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  1. Who you kidding, you won't be sleeping! Safe travels and look forward to seeing pictures!
  2. Equi, sorry I skipped your post earlier. He's 11 weeks. Potty training with him has been much worse then my lab. But, pup was in a garage and only went on paper. Guess it'll take time. He did learn sit - though gets so excited he won't stay sitting. As for the collars,they make both. Garmin makes one that attaches over current collar - but some hunting brands are a one shot kind of thing. I will be getting him micro chipped, too, though. I just don't trust him since he is a breed known for running. Only time he has bayed is when he pins my Mom's dog in the corner. Ugh...
  3. Im Heinz 57. Little this, that, and all others.
  4. I do agree, they are cute! He has had his nose to the ground since day 1! Will be getting a GPS tracking collar when he gets a little bigger. This is him and his big brother. There normal relationship lol...
  5. It's going pretty well. Today was the first accident in 6 days (ugh) - but when I yelled at him he stopped/trailed and ran to the door. For the most part it has been easy. He is almost sleeping through the night without having to go out, too. Learning his name on the other hand...yeah - that is going to take a long while!
  6. Thanks! He loves to He's a whiney Mama's boy. So usually he just comes right to me when ever he is tired (which, being a puppy is a lot). I pick him up and he falls to sleep.
  7. I still gots a puppy...
  8. Life gets busy. When winter comes around I post more - works been slow lately so I've been a little more active - but yeah.
  9. I still like the black boy. Have fun playing with puppies. Hope you get the one you want!
  10. Redneck, not trying to argue, but I feel I am doing what is best in my situation. None of my horses have EVER stayed out 24/7. They're all used to getting put away for the night. I do not have facilities for them to be out 24 hours. I also have had enough problems with neighbors (previous posts from last year) that I wouldn't even trust having them out in the dark. Jubal, thank you. I feel were gaining on it. I gave her Bute yesterday and today which seemed to help her, too. We will get through it.
  11. She does not stay out at night. She wont. She throws a fit. She is outside from roughly 730-dark. Honestly, she'd hurt herself if out at night from the fit she throws. 19 years of the same routine, ya know?
  12. Serah, she didn't get stitches...but wow for that horse having issues years later. It's on its way back down. Still no heat at all. Not favoring it as much, either.
  13. Good thought to ponder.
  14. The one right above the white is scar tissue. She got tangled in some downed fence (six?? years ago). The ones above that are just odd hair growth from the cuts - but didn't scar over. ETA; I'll try and get better picture tonight. I don't like the angle of the above one.
  15. Magic, I'm sorry - I skipped over your post by accident. I'm looking into SmartPak and seeing what they all have. NP - not much that I have seen. I imagine some, as I have seen it in the yard - but not enough that it draws my attention when out there. RC - Stocks up! That's what I was looking for earlier. She has always stocked up - but it seems to be just this one leg getting it the worst, I know there is more to it. I'm sure my vet could check. Like I said, he is a great vet in the area. But I'd think she'd have other symptoms besides edema in the leg. I could be wrong, but it'd be my thought.