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  1. "The South is our way of life, it is littered with such great beauty, elegance, and grace set forth by the powerful hands of God. To allow others to change that way of life is a demeaner to God himself." -General "Stownwall" Jackson The great state of Misissippi is the prime picture described by Jackson during his speech to the Confederate Convention in South Carlonia as they proposed their sucession from the Union. In Jacksonville, Mississippi things were quiter, moved slower, the talk of sucession and war were only uttered under hushed tones among men as they waltzed below the hanging moss of the Weeping Willows along the muddy banks of the Mighty Mississippi River. In this small town life seemed simpler, a sense of grace and charm seemed to fill the air as Cherry Blossom trees swayed lightly among the warm breeze.Rows and rows of cotton and sugar cane fields linger along the river's banks, and large, beautiful Plantation homes dot the long dirt road. You have been called home to the land of great beauty and elegance, and pray God never allow such beauty to fade. Summary- It is the year 1855, just a few years before the Civil War breaks out. Franklin Pierce is just about to reach the end of his final term as president and Abe Lincoln has had a large climb up the sical ladder as he runs for President of the Union. The Southern states are seeking soverinity and states' rights in reguards to their views of Slave Trade and labor.Tensions are begining to run high, and talk about seperating from the Union and war seem to be unavoidable. But here in the small town of Jacksonville, Mississippi talk of war seems to be the farthest thing from anyone's mind. You are a member of this small town, whether you be a Plantation owner, or someone who works in town. Job Positions Plantation owner- Cotton, Tobbaco, Sugar cane or wheat Own a shope in Town-Black Smith, Saddle shope Dress Shope, Bread shope ect... Horse/Cattle Auctineer Doctor Governer of Town And yes you may also be a slave if you wish ***I PRAY THIS RPG DOES NOT OFFEND ANYONE FOR THAT IS NOT MY INTENTION*** (if you can think of anything else please feel free to ask) ~Stats~ Name~ Age~ Gender~ Apperance~ Personality~ Occupation~ History~ Other~ Pic~ ~Other Stats~ *Horses, cattle, cats, dogs ect... Name~ Age~ Gender~ Species~ Breed~ Color~ Occupation~ Other~ Pic~
  2. Welcome Me!

    oh wow that must really suck....I am so sorry to hear that. As for me, well for a while life wasn't so great...(Which is kinda the excuse of my inactavity)...I just had a lot of things going wrong in my world that I wish hadn't, but now things are fantastic and I have regained my muse to RPG! lol
  3. Welcome Me!

    For I have returned :tongue9: lol Hey guys, what's up!
  4. Southern Living

    Welcome to the Southland, a land of grace and beauty painted by the hand of God himself.This is truly where time seems to stop in it's place and just embrace the beauty that surrounds you as you stroll among the Weeping Willows and Cherry Blossoms along the banks of be might Mississippi River. Countless Plantation homes, and farming plots, surly invite the Southern Hospility to your disposial. It is the year 1863 and the North his having major contaversy with the South, but you can't tell that from the beauty that surrounds you here in the small town of Oak Alley, Gerogia. Summary Ok it is the year 1863 and you are a member of a small town called Oak Alley, Gerogia along the banks of the Mississippi River. You may be a member who works in the town such as a Blacksmith, Shope owner, or a major Plantation owner.It is up to you.Just have fun and please stay active. Stats Name: Age: Gender: Apperance: Personality: Occupation: Other: Pic: Animal Stats Name: Age: Gender: Species: Breed: Color: Other: Pic:
  5. Medieval Times

    Hat: No you do not lol. Swedish: Oh wow mine is this Wed.I know how ya feel. It's really no rush for any of it, I am just so happy you are doin it for me!
  6. Medieval Times

    (((nope still nothing...Here is my e-mail, make this easier...charlesrife@sbcglobal.net))) Elegance and grace overcame Catherine as she urged the large brute into a steady gallop after Jack and his mare Bella.She smiled lightly as Warrior matched pace with Bella and they were now side-by-side."So...Um...How are you?"she questioned in a shy tone, feeling rather stupid for lack of words and unsure how to start such a conversation.
  7. Medieval Times

    (((I hate this new system of stuff! I never got you PM.....It hasn't reached me or something IDK.I miss the old HC!All this stuff is way too complex and nothing gets done.)))
  8. Medieval Times

    A deliceate and beautiful being sat atop her steed and watched as Jack swung onto the mare's back with such ease.She laughed lightly before throwing an elegent smile in his direction."You ready?"she questioned eargerly, Warrior pawing at the cobblestone with eager antisapation.
  9. Medieval Times

    OOC:Swidish you have a PM my darlin....
  10. Medieval Times

    An elegent smile managed to be painted on Catherine's rouged lips as he accepted her offer."Great.Well just allow me to saddle up Warrior here and we can be on our way."She replied sweetly, in a relaxed, yet excited tone as she spoke. She then turned and grabbed her saddle and other tack before returning to Warrior's stall.She tied a rope to his halter and led him out of his stall and out into the courtyard.It were here that she tied him up to a post outside and began to saddle him. Once the large gelding was saddled she slipped one small foot into the iron and managed to hoist herself into the saddle. (((Crappy post I know, but I have to go to lunch with family)))
  11. Medieval Times

