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  1. Long Time No See!

    Hey, Mudder Bud!
  2. Long Time No See!

    I got a message notification and I decided to stop in and say hi. It's been FOUR YEARS since I was here last! It's really good to see a lot of the familiar names still hangin' out. Lots has changed for me in the last 4 years. I've moved from WA State to GA, going through a nasty divorce and sadly, I no longer have my beloved horses. My ex threatened their safety, so I had to rehome them in a hurry. So, what's new around here and with all y'all? I've missed those of you that aren't my FB friends!
  3. Nagolder

    I remember her. I'm glad you have fond memories of her, and thank you for letting us know, OP.
  4. Prayers Needed For My Little One

    She's adorable. I hope they can help her without surgery.
  5. *friendly Wave* Hi...!

    We can never have too many pics. That little filly sure was a tiny one. Do you know how big she ended up? Glenn is very handsome. He looks like a character.
  6. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    So VA, your long-term memory is better than your short-term. Mine are both shot. Redpony's making sure we all hear her. LOL
  7. Wwyd? And A Question...

    I agree, that's a tough one. There was a lady like that in our county 4H that didn't realize how she stressed their horses. She and their kids would pull them out of the pasture in the spring and ride the daylights out of them when they were skinny and totally out of condition. Plus they were little horses, barely bigger than ponies, and the girls had all grown up to be big girls, having outgrown these small horses. They loved them, but they refused to see how they were hurting them. One spring they took them to the beach. They thought it would be fun to ride down the sand. Mom, the largest of the three had the largest of the three horses, but he was still out of shape and didn't have any muscle to speak of. They spent the afternoon galloping up and down the beach, having a great time. Until mom's horse went down. He broke a shoulder and had to be put down right there. There's no denying they love and enjoy their horses, but that poor horse would still be alive today had he been conditioned or had they listened to other people giving them good advice. He would have been better off with one of the smaller girls and their ponies sent to new homes with new 4H kids. I really have no advice, just commiseration. If you live nearby, you can call whatever local animal welfare authorities exist and find out what your options are. Or call from a distance, I guess you don't HAVE to live nearby? Abuse is abuse, it doesn't have to be intentional? I just feel sorry for any animal that's miserable. They communicate so well, and if their owner only communicates in "stupid" somebody should translate the horse's word to them.
  8. Pretty In Pink

    They didn't slow her down much. Such a cutie.
  9. Pets In Things!

    Great thread! Crazy, love the series of shots. Too funny!
  10. 6Yo Suspended From School

    I agree with the lack of parenting today. I see it on a daily basis. I, too, work at a public school. Most schools now have a "zero tolerance" policy in regard to guns. That means ANY gun, in "any form" means immediate suspension. Photo, toy, finger, M-16, they're all guns under this policy. It is explained in the student handbooks, usually. If I see the kids "pretend shooting" I do warn them that it's not appropriate school play. I remind them of the rule and why we don't do it. I don't turn them in to the office. If one was a frequent offender, would, mainly because he/she wasn't doing as they were told and were ignoring the rules. But ZERO tolerance means just that. It's not low tolerance, or just tolerance to a point. It's black and white.
  11. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    So many familiar faces! BTW, Bumper was NEVER a "lady." She's a crazy old broad more like it. LOL VAQHMA, can I borrow some of your memory brain cells? I seem to have killed off all of mine and yours are scaring me. I can't even remember my own kids' names let alone a SN somebody went by five years ago. I'm jealous!
  12. We have a gelding that has a rather fatty sheath. We got him as a 3yo and it was that way, vetted clear, and it's stayed that way. First thing I did was go up there with Excaliber. When we started him under saddle, that thing would just swing like crazy, and I thought great, that's going to look REAL good in the show ring. But once he goes in the gate, he sucks up his belly and the sheath doesn't show. The sheath only hangs when he's relaxed around home. I watch him for signs of metabolic problems because it's odd and he's a chub anyway, but so far he's doing fine.
  13. Puffy Above Eye Sockets

    He sure doesn't look the typical cushingoid pony, does he? I like his outline.
  14. Was 2 Pics Of My I Have More Up!

    He looks happy and content. What a sweet boy.
  15. Little Jingles For My Kitty? (New Update 1/18)

    I hope it's just something she ate is disagreeing with her and it passes soon. Poor kitty.