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  1. How To Give Away A Horse

    Giving her away and finding out that someone has relisted her to make a quick buck is my biggest fear. It definately sounds like going through word of mouth is the best way to go and if I post an ad to do so locally and really screen any potential buyers. Thank you for all of the advice, every little bit helps so much
  2. How To Give Away A Horse

    This mare isn't even in my possession yet but i believe in going into things with my eyes open. Has anyone looked into donating to colleges, vet schools, therapy programs, etc? Do they all have clauses about auctioning the horse off if things don't work out?
  3. How To Give Away A Horse

    Unexpectedly I found out that my mare I sold in august 2008 is being given away due to financial hardship. This mare meant a lot to me and I don't want to see her go to just anyone. Thus I have volunteered to take her and find her a good home. For those of you who have given away a horse before, what is the best way to advertise a free sound horse? Although a bit hot she is a great horse and I want to find a perfect home but understand that this market is already flooded with sound free horses. Should I contact local trainers and ask if they have any clients in the market for a sound free horse or should I just put up her ad locally and see what type of responses I get? Has anyone had any luck with using a site such as or did you get more tire-kickers than people truly interested in taking in the horse? This is something I have no experience with nor do I know of anyone in need of a horse so any advice or personal experience with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Lets See Your Schooling Attire :)

    I ended up selling Paxton last year which was a very hard decision but since I am at UGA I really don't have time for a horse, but I get monthly updates from her new mom. My sisters mare Addie is doing wonderfully with our new trainer. How has your head been?
  5. Helmets

    Seriously? You wouldn't feel any guilt if your child ended up with permenant brain damage or even dead because of a preventable head injury? At 12 years of age a boom-proof packer slipped and tossed me over his shoulder. I slammed head-first into a fence, broke my arm, nose, multiple fingers, and 2 ribs. I had a severe concussion, without my helmet I would have been dead. At 12 years of age I wasn't paying my own medical bills. If I had decided not to wear a helmet (using my "freedom of choice") then when I became a vegetable, I would have imposed tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills on my family. If you are going to use your freedom of going helmet-less then you should free others from paying for your medical bills. By enforcing helmet usage (especially in young riders) they reduce their costs, it seems very reasonable to me. I see absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be a law to wear a helmet at any age doing any discipline. Many states require that motorcyclists wear helmets because it reduces the costs imposed on the state. We are dealing with living, breathing, unpredictable animals, if anything it makes more sense to require proper helmet usage. If you could prevent a serious injury for a young rider, why wouldn't you want to do it?
  6. Gardasil

    I got all 3. literally no pain afterwards. barely hurt going in. zero side effects. 100% worth it (IMO).
  7. "smoking Is Bad For You!"

    Not picking on you in particular but this is something I hear very often. I don't care how careful you are, I can smell smoke on someones clothing from 5 feet away. It clings to hair, clothing, purses, etc and makes for god-awful breath (gum/mouthwash do not make a difference). I have several coworkers who smoke and after their break I have to hold a dog for a procedure (I work at a small animal clinic) and my eyes literally water and my throat starts itching. Yes, smoking is your decision, but it impacts people around you (often in situations that they cannot escape). It is not my place to tell you to stop smoking, but at the same time it's rude for smokers to think that the world should just avoid their smoke.
  8. Lets See Your Schooling Attire :)

    I've dropped into lurking status recently, but I'm doing well. How have you been?
  9. Lets See Your Schooling Attire :)

    always: Polo, breeches, hairnet, tall boots, and gloves (almost always) This is the first example I could find (one of my oops no glove days) I think I might start tucking in the polo and adding a belt? I've always thought it looked sharp but never had the motivation.
  10. Dressage Boots For A Pony

    My sisters mare is 14.3 with fairly dainty legs and we are having a heck of a time finding schooling boots that will fit her front legs. We really like the look, fit, wear, etc of the Dover Pro Sport Horse Boots with Neoprene Lining but the mediums (smallest size they sell) are too big for her fronts but will fit her backs. Does anyone have any experience with these boots: ? I know that several people on here have ponies/small horses so I am hoping someone can recommend some smaller boots or give brands to steer clear of. If possible we'd like to stay under $45 per pair since we need to buy both fronts and backs. Thanks, I really would appreciate any advice!
  11. Gifts For Siblings At Birthday Parties?

    Thankfully my parents had the complete opposite philosophy when I was growing up. I am sure by your definition I would have qualified as over indulged with little coping skills. I got presents on my sibling?s birthdays, had no chores, and received more toys every Christmas than I knew what to do with. Fast forward a few years I am getting a dual degree in psychology and sociology from UGA while maintaining a 3.9 in addition to working 2 jobs and a working student position at a dressage barn. I am extremely responsible, motivated, and hard working. If anything, gift giving created a sense of community among my siblings which contributed to our close relationship today. Growing up no one ever received more than another and consequently sibling rivalry was non-existent. If a parent can find a balance between indulging their children while building a solid work ethic then what's the big deal?
  12. Post Your Favorite Portrait Of Your Horse!

    taken a few months before I sold her...
  13. I am a first year at a large university in GA and I really want to become a puppy raiser for my sophmore year. I spoke at length with a southeastern guide dog rep this evening and I really want to follow through with this. The dog would be allowed to go everywhere I could go (including class). My parents immediately thought this was a horrible idea but we are talking it over in person when I go home this weekend. Off the top of my head I can think of a million pros: giving eyes to someone who cannot see, helping raise a dog without a lifetime committment, etc. I would like some cons so that I can be prepared for some negatives that my parents might bring up. A dog is a huge responsibility and I am not going to jump into this without thinking this through thoroughly but I would love to make this dream possible. What are the cons?
  14. Appaloosa1224 And Flecken

    yall both have PM's
  15. What's The Most Expensive Horse You've Been Around?

    chill out hun. What she said it true. Of course the ocassional horse is pulled off the slaughter truck and goes on to be a 200k hunter but usually nice horses come from nice, proven horses.