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  1. Whispering Pine Hollow

    Bump...Still needs more people to join
  2. -- Trapt --

    Hey, a lot more people voted for this RPG, and only a few have actually joined
  3. Oklahoma State University

    Is no one else going to join?
  4. Oklahoma State University

    Stats Name: Alyssa Williams Age: 20 Gender: Female Apperance: Slender, stands aruond 5'5", fair skin tone, blue eyes, brown hair Personality: She is very charming and easy to make friends with. She is very passionate about her career choice and works very hard to attain it. Year: Freshmen Athletics: Equestrain team Music: Vocal Music preformance Arts: None Major: Pre-Vet Med Other: Specalizing in Equine Science Pic: Alyssa Williams PS: IF YOU ARE ON THE EQUESTRAIN TEAM YOU MAY HAVE YOUR OWN HORSE!!! Name: Phantom Age: 7 Gender: Gelding Breed: Paint Pic: Phantom
  5. Whispering Pine Hollow

    Human Stats Name: Alyssa Sch?fer Age: 22 Gender: Female Apperance: Stands around 5'6", slender, long blonde hair and blue eyes Personality: Alyssa is very fiery and filled with passion. She has a competative streak that is a mile wide, she hates to loose, nor does it happened very often. She is diffently one to pushes herself to the point of almost breaking. She also has a bit of a temper. History: She is the daughter of Justin Schafer. She has several ribbons for compeating in all three events and has been on the cover of the German Horserider three times for her achivments. Where Your From: Kizerslouden, Germany Other: Nope Pic: Alyssa Equine Stats Registered Name: Hollywood's Famous Pride Barn Name: Hollywood Gender: Gelding Breed: Dutch Warmblood Color: Sorrel Markings: Blazed face Temperment: Very high strung and powerful, not one who easily gets along with other horses. Other: Her Show Jumping Horse Pic: Hollywood Hollywood 2 Equine Stats Registered Name: Ancient Legend Barn Name: Legend Gender: Gelding Breed: Dutch Warmblood Color: Ebony Markings: Blaze face Temperment: Fairly calm and relaxed, takes physical ques very well in the ring. Other: Dressage Horse Pic: Ancient Legend Equine Stats Registered Name: Smokin' Barrel Barn Name: Gunsmoke Gender: Gelding Breed: Dutch warmblood Color: Grey Markings: None Temperment: Very playful, can be a bit of a handful, but on the course he is all work and no play Other: Cross Country Horse Pic: Smokin' Barrel
  6. Whispering Pine Hollow

    OOC: I will have to post my stats tomorrow
  7. -- Trapt --

    Stats Name: Alyssa Rothsteinberg Age: 22 Gender: Female Apperance: Slender build, stands around 5'6". Blonde hair and blue eyes. Lighter skin tone. Personality: Alyssa is a very fiery woman who is very organized and always had a plan. She doesn't fear much of anything. She is very personable and usually easy to get along with, but does have a bit of a temper. Other: Is a history major at the Local Gynazium there in Germany Pic: Alyssa Rothsteinberg
  8. Oklahoma State University

    OOC:Oh my gosh Tuck wow that is so great! I will actually be living in the villiage when I move in next week. My gelding Cherokee will be staying just across the street in the boarding stable for free too! I am so excited! And thank you for the pics!
  9. Oklahoma State University

    Oklahoma State University is a major University placed in the beautiful town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Here, elite students are offered the oppertunity to study and master their choosen profession, and have the amazing college experience they have been dying for. OSU is primarly an Agriculture based college, but does provide the oppertunity to dip your toes in other areas such as Engineering, Education, and all areas of the Arts. Not to mention we have an outstanding football team and one of the top golf and equesterian teams in the nation! So in summary, your experience here at OSU will diffently better you and provide you with excellence in your choosen profession and allow you the ultimate college experience! GO COWOBOYS! Athletics Football Basketball Baseball Softball Golf Swimming Gymnastics Tennis Equestrain Soccer Music Marching Band Concert Band Coral (Standing Chior) Show Chior (Dancing Chior) Radio Broadcast Arts Drawing Painting Drama Photography Majors Agraculture Science Farm And Ranch Vet Med Health Science Animal Science Dental Hygene Dental Assistance Emergency Med Health Care Admin. Medical/Surgery Assistance Nursing Physical Therapy Phermacy Art/Music Therapy Stats Name: Age: Gender: Apperance: Personality: Year: (Freshmen, Sophmore, Junoir Senior) Athletics: (If any) Music: (If any) Arts: (If any) Major: (Possible to have double Majors) Other: Pic:
  10. Whispering Pine Hollow

