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  1. Mosquito Bite

    I use the walmart equivalent of Aspercreme (arthritis cream). It seems to repel them. I walk across the grass and two cattle guards in the a.m. on the way to work. I don't get near as many bites on my ankles since I've been using the cream. I started using the cream on the bites at first because I didn't have anything else and thought it might help the itch. It did and I found it kept them away too.
  2. Honor Flight

    It's a great program. My Dad went on the 5th Lone Star Honor Flight. They left for the airport at 4:30 a.m. and the street was lined w/ folks wishing them a great send off. They had a motorcycle escort to the airport. At the airport they shot two water canons over the plane as it taxied to the runway. There was a very warm welcome Washington DC. My nephew was living in DC at the time and met 'Gramps' at the WWII Memorial and spent the day with him. The flight back was great. The Continental (now United) crew was fabulous. Dad had a great time and has some wonderful memories.
  3. Horse Foods~What Can They Eat?

    Mine love bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydews, peaches (not the pits or leaves or branches!!), pears, oranges, shredded wheat (mini-bales!), bread, dandelions, apples & carrots (of course), grapes (not for dogs!!), blackberries, dewberries. Many like peppermints and candy canes.
  4. Building Vs. Buying

    Typically you get a construction loan first and then refinance that with the permament loan. Construction lenders are usually local banks and they require at least a 20% down payment - that's a cash investment. If you buy an existing home you can go through the FNMA/FHLMC lenders and you may only need to make a 5% down payment. You should ask your lender to give you a breakdown of the fees & down payments required for each.
  5. Any Mortgage Professionals Out There?

    Lenders don't have to accept loans w/ second liens of any kind on them. And a lot of them don't like those w/ special grants that have special rules. It could cause a foreclosure problem for the lender. I'm not saying you would not be able to make payments but lenders have to treat all loans the same and nowadays lenders always consider the possibility of future foreclosure. (They always considered that until a few years ago and that's what has caused a lot of the problems now. So they have gone back to "old-fashioned" underwriting.) There could be a loan to value ratio problem. Do you know what your appraised value is? The lenders go by the golden rule: Those who have the gold, rule. Especially these days w/ so many properties losing value.
  6. Hay Prices

    Hay is so expensive in TX because it is being shipped in from other states. In this area a lot is coming in from Louisiana. And I've heard of some coming in from Wisconsin. I'm seeing several 2 and 3 truck convoys of 18 wheelers w/ each truck carrying 20 to 36 round bales each day. It's only going to get more expensive because they say this draught is going to continue into next year. It started last year. Just drive down the highways and all you see are dead trees everywhere and brown grass. It's really sad.
  7. Another Video Of Oreo The Kitty

    I lived in an apartment complex once and there was a stray/wild cat out there. He was skinny. But he wouldn't let me anywhere near him. I just started putting food out near the place in the shrubs where he would hide. Then I started moving the food closer to my door. He would come up and eat but I still couldn't get near him. After a few months of this, one day I was sitting outside the door but not directly in front of it. I had the door open just a bit. He came and ate and then just walked into the apartment and never left. He turned into the most affectionate cat after that and fit right in with the other cats I had. Just give him time and let him choose when to become friends on his own terms. By the way, both kitties are very cute.
  8. Thunderstorm Coming - Fast Moving Cell

    Right now anyone in TX will tell you we are hoping for a hurricane to come in with lots of rain. All the ponds are gone, lakes are down and some folks are losing their wells.
  9. Spyder's Halter Lessons

    I like the way you are able to hold the lead rope comfortably loose. It shows that he is not fighting you and is trusting you.
  10. The Old Man Scared Me To Death Today!

    Yep, my girl likes to do that too. She does have itchy fly spots on her tummy and after I brush there I put some Swat on it to keep the flies off and heal the fly bites. And Swat will last longer than regular fly spray.
  11. Man Stabs Puppy In Denver, Co

    Hope his new apartment is the local jail and that he gets a long term lease.
  12. Epona! - If You're Online Now -

    It's about 9:30 here and I've had about 2 1/2 inches of rain so far and it's still raining. I'm in the Hempstead area. Heard on the news this a.m. that the southern Grimes County fire is still only 35% contained but I don't think they could work on it much during the night. I'm sure the rain has helped but that fire was so hot the hot spots are probably still burning. They finally decided to bring in a lot of air power and now they can't fly because of the rain. Or maybe they are flying now because it's just a nice steady rain with no lightening or winds. I'm going to check the news website. This is the first chance I've had to check anything since real early a.m. because we lost power for almost three hours. Yeah for rain!
  13. Epona! - If You're Online Now -

    I know. I crunch when I walk across the yard and pasture. It's not a nice sound.
  14. Epona! - If You're Online Now -

    Containment down to 25%. Storms seem to be coming from the northwest but they may have high winds. Hope there's enough rain to offset those winds. If we get winds from the northwest, the fires will head into highly populated areas.
  15. Epona! - If You're Online Now -

    Someone on the live blog on KBTX just said the Bedias fire is burning again. At least you are south of that. It seems the Katy fire has burned 46 acres and is 85% contained. Seems like the whole world is on fire and we're surrounded by it and the rest of the world is flooding. The national news at 5:30 spotlighted the fires going on in TX and AZ and also they now have fires in Florida. They lost two fire fighters in Florida. I'm glad we haven't lost any here and hope it stays that way.