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  1. Thank you Huck, Jodi Gabbart , and the kids we had fun tonight.

  2. Mom's nails for the fourth.

  3. Baby goat broke his halter today but didn't go far caught him in about half an hour. Bathed BabyDoll and Smokie, not that you can tell as the got sweaty and rolled tonight. Pretty bad I was sweating while bathing the horses it was so humide out.

  4. Happy Easter everyone

  5. First ride of the year with my baby.

  6. Did moms nails yesterday.

  7. No Babies this year. Both mares are open.

  8. Must be coming down with a cold.

  9. My exercises kicked my butt today! Finally get used to the running then they throw in more running and longer. The squats with calf raises are not as bad as the squat holds. I only have this week to finish in my 30 days, but then I will move to 30 day of inremediate instead of beginer.

  10. Looks Like I'm on the search for A horse vet that will actually call you back, and do farm calls. I called Dr Wolf and He said he would call me back now two days later nothing. Dr Bartlett number has been disconnected. Dr. Brocksmith Is bussy no matter what time I call. So any suggestions From my Horse friends for a vet that does Farm calls that are not going to cost me my life savings. Prefer to have one within 30 min of my house.

  11. Another day, another dollar.

  12. Betty White off their rockers is great

  13. Weekend at home with out my hubby. I'm bored need to find something to do.

  14. Zumba for xbox is so much better than the one for wii

  15. hubby's home for the night!! yippy