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  1. Ama, 3 Weeks Old Now!

    I would SO do it for you, but I'm hoping to show Indy in the amateur classes next year. I could always take her off of your hands though, I'll trade ya a kitty or two
  2. Have Good News!

    FS sent me a message through Facebook, the little lady is here and is gorgeous! Congrats Momma!! :huggy:
  3. Saddle Fit Issues

    Here are a few pictures from this afternoon when I took Indy out to lunge. They're awful cell phone pictures, but it should give you an idea of what things look like. I took some from the front and side, plus of the sweat pattern under the pad. You can see where the dry patches are on his shoulders. I put a set of shims under the saddle and things really seemed to fit much better, I could fit my hand between his shoulder and the saddle without too much pressure, but we're still getting dry patches. I'm stumped!
  4. Saddle Fit Issues

    Almost forgot, it's entirely possible that he slipped in the mud and tweaked himself. I moved him to a boarding barn for the winter a month ago, and his paddock is a complete mud pit. I'm moving him to a different spot this weekend though, their turnouts are much, much better
  5. Saddle Fit Issues

    I actually ride western, would the towel trick work with a western saddle too? His teeth were done not too long ago, and I've been meaning to get the chiro out but keep missing him (he only comes to the Island once every six weeks) Thank you very much for your thoughts!
  6. Saddle Fit Issues

    I don't have any at the moment, but will definitely get some tomorrow when I go over to the barn
  7. Saddle Fit Issues

    Hi gang, I've got a bit of a problem with Indy's saddle. I just bought it in August. He was at a friends place for a month of work, so he dropped a little bit of weight from working and no pasture. He has filled out and put on some weight since then, and had a couple of months off due to the condition of my paddock (it was way too slippery to ride in) I took him to a barn with an indoor at the first of November, and the few times that I've ridden him since then, he has been acting pretty crabby and moving very stiffly. Whenever I ask him to jog he raises his head, tenses up, and is thinking about rearing. I've lunged him to the point of sweating, and found dry patches on either side of his withers about the size and shape of the palm of my hand. I am totally clueless about saddle fit, so do you think he would need a wider saddle, or something with a more narrow tree? The gullet on this saddle is already pretty close to his withers, but it's not sitting on him. Just thought I might ask for your opinion :)
  8. Could Use Your Help!

    The contest ends in just a few days, could still use all the help we can get!
  9. Could Use Your Help!

    Thank you so much for your help so far, everyone!!
  10. Could Use Your Help!

    Thanks Laura! I really appreciate it!
  11. Could Use Your Help!

    We could still use all the help we can get, voting goes until the 15th, I believe. We would really appreciate it!
  12. Could Use Your Help!

    Thank you so much!! :grin:
  13. Could Use Your Help!

    Just thought I might ask if there is anyone else out there who would be willing to vote? I believe it runs until the 15th
  14. Lil Help Please?

  15. Could Use Your Help!

    Fantastic! Thanks so much!!