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  1. I am so glad Jesse had that ride. It gets tough when you aren't succeeding like you want - makes you want to give up - but now with a ride like that, he's back in the game. Now, for you - good luck! I'm sure it must be hard to watch him out on bucking broncs. I'd have no nails left! I hope he continues to have success.
  2. You and Coblet amaze me every time I open a thread. Congrats on a great show!
  3. My Mom suggested the same thing, bursitis. I was able to fling some arrows with my bow tonight with little pain. I just don't need people thinking I fake it when I go in and it's fine.
  4. Anyone here have shoulder issues? It started last year when I went tubing for the first time ever. Shoulder hurt for a week or two afterwards. It healed - then it hurt again after a night of nozzle training at the fire hall. Lasted a couple days, healed, then I was doing my arrow a day (shoot your bow every day for the month of August) and about half way through the month - pain again. Took a few days off, it got better. Had a couple spells then nothing until about a month ago. Was in the gas station when out of no where intense pain in my shoulder. Couldn't move it without tears. It improved some and was better by day 3. Until this past Saturday. Simply walking through the woods - get to the truck and pain. Pretty intense again. I know for a fact I wasn't doing anything. Yesterday was sore - today it pretty close back to normal. Any idea what this could be? I feel silly going to the doctor when I have no symptoms now.
  5. Sounds like you didn't sync it to your iTunes account. Eta; disregard..guess I need to read everything first.
  6. Oh his nose will be good with his background. We have a dog house built and need to put up the fence. He will go on a runner when outside, I'm not risking having him run off and my baby follow behind. I think that's the part I'm not looking forward to. My dog I open the door and can go about doing whatever. No worries as he doesn't run off. Sigh.
  7. The vet doesn't think mare will fully be sound. She's improving, but her swelling comes and goes. I still notice more days then not her dragging her toe. I don't have time for a puppy. It's going to be crazy. But it was a lot of my uncles doing. DH mentioned wanting a rabbit dog so uncle went and bred his hunting dog to another champion dog. And wa-la were having a puppy. Hi Jubal. I might add in, we finally got rain for the last hour. Needed some. Haven't had anything in a month. Need another full day of a nice rain.
  8. Since I see so many new (but old to a lot of us) names - I figured we could do a quick reintroduction about our animals/family. Nothing new really has happened with me. Still pretty much the same ole person I used to be. Got married, bought a house down the road from my parents and moved the horses out my back door. Still pulling my tractor (when time allows) and now race dirt cars on the weekends. I have two horses. Minnie, who is 19 - who I've had for quite awhile. She had a major leg infection last year, where I almost lost her and has since become a pasture ornament. She never got sound after that. Had a reoccurance last month and now she drags her toe when walking. But, she's happy and otherwise healthy, so she is enjoying it. Soldier is my newer horse, got him three years ago. He's my go-to dude. Has a mind of his own but I can hop on him and go ride whenever. He is my wanna-be show horse, who has a good background in many things - I just need to get him out and about more/again. Then I have Rem. Rem is my chocolate lab, my best friend, my main man in life, lol. He just turned three a couple weeks ago. Goes everywhere with me. I'd be lost without him. On top of that - I raise ducks. Well, it's a new thing. Wasn't intentionally planning on raising them, but nothing was surviving the wild so I went and got a dozen babies. I gave four of them to my uncle and down to eight "babies" and one adult. They're such fun things. I remember so many old names, so it'd be nice to get a quick little update :)
  9. For having a pretty lax summer - sure seems like you've been quite busy! Good luck at your Equifest.
  10. Holy crap. I come back after almost a month and so many old names I missed! Hey everyone!!
  11. Jess! I was just thinking about you not too long ago (used to be qhshowmanship) for some reason I was thinking about our convos when you were pregnant with your first and had stinky farts Hey neighbor! How are you?!
  12. Sorry guys, thanks for thinking of me! I'll be honest, didn't think any would miss me! Just busy time of the year like PD said..and like Jubal said, racing season (which I'm getting a car ready to go and haul to the track weekly by myself)...which isn't going as planned. Add in prepping for archery season, work, fire department shennanigans, all the critters (I have eight new ducks!)'s just never ending go go go. I got the barn cleaned and grass cut, plus went to a meeting today and worked on hammering out race car tin and I still need 4 more hours in the day. Sleep is little lately. Fair isn't until next month, been trying to ride more. I did send in my entry to try and get a stall, though now I'm second guessing it. I just am not sure if my mare can handle a week alone. With her reinjuring herself last month I'm worried something will happen. I'll give it some more thought and see. I did request the week off from work. Getting a puppy end of the month. Well, DH is, meaning I am. A little beagle pup that he plans on using as a hunting dog. I giggle at that because our lab was to be, too, and he's a big Mommas boy. So yeah, I'm alive and well and thank you for checking in. Life will start slowing down in a month or two. Eta; I tried getting pictures uploaded, but it's not working.