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  1. How Often Do You Jump?

    Once a week. My barn generally operates like this: Monday off, Tuesday trail, Wednesday flat lessons, and jumping lessons the rest of the week, with Sunday usually the biggest. My boy knows his job well and doesn't need to jump any more than that, so I stick to a flat and jump lesson and hack the other days.
  2. Cool Jumping Test At Dublin Horse Show

    Crap, I've done that exercise straight through, with the jumps set one stride apart. First time we all saw it set up, we had that "you've got to be kidding me" look on our faces. Mind you, that was way back when I was probably 14 and my trainer then was known for creative exercises.
  3. Heart Vs Pure Talent And Confomatiom

    Everyone has great points. There are no perfect horses, and I'd take one with a lot of heart and good conf/talent over a physically perfect and talented horse with no try. When it comes down to it (if you really want to win), the horse simply has to have that will to give and give. My horse has meh conformation - his legs are clean and he has overall good lines, but his back is swayed and he has little quirks about his body. His form is not bad; he routinely gets his knees up to his eyeballs, but he doesn't jump with a round back; he's more of a skimmer. But my gosh, he'll turn on a dime and give you everything he's got in a jump off, and it works. So you need a horse with good enough conformation for everything to "work" and stay healthy. You need a horse that knows what to do with his body over jumps. If he can manage those two things and love his job and fight for you, those are the keepers.
  4. Advice Please!

    I'm facing a pretty difficult decision. Nicolai is 17 now and is still doing well, but I'm at a point where I should probably decide what his future looks like. He's game and sound, but I can tell he's slowing down, as any horse his age would. He's had a long career and has worked very hard, and part of me wants to give him a little break. If I could, I'd keep him forever - he's just about perfect and such a good, good boy, and I love him dearly. The thought of letting him go breaks my heart, but an opportunity has come up that I really need to consider. My trainer has raised four babies by the head trainer's old grand prix horse, and all are awesome, honest, smart jumpers. Her 5 year old is up for sale and he's pretty darn cool, and his brothers/sisters have been bought by clients, so we've been able to see them mature and all that. I want to keep riding and showing (as school permits!), but don't want to push Nicolai. Jumping on the grass at shows is hard on him now, and as game as he is, I don't want to push him in the bigger classes. This is all very up in the air. I have yet to sit on my trainer's horse, and the decision is far from made. If I wanted to go ahead with this, I'd try to work out a trade for Nicolai to be a lesson horse at my barn (we're in need of one, and most of the client's old jumpers get a nice retirement with 1-2 lessons a week - not a bad deal!) The quality and quantity of riders that come through would keep him fit without overworking him, and I'd get to see him around and ride him here and there. Otherwise, I don't think I could bring myself to sell him to someone at this point in his career, unless it was a really great situation. He's been too good to me :) Sorry for the lengthy post. Given the situation and the opportunities, what do you all think? Giving my boy up would be incredibly hard, but I want to do what's best for him at this point in his life, and don't want to pass up an opportunity either. Having horses would be so much easier if money wasn't a factor
  5. Advice Please!

    Well, the downside is that I may not be able to find a buyer at my barn. The youngin' is a bit pricier than expected (and should be, as he's honest as the day is long and already has some solid show experience under his belt with Mr. Trainer). I'd have to find the absolute right buyer and sell Nicolai for what he's worth to be able to afford a new horse, and that's a tricky situation at his age. If it does/doesn't work out, then that's what's supposed to happen...in the meantime, I'm going to try him out for a few weeks and see what happens!
  6. Advice Please!

    Thanks so much, both of you :) I appreciate the input and you both have an excellent point about getting things in writing. Before making any decisions I want to spend a good deal of time riding and getting to know the new horse. I think he's pretty talented, but I've never had a relationship with a horse like what Nicolai and I have, so I need to make sure the baby and I would work together well too. Talking to my trainer today; I'll keep you all updated!
  7. Upperville Photos!

    Hey all. I'm alive. I can't even recall the last time I was on here; college and internships have definitely taken over my life, but me and the pony are still plugging along. Anyway, I went back east for a wedding two weeks ago and got to experience the heat, humidity, and horses of the Upperville Jumper Classic, and I thought I'd share some photos. And one of the fantastic Nicolai.
  8. Upperville Photos!

    Happy to share!
  9. Quick note: HC does weird things to the capitalization on thread titles. It should read: Great Bio on New US Chef d'Equipe. COTH has a nice Q&A session with our next Show Jumping Chef d'Equipe, Robert Ridland. Disclaimer: He was my trainer before I moved to college, and I can't say enough good things about him. I trained more with his wife since he's kept quite busy running the shows and course designing, but I was lucky enough to get lessons from him now and then. I also used to hack his last grand prix horse, who was just a doll. I definitely believe we've found a good successor to George. http://chronofhorse....E2%80%99-equipe
  10. Nicolai Went To The Beach!