    To whom it may concern, Due to your recent competations and awards you have been choosen to join an elite group of equally talented riders at Whispering Pine Hollow. Whispering Pine Hollow has very widely known to the Evening World for it's prime stature and ability to rise above par when it comes to its riders and their equine partherns. It is also very well known for it's excellent trainers, staff, facilities, equiptment, and stable to acommadate both the riders' and their horses' needs to preform at their absolute best at World Three-Day Eventing competations, and you have been selected, out of hundreds, to join this group. We are looking foward to seeing you and your horses again. Mr. and Mrs. Sch?fer Whispering Pine Hollow has been in every major Equine News and Event magazine since it's inception in 1953 with it's owner and founder Mr. Hans Sch?fer. This stable has turned out some of the finest team riders, single riders, trainers, and some of the most world renound horses known to man, and to be accpeted into such a highly praised group is not only an honor, it is what all eventers dream about! The only tragedy is that in 1982, the original stable burned down, and Pine Hollow's most famous equine Murder She Wrote, and her rider Konrad Hapsburge were burned alive along with five other horses, three stable hands, and three trainers, and Mr. Sch?fer Himself. What was so curious was that no one was ever able to discover where or how the fire started. The only common thought was that it was a simple accident that occured late one night after a competation in Frankfurt, Germany. But later, after great debate and more research it was discovered that the fire was no accident, but a homicide attempt to kill Konrad Hapsburge out of greed and envy. It was believed that a Mr. Christoph Schinider, but he was believed to have parished in the fire, but his remains were never found. After twelve years of greif, Mr.Sch?fer eldest son, Justin, made a desperate attempt to rebuild Whispering Pine Hollow, and restore it back to it's origional status among the Eventing World. So he rebuilt the origional stable on the exact ashes of the first, in it's actual form, with some minor adjustments to the changing times. Some have begun to argue if rebuilding the stable was a wise decision made by Justin, they have assumed that building the new over the old was disturbing the dead, and might cause an unrest, but Justin and his wife disagree with such gossip and are very confident in their decision. So you are now a member who has been choosen to join this elite and historical team of riders, but is this a wise choice you made? Or are the gossips of others right, and is there an odd unrest lumming among the stables of the souls that parished in that faitful fire? The choice is yours..... Summary: You have just recieved the acceptance letter above and are on your way to the town of Heidelberg, Germany to join Whispering Pine Hollow as either an event rider, trainer, or stable hand. But there may be some slight mysteries lying among these stalls..... Facilities Whispering Pine Hollow Stable Stalls Indoor Arena Outdoor Arena Main House (Where you all will be staying) Staterooms (Each equipt with single bathroom, couch, TV, chairs, table, and two night stands) Rules Keep genders even No swearing No GM No PP Try to stay active Be unique Try to keep things intresting Human Stats Name: Age:(18 or older) Gender: Apperance: Personality: History: Where Your From: Other: Pic: Equine Stats Registered Name: Barn Name: Gender: Breed: Color: Markings: Temperment: Other: Pic:
  11. -- Trapt --

