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  1. Thanksgiving Dinner, What Are You Having?

    Funny as I read this no one said dressing. We never say stuffing.... Smoked Turkey Cornbread dressing Mashed potatoes Giblet gravy Homemade Mac-n-cheese Green beans -fresh canned Turnip greens - fresh from garden Sweet potato souffle Buttermilk pie Pumpkin pie
  2. Why Obama Won

    You obviously can't add, and you most certainly do not know your politics. Please educate yourself before posting and making a fool of yourself, none of you statements are anywhere accurate.
  3. Say Goodbye To The Twinkie

    Poor management as usual. They've filed bankruptcy twice....Who the heck eats Twinkies anyway? Heart a attack in the waiting...
  4. Why Obama Won

    Thank you for proving my point. Obama won by a LANDSLIDE. Good GOD. As far as voting fraud that one comes up every elections. You either live under a rock or as I originally stated DELUSIONAL.
  5. Why Obama Won

    You must be delusional or off your rocker. These folks have been around for YEARS **** centuries, doesn't matter whose in the White House.. The reason Obama won is because the MAJORITY voted for him.. YOU ARE THE MINORITY. So deal with it and move on.
  6. Is It Just Me?

    It's a slow train dying trying to hang on, I predict it will be gone all together in time. Use to be great place to come, but it will never recover.
  7. Vp Debate?

    That was the best debate thus far...Kept me at the edge of my seat.... Ryan flip flopped and avoided all questions.
  8. Horse Fighting

    I guess I have been under a rock, never knew this. Thoughts? [media][/media] Horse fighting
  9. Michael Jackson Is Not Dead

    Haven't been here in ages, got bored and decided to look. Wish I hadn't... Same ole same ole. Do you people NEVER give up on preying on the weak? Or the obvious? Is this how you get your weekly thrill? I would be ashamed of myself if I were any of you.. There is a problem within yourselves to behave in the manner that you choose to address this situation. It's really an embarrassment to the HC community. Can you not address your opinion or ideas in a civilized manner? I guess that's why I left, no one cares about the camaraderie that I was looking for originally. But as everyone says HORSE people are crazy... Count down to another bashing starts in 3-2-1 GO! BTW: Congrats Heidi on the new horse...
  10. Today's Highs- June 28, 2012

    It was 105* today, 109* tomorrow... The horses are being watered down twice a day and kept in the shade pasture from 1-7.. It's 91* right now..
  11. If You Don't Like Obama You're A Racist!

    I guess everyone was told the side that I was told by her "friend". I sure would like to hear the 'real or other" side because the one I was told was crazy and delusional to say the least..(not sure from which party though)
  12. To The Banger...

    Who says banging? Who does it and then admits it on the freaking internet? But the "after several hrs" comment did peak my interest...
  13. To The Banger...

    You need to address your emotional issues or you need to grow up, check your morals or maybe stop drinking. What you wrote was not normal. Call me prude, but I thought that post to be disturbing on many levels, from backstabbing a friend to being in the sluthood. I don't care how young you are that was just wrong.. I am sorry you are hurting, but you brought this all on YOURSELF. DISCLAIMER: If the HC mods deleted the thread I apologize for bringing it up again, but I had a long reply typed out and it was deleted by the time I hit reply.
  14. The Great Horse City Meet-Up Of 2012

    Great pics, looks like y'all had a great time ... Wish I could have visited too...
  15. The 2Nd Farm Update... And!

    Thanks so much, we still have a lot of work to be done. But not to the buildings, thank goodness.. I took these on my camera and the rest I took on my daughters camera, so if anyone is interested I can post more of the reception at the pole barn and other locations at the farm once they are ready... SR - This is not her wedding dress... She wore mine at her weeding and we are preserving it for her daughter..