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  1. Prayers Please

    Thanks - she is doing better the last couple days. Had her scans yesterday, will get results on Monday.
  2. Prayers Please

    She's not old Honestly. She's only in her early 50's. I'm sure anything is possible. She seems to be doing better this weekend. The fluids definitely helped her. She goes today for her cancer doctor follow up.
  3. Prayers Please

    Oh she knows exactly what she is doing. Her mind is all there. She's just so bull headed and stubborn. She's on depression medication and her "loony bin" pills aka anxiety. We understand she wants to get back to "normal life" - as we ALL want that for her. But, she has to put in the effort, too. Did I mention she got elected assistant chief? That is HUGE. First female ever, in our department - and if all goes right she will be chief next year. That right there should be motivation.
  4. Prayers Please

    Can I cry? I mean, we have no "news" yet - but I am just exhausted. My Dad is defeated. We're at a loss. Mom has been having more bad days then good. She went today for a port flush and they wanted to send her to ER for fluids. She refused. Since I work with the paramedics she called to see who was on...of course noone she cares for. So I set up an immediate appointment at doctors office and my Dad gets her to the office for an IV. I provided the supplies (again since I work with the paramedics). They called and needed more needles. The IV keeps blowing. Now, mind you, this is the third and fourth try. We tried last night and blew two. She NEEDS FLUID. The doctor is afraid things are shutting down.BUT, if we get her fluids - A LOT OF THEM, she should start getting rid of some of her symptoms (dizziness, high heart rate, low bp, headache, etc). SHE IS SO STUBBORN. I am going to have to have her hate me and just be blunt and ask if she wants me to start planning her funeral. I HATE to even think that, but she needs a reality check. Ugh, just needed to vent. She goes for her scan on the 11th. We will know that WHEW. Just got the call, they got it to start.
  5. Poor shy

    I'm glad you found a school that helps her and others like her. That is so important and I wish there were more all around. Glad she is feeling better, too.
  6. Prayers Please

    Appointment was yesterday. The doctor is a pulmonologist. They really just played everything off as sinus and post nasal drip. They said he coughing will always be there (but increasingly so because of PND) - but that could be leading to her dizziness. They did a chest x-ray comparison and that was good (whew). She will see the cancer doctor in two weeks, will be getting all new CT's and will go from there. Not sure I believe what's being said, but I'm hopeful. Thanks all (HUGS)
  7. Prayers Please

    Can we all spare some more prayers? My Mom hasnt had a good last two months. Although her last set of scans were clear, she has had some very rough times. She cannot go out and do anything as she is very weak, has some trouble breathing again, and cannot go a day without extreme dizziness. She will be seeing her original doctor from the ER when this all started next week. Does not see her cancer doctors until next month (they referred her to the other). Very nerve racking. Thanks.
  8. Active Members

    Thanks PD. She was doing great for awhile - but then she got hit with a cold and just hasn't got back to herself. Such a bummer. How've you been?
  9. Active Members

    Thanks Jubal, I appreciate it. Just hoping my Mom can get back to "normal" she can hardly do anything right now. She was nominated for assistant chief in the fire department and a pray her health allows her to go for it. She so deserves it and eventually wants chief to be one of the first female chiefs around our area.
  10. Active Members

    Mom is still in remission (one year!)...but there was a spot on her liver. At the time, no one is concerned, but it wasn't there before. She has her next set of scans in two weeks (fingers crossed) - she's been under the weather for about two weeks now. So hoping she can get some answers and get to feeling better. Thanks for asking <3 <3
  11. Active Members

    ::::WAVES::::: Hi! I'm kind of active. But, then I also feel like the third wheel in your bigger threads here so then I disappear. But - yeah, hi!
  12. Happy Father's Day

    Hey - late to the party......AGAIN. Happy Father's Day, PD!!
  13. Happy Mothers Day One & all

    Thanks both of you <3 Things are doing well for my Mom, she is clear and in remission...she will see someone again in July for a one year follow up and scans.
  14. Happy Mothers Day One & all

    Hi PD - not a Mom, unless Fur-Mom counts...just wanted to say hey. Hope all is well!
  15. Off Site Trial Contract

    I found a really nice contract that had a hold harmless built in to it. I wasnt worried about one, but wanted to cover all basis. Soldier left today. I cried. But hey, he may come back and have a 2 week refresher done - free from the trainer lol. I may have browsed horse ads...but not needed at this time. Oh, and can I mention this year is a continuation of last?