    Wickford castle was first build on the mountains of Germany in 1712 to house the Royal Hapsberg family who once ruled over Germany for two decades. Then, the German lands and the Royal castle was raided by the Moors who invaded the castle. The Royal Family and all the staff members were brutaly slaughtered by the hands of the Moors and the castle was set a blaze. The castle then set in ruin for the next two centuries. Finally, in the year 1985 a very rich man, who had made his fourtune in the invention of the first camera, bought the castle from his German homelands and brought to his current resident in Sterling, Colorado. After the passing of Mr.Wickford the castle was purchased by a German woman Mrs.Rothsteinberg and her husband, who then turned the humble castle into a large Ski Resort. The castle is equipt with 20 guest bedchambers, a master Dining Hall, front desk, two large sitting rooms both with large fireplaces, and down stairs is the Ski Shope with 40 locker storages, and a large library that holds coutless books, some books and Jurnals that date back to the reign of King Hapsburge before the raid. But the castle holds another suprise.For after it was reassembled here in America, it had something added on...A large tower, that has a different apperance then the rest of the castle, was added to the side of the Wickford castle.This castle was said to be the Royal Tower of a Queen Hulga Hapsburge, who was missjudged of her selfishness.It was said by Mr.Wickford, who had the tower added, that her spirit, along with other members of the Royal Family and the staff roam the halls freely. Such stories are said to be myth, and the castle has attracted countless skiiers and adventurous people, along with some who just want to escape to the mountains to get away for some peaceful relaxation, but for the lucky few to attent the castle this week it will not all be fun and games... Summary:I do hope you read the above, and became aquanted with the story and plot.But you are a group who has come to Wickford Castle on vacatoin, but a huge and horrid storm has just blown in and you are all trap inside the castle for the week.No one is allowed outside, ha you can't even open the doors.No Cell Phone connection or computers, and no cars are able to get up, or down the mountain.You are trapt, and things might take some turns for the worst. the Parkers are away on a businesses trip so they have left the castle in safe hands, so the only people in the castle, besides yourselves, are Alyssa Rothsteinberg, the owners daughter and the grounds caretaker Mr.Thomas, a very old and grumpy man.Best try and not bother him, and keep on his good side. Double Bed Chamber Single Bed Chamber Dining Hall Library Stats Name: Age: Must be 18 or older Gender: KEEP EVEN Apperance: Personality: Other: Pic:
  12. What's Wrong With You...?

    Alyssa sat at the table of the common room with nothing but a plain excpression plastered upon her delicate and graceful features. Simplicity was what she decided was best in this place. Stay out of the nurses way and lead them to assume that you were normal, or atleast was classified as normal under such conditions and surroundings. If you act too happy they assume your in denial, if you act too depressed or quite they think your refusing to allow any treatment, and if you had the occasional slip of sanity and went crazy, well they assumed you were crazy. There was diffently no way out of this place, once you were here, you were pretty much trapt. She sat with one elbow resting on the table and her cheek putting pressure on her palm as she placed all weight on it. She shifted her weight down to her flats, unable to wear her Converse becuase they were not allowed shoe laces or any other form of a weapon that would allow us to bring harm to ourselves. Apperently some idoit had taken his shoe laces and tied them together, one end around his neck and the other around the door knob and he hung himself... Her sight then shifted upward and looked around the room at the other youths that choose to gather in the common room for the afternoon, Alyssa was only planned to stay untill her meeting with the phycologist at three.
  13. What's Wrong With You...?

    Stats: Full Name: Alyssa Lynn Williams NickName: Alyssa Age: 19 Personality: Alyssa use to be the perfect student in high school, perfect grades, hard worker, and even involved in numerous different school orginizations. She was usually a very sweet girl with a large heart and eager mind. But she did have a very hot temper if provoked. That was untill everything went wrong...Now, the only thing from Alyssa's past that remains is her temper, which has progressed. She believes she has no self-worth and usually keeps to herself. Her mind is still very sharp and she uses that to find other's weak points so that she may either minipulate them or push them to fight, which is what she is always looking for now it seems. Looks: Alyssa is a very beautiful girl who stands around 5'6" in height, fairly slender build, but toned from her softball and swimming years. Her skin is of a light olive tone. Her eyes are a deep aqua color surrounded by dark brown curls of her hair that drape down to the center of her back. Full lips and high cheek bones. Diagnosis?(Either Confirmed or assumed): Suffers from post-tramatic stress, and major depression which has both been confirmed. Other: She left high school with high hopes of become Suma *** Lada of her class, untill she met am older musician named Justin. She fell in love with him, oblivious to the fact that he was addicted to Meth and Cocaine. Once she did find out he was on drugs she was too far in love with him and decided to help wean him off, assuming that he loved her enough to want to change. Instead he started fighting with her and hit her once or twice, but always appologized afterword and told her he lover her more than anything and that he would change. This went on for about seven months, her grades suffered greatly in college till she finally dropped out. Then, one day, she came home and found him on the bed with a needle in his arm where he had killed himself......
  14. Another Batch Of Possibilities

    Hey, since I am about to be enrolled at OSU, do any of yall actually attend there?
  15. Another Batch Of Possibilities

    Hey, first off I just want to thank you all for voting! And the winners are.......*Drum Roll*................... OSU, Whispering Pines, and..Trapt! Yea, I'm so bored I think I just might make all three to provide something for everyone.. so get ready for them because they should be up soon.