind you it did not make him brave because he will do the same old thing with everyone else. It just helped the two of them build a relationship. So just remeber that it never hurt to try something new but just stick with what works for your horse the best. There is never only one right way and the only wrong way is when people turn to abuse because they have no other tools to use.
  12. Whats the difference?

    could someone explain how to do the button braids? I already know how to do hunter braids. Thanks
  13. Missouri Dressage riders

    Well, I looked on both the NEC and SLAD website and the only one i found so far are some in IL but they are about three hour away and i am not sure if i really want to got that far. WWU is having 2 one in March and one in April so i think I'll try those and Columbia Cressage and Combined Training is planning one in early april if anyone is interested. Thanks for the ideas
  14. Missouri Dressage riders

    Do any of you live of show dressage in Missouri? I am having a hard time finding schooling show to go to. There are to big shows in St.Louis but no schooling shows and i really want to get out this year and get past some of both my and my horses show nerves. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. HDR mono flap saddle

    i found it on ebay too and was interested to see what everyone thought about it. Amerigo and some other brands make then too. They are supose to give you more contact with the horse because there is one less piece of leather. I just don't know how confortable that would be for the horse.