    I've been wanting to do this for so long, and got lucky that today was such an epic day! For those of you from CA, we went to Pismo, which is a 15 minute drive from the barn. He was perfect, and loved his run along the beach. He even jumped the seaweed piles :) Thanks for looking!
  11. Have You Guys Seen This?

    That would teach you to NOT do some important things like leg off the ground, regulate stride, etc... Plus, no real feedback from the "horse." Interesting.
  12. It's not horse related, but it would be a huge help! http://www.surveybuilder.com/s/IqadQptSYAA Background: Our senior projects are basically an undergrad thesis. Major work. If anyone wants more info on my topic and all that, just let me know Thank you! Also, if any of you have any connections to nonprofit organizations who could take the nonprofit version of this survey, please shoot me a PM. Greatly appreciated!
  13. Nicolai Went To The Beach!

    Holy moly. It was 30 here this morning and I thought that was cold. You are much, much braver than I!
  14. Nicolai Went To The Beach!

    psmitty - He's a bit of a chicken when it comes to water, so I didn't push him. He got his toes wet but he'd spin and run when the waves came in. Not bad for his first experience with the ocean! We did walk up a creek though and he went pretty deep before I chickened out due to the fairly newish iPhone in my boot...didn't want to take any chances
  15. The Search Is Over..

    Okay, he is adorable. I think I may have to steal him. I've always dreamed of having a palomino or buckskin jumper Have fun with him and share pictures!
  16. Videos & Hardware!

    I feel like I haven't really updated on here in forever. Nicolai had a pretty quiet summer and early fall, but the last few weeks have been jam-packed! Our annual barn show was last weekend, and we won! I won last year too, so it was really incredible to come back and still be just as solid. Our show is technically a fun end of the year deal, but it's pretty darn competitive. Everyone competes against one another at their own level, in a nation's cup format. So our trainer handicaps us according to our skill level and then we jump our own height but are scored against everyone else in the barn. I rode at the highest level and was clear through round 1 and 2. The jump off was pretty crazy...some super tight turns, and I was certain that the lower levels would kick our butts since they didn't have big jumps to deal with. The turns tripped people up though, and I have to say that my boy jumped an absolutely flawless round. Every time I asked him to give, he gave me 200%. I am beyond blessed to have this horse...I could literally go on and on and on about him. I've had my heart (and body) broken by horses so many times, so I can't help but gush about Nicolai. He's the best. Anyway, the photos from the show haven't been posted yet, but my friend came out to practice her horsey photog skills today and I had her take some videos since the show course was still up. The jump off, which we decided not to retry today, was the orange jump, right turn through the triple backwards (I turned inside the white oxer), then around to the yellow jump (#1) and inside the triple to the green over with the bricks (last jump). Here are a couple of videos from earlier. Critiques are always welcome! Here's the perpetual we get to put our names on again: I'm hoping my friend will upload her photos tonight, and will definitely add them asap! Thanks for letting me share! I am SO proud of my boy.
  17. Videos & Hardware!

    haha thanks! I think because his front end is a doing a little stretching to make the back rail, it makes the girth seem wayyy back. You can kinda see the tip of the belly guard right under my boot. I've been toying around with the idea of posting on judgemyride....I think I need to just buck up and do it :)
  18. Videos & Hardware!

    haha thanks...I am too! :)
  19. 9 Y/o Gelding Getting Back To A Hunter

    Definitely! It would be fun to keep a journal or training log too to track his progress and see how far you've come.
  20. Thanks guys! Photos at the bottom :)
  21. Help Me Not Fail At Clipping!

    Why thank you! We don't get comments like that very often (cute, maybe haha) because he does have a little Roman nose going on, but I agree with you...I think he's quite handsome :) And yes to the personality - he's full of it.
  22. 9 Y/o Gelding Getting Back To A Hunter

    Make sure you share his progress!
  23. 9 Y/o Gelding Getting Back To A Hunter

    Do you have any hills/trails you can work on? Just trotting up hills a few days a week will work wonders to help him get those muscles in shape and ready for jumping. If not, I'd really make sure that he comes up into your hand; when he carries himself easily with impulsion, jumping/poles will be so much easier and will allow you to focus on distance, pace, etc. I would definitely start with ground poles at both trot and canter. You can certainly get creative and set up "grids" to help get him into a good jumping rhythm and make him think about what he's doing with his legs. When you start popping over jumps, try putting a placing rail one (canter) stride out from a cross rail. We start all our lessons this way to get both horse and rider on a good pace and thinking forward and supple. It also helps both relax a bit as well because the rider doesn't have to be as concerned about getting the perfect diastase; as long as you find the ground rail, the jump is easy. Again, it also makes your horse aware of his body and will make the transition to other fences easier. Just go slowly and move up when it feels natural. And have fun!
  24. Help Me Not Fail At Clipping!

    Thanks! I promise it's not as fantastic when you get up close But better than last year...he looks pretty dang sharp from a few feet away. It's so funny about his color because when I first got him it was June but he was still fuzzy so the grooms clipped him (ugh) and he was a very light honey color with dapples. And when his winter coat is in full bloom, he's a very deep reddish bay.