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  1. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    Two eyed jack doesn't fit in to barrel horses, but yes I have to agree they are level headed horses that work hard, which is why I said crossed properly they are good horses, I like my running horses with other cow or ranch horse in them, it tones their mind up, calms them down and makes it easier to maintain good weight. Also gives them a better work ethic . I'm starting to haul him around and teach him when it appriate to be study and hen it's not!
  2. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    Fast filly, you always give great critiques! I appreciate it a lot ! You have some great knowledge inside that brain case of yours ! ;) Thanks guys, two eye jack isn't the best in my mind but at the same time crossed on the right horses and people they work, hopefully this cross will work out !
  3. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    Fast filly .. He is on all breed pedigree his name is Classy Crime Page . Oo he's a long yearling I'll get some updated pictures of shanda as soon as I can ! I've weaned all the babies so ill take new pics of them all ;) here's a bum shot to tie you over lol
  4. Meet Buttons!

    Awe he's cute !!! I know my donkey has taken 3 years to warm up to my entire family ! Sometimes they come around quick others don't ! Can't wait to see day light pictures ! He's cute
  5. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    Hehe thanks ! I hope he does too ! And yea I tagged carol in a picture of him on there . So that would be him Yes it was me !! She is great that is her in the original post the black filly ! She's weaned and home ! She's sooooo sweet I'm very pleased with her . Thanks for asking
  6. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    Thanks grey wolf that's a huge compliment. !!! I hope to grow him right !!! I'm gonna try lol Nick haha it is true but all my horses are handsome or beautiful when I see them on the morning
  7. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    hehe guys NO STEALING !!!!! here are some updated pictures for you ! some nice camera pictures!! still like him !!!!! ??????lol
  8. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    We've decided to name him Milo ! I got some good pictures this morning ! Just got to get them uploaded
  9. Beautiful country we live in!!! I didn't realize you were here too?!? Ya ha tinda is 45 minutes from me I feel blessed to have it in my back yard ! Hopefully similes feet come around and she gets back in the show ring !
  10. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    What do you guys think of Milo ... He's a son of Crimewave who is sired by first down dash
  11. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    hehe my dogs name is Levi!! haha i like Wyatt my dad like Wrangler ...... anyone else??
  12. well i was at a trade show on the weekend, which has a high class horse sale included... i promised my self and my mom and my fiencee i would not buy another horse, but i have always wanted a crimewave ( he was a leading barrel horse sire in canada, who passed away last year) ..... till it was auction time and this man came up, and sold for 1/3 of normal crimewave horse prices... and hes a stallion!!!! so needless to say, he came home with me, he will stay a stallion till i train him, if he doesnt prove him self that way i will geld him..... but he NEEDS A NAME!!! other than blonde.... haha his registered name is Classy Crime Page ( which we may also change.) this picture is off his poster, second one is from home here... i will get better pictures as soon as it stops snowing! fast filly ! i told you i would give you a picture s soon as i brought her home! heres a couple teaser pictures!
  13. Baby Pictures

    Hey Fast Filly she had her surgery they thought it went good, was looking great for a long time... i am making arrangments to pick her up, but has to wait a bit longer cause the cyst is back so she goes back in on tuesday.. but i havent seen her since mid july. my stud is great! i will have some new pictures of eveeryone up the first week in october when Shanda comes home ( around the 8th) and i will update then... Wallee decied to run through the fence not the gate, so we got some wounds on him that i have to doctor him up, and so we will wait to take pictures... but everything here is good otherwise. i promise i will have pictures up for you asap
  14. Picture Update!

    Thanks kitten Kat. ... Thats nice to hear, I take pride in my horses looking good, and I took some serious bashing this spring and I believe you were the one who stood up for me. :) thank you !!!!
  15. Picture Update!

    awee ariel thats a cute little mini!! id love one that color but ill never get it from my mares and my stallion o well lol Thanks !