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  1. The puppies are born!

    They do, do those thing. But, for my comfort he's in the bed. This was a complete and odd accident. Equi - I am wondering if he does. It was not a normal way for him to have an accident. I've never seen a dog pee when laying on his back playing. But, we too are having good luck with house breaking. He goes to the door when he needs to go out and has been holding it when locked in his crate if we leave. If he's had an accident (besides the bed) - it's infront of the door and my fault because I didn't see him there. I have bells on order so I can start training him to ring them. As for the chewing - I think if you spray him then give him a good toy to chew on it'll help. Does he have anything that will help with his teeth? Such as antlers? Seemed to help Rem having something hardy to chew on. He loves his deer antlers.
  2. The puppies are born!

    My pup has an ear infection. I am giving him benefit of doubt and saying that's why he had another accident in bed. I am SO frustrated with that. But, this time he was laying on his back, chewing on a toy and peed all over himself. I really don't think that was normal. I scolded him (lightly) and took him outside - but UGH! Almost willing to take a chewer over this.
  3. A new week & new month.

    Hunting season started, so my spare time is spent in a tree. Trying not to use all my Internet while out there, lol. The Vegas thing is awful. I highly doubt it ever could have been stopped, but wonder what makes one do such a horrific thing. We had a murder suicide down the road from me earlier in the year. It was done in front of their 4 kids. I do not question anything anymore. Just hope for the best for our futures.
  4. The puppies are born!

    Glad that's helping!
  5. The puppies are born!

    Every time he bites, yell "ouch, NO" give him a little smack on the nose (or hold his muzzle shut for a split second) and put a toy in his mouth. Seemed to work great with our lab when he was a puppy. Thankfully new puppy isn't like that.
  6. The puppies are born!

    Yep. I actually bought little reward treats for him. He loves them. Every time he comes inside he runs right to the cupboard because he knows he gets one. If him and Rem go out together then he gets a part of his milk bone. He loves treats. I'd think it'd motivate him more - but, eh. I'm thinking the breed is very stubborn. But, nonetheless, driving me CRAZY! Sorry you're still having poopy problems, Equi.
  7. The Front Porch

    I had a gelding that wouldn't load one day after a horse show. It was storming and he just refused. I was getting SO upset. Thankfully two VERY nice people came over took him and got him loaded. THANKFULLY. My Papa drove us home and unloaded him. He then parked the trailer in the pasture - with the doors open. He worked on loading/unloading few times a day, every day. Eventually my gelding loaded and unloaded by himself. Just put the lead over his neck and in he went (or out). I'm forever grateful that my Papa did that because now I know what to do, too.
  8. The puppies are born!

    Little Frankie is a PIA!!! Let him out potty last night one last time, went up to bed - he was chewing and trying to get Rem to play - next thing you know he is peeing on the bed! (Within' FIVE FREAKING MINUTES!) OMG I never wanted to kill a dog until then. Scolded him, threw him outside, (of course who would have to go potty two seconds after going) then threw him in his crate. He knows he's in trouble, he like tip toes around me. Our potty training has seemed to gone backwards. He was almost house broke, I thought. Now that has reversed. So now, after work I have to go to the laundry mat, because that's too much laundry to try and sneak in at my parents. UGH. FREE PUPPY!!!!!!!
  9. The puppies are born!

    I got a free puppy to go along with your new puppy if interested
  10. Horse's Leg...again.

    Yes, it's an awful set up. I have three stalls - with a little 3' aisle behind them. The back part - which was practically falling in - is big enough to store our tractor and some hay. To get in the barn, (which, never used to have a main door) - it's about a two foot step. Into each stall is roughly a foot step up, too. Not ideal at all for a horse with a bummed leg. Upside, my stalls never flood. Gotta be positive, right? I have my dream barn all planned out. I even have a condensed realistic version. But, until that happens - this barn at least serves the purpose. It is structurally sound (now) and allows them to be out of the elements.
  11. The puppies are born!

    Well, 8-10 hours is up - hope your on the upside of that. Glad you got it checked out and him on his way to happy and healthy. He's going to be abig boy.
  12. Horse's Leg...again.

    In front of the barn will never be dry even if I had a roof - the picture doesn't show - but the back yard slopes to the barn. All the run off just ends up there because my pasture also slopes that direction. (Whomever built the barn years ago wasn't thinking - they built the barn up over a foot - so it doesn't flood.) Also with their lovely design - horses cannot go out any other direction besides out their stall fronts. It's a PIA and the barn will be rebuilt up closer to the house and road when finances allow. Got to do some other improvements before I can do my "fun" things. I do plan on a much more horse friendly barn when it does happen though.
  13. Horse's Leg...again.

    My pasture is wrapped around the barn. They have doors on front of stalls and thats how they go in and out. This is a couple years ago (we've done some improvements) but shows the set up. In all honesty, I hate my barn. But, does its purpose. [ Heidi, that's a beautiful horse!
  14. Horse's Leg...again.

    Back to her "normal". Hasn't been turned out as often as it's been near 90 for a week (too hot and no shade) - and she seems to be doing much better. Thanks for asking!
  15. The puppies are born!

    Glad everything is going well. Kitties will come out with time. Can't wait to see more pictures.