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  1. Active Members

    ::::WAVES::::: Hi! I'm kind of active. But, then I also feel like the third wheel in your bigger threads here so then I disappear. But - yeah, hi!
  2. Happy Father's Day

    Hey - late to the party......AGAIN. Happy Father's Day, PD!!
  3. Happy Mothers Day One & all

    Thanks both of you <3 Things are doing well for my Mom, she is clear and in remission...she will see someone again in July for a one year follow up and scans.
  4. Happy Mothers Day One & all

    Hi PD - not a Mom, unless Fur-Mom counts...just wanted to say hey. Hope all is well!
  5. Off Site Trial Contract

    I found a really nice contract that had a hold harmless built in to it. I wasnt worried about one, but wanted to cover all basis. Soldier left today. I cried. But hey, he may come back and have a 2 week refresher done - free from the trainer lol. I may have browsed horse ads...but not needed at this time. Oh, and can I mention this year is a continuation of last?
  6. Off Site Trial Contract

    LC that's not a bad idea, either - except are they putting money down up front?
  7. Off Site Trial Contract

    She's okay...been feeling blah. Either it's her new normal or she caught a bug. She of course thinks its something worse. Her lab work came back okay - but no scan til May. Thanks for asking <3
  8. Off Site Trial Contract

    Thank you. Luckily I know the person who he is going to - he is looking at getting him back for his little girl. I'm part heart broken over the thought, but he deserves a little girl who will spend all their time with him. I'll look into the hold harmless aspect tomorrow.
  9. Off Site Trial Contract

    Anyone have one? Sending my horse out on trial...actually back to original breeder/owner. Just want to protect myself. Thanks!
  10. Prayers Please

    Thanks, just getting all the bad out early I hope!
  11. Prayers Please

    Our year has been quite testing so far. Mom finished the radiation of her head. Grama, my Mom's Mom - had emergency open-heart surgery. She's recovering - but staying with my parents til she is strong enough to go home. Hoping that is the end and everything else continues going up hill. Sheesh, someone must think we have one strong family with what they keep dumping on us.
  12. Prayers Please

    Thank you everyone. My wish for 2019 is for to have a healthy year.
  13. Prayers Please

    Just wanted to let everyone know we had a 3-month post treatment scan and everything was good. She will start a low dose preventative radiation in the next week or two for ten rounds - then it'll be a regular 3 month check-up regularly.
  14. Merry Christmas to all...

    Have to work tomorrow then will be busy with festivities so wanted to get it out... Merry Christmas Thanks for all the prayers this year <3
  15. Master Minds...come hither...

    Hard to get a good picture...but here it is.