    The sweet smell of fresh hey, leather, and horses filtered the air as Catherine came to the entrence of the barn.Small rays of sunshine managed to slip through the narrow cracks and holes of the celing of the barn to allow light, but Catherine paused for a moment to allow her dark eyes to adjust to the dim setting. She heard the cheerful winnies and nickers of the horses.She crossed over to Warrior's stall. The massive brute circled around in his stall for a moment as he heard Catherine approach, a soft wicker passed his velvet muzzle as he extended his large dial over the stall door and demanded attention from the delicate woman. Cathernie laughed softly to herself as she stroked Warrior's jaw line and nape, but turned quickly to face Jack who had made such an abrupt apperance.A sweet and broad smile graced her soft features as he greeted her."Oh, hello Jack."She stated, her voice as calm and soothing as a spring rain."Actually you can help me...."She paused for a breif moment, allowing Jack's mind to wonder before breaking the request to him playfully."Would you mind attending a ride with me.I wish not to go alone and I would greatly appericate your company."She added sweetly, pushing a stray hair out of her line of vision to stare at him plainly.
  12. Medieval Times

    The tasks of dawn's somber light found Catherine eager to get changed in her bed chambers. She threw on a simple silk gown with colors of brillent blue with a touch of plack on the lining. She slid on a small pair of leather boots before making her way down the stone passage. Catherine was greated by a short, and rather stubby guard standing his watch at her parents' royal chambers.Rodger gave her a smiple smile in greeting as she royal Princess rushed down the stone starecase, she found it rather odd that her eldest brother, Marc, had yet to make his presents noticed, usually he was one of the first to arise this early in the morning, but this made no never mind to Catherine, she had a date... Once Catherine was safely on the first floor of the castle she slipped through the dining hall unnoticed by any of the servents, from there she managed to glide through the kitchen and out the back door. The wooden steps creaked under Catherine's pressure as she quickly trudged down the small flight of steps till she was standing on the cobble stone path of the courtyard, making great hast toward the Royal Stables. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ann had yet again missed another night's rest as she sat, fully awake in the parlor of her small cabin.The stoked fire brought great warmth to her cold body as she sat in a wooden rocker, her small hands clinging to a mug filled with her simple ale. Her dark tresses drapped around her dirt smudged feathers as she gave a blank stare into the dancing flames of the fire.Her thoughts wondered to the likes of her family, and such ideas had kept her awake for another night.For Ann lived in fear of sleep, knowing what nightmares, and dark images await her in her soft slumber.Nightmares of her past, one of which she so wished for foget, but, for the past twelve years, had been unable to do so.Thoughts of her parents, and of her younger sister as she watched them be burned alive, trapped inside her family's small shack by the wishes of Germany's evil ruler. Daybreak poured though her sooty window, gleaming brightly against her wood floors, slowly making it's way toward Ann where she sat.She heard the usual morning chores and the hustle and bustle of the streets as they began to fill with people opening their shops, and others making their way to market for trade. A deep sigh managed to pass Ann's parted lips as she threw the remainder of her ale into the fire.She then rose to have a wash and get ready for the day.
  13. Medieval Times

    OOC:Ok you all can start posting if you want, but we NEED MORE MALES! Thank you all for joining!
  14. Oklahoma Rodeo

    (((I assume, ok I will.))) Alyssa noticed the married pair as they warmed- up their horses, she watched Annette, admiring her perfect posture as she strode atop her her Palomino gelding Sunny. Her attention was brought up short as her firey gelding Hollywood came charging though Cherokee and Lakota demanding attention.Alyssa laughed shortly and stroked his nape in a calming manner before walking away to her truck.In the back she carried four lage sacks of proformance feed and she pulled a large bucket from the corner of the bed and dipped it into the open sack before returning to the four horses and pouring feed into four seperate troughs to allow them to eat while she got her saddlery ready to ride.
  15. Medieval Times

    Stats Name: Princess Catherine Age: 21 Gender: Female Apperance: Long dark hair that is usually stright and falls well past her waist.Dark brown eyes, fair skin tone.Stands around 5'5", and has a fair body build. Personality: She not much to care about the Throne, or even the Kingdom for that matter, she would much rather be galloping across the country side on horse back then stuck in a throne room seated on a huge chair.She is usually of the caring nature for others, but does have a temper if things dont go her way.She also is very wild and un ruley. Position: Royal Family Occupation: Princess History: Her Grandfather left the Throne to her father King Leaire, and she has lived in the Castle since she was born. Other: Nope Pic: Princess Catherine Other Stats Name: Midnight Magic Age: 4 Gender: Gelding Species: Equine Breed: Fresian Apperance: Black Other: Nope Pic: Midnight Magic Other Stats Name: Warrior Age: 4 Gender: Gelding Species: Equine Breed: Gypsy Venner Apperance: Black and white Other: Nope Pic: Warrior Stats Name: Ann Fletcher Age: 23 Gender: Female Apperance: Long dark hair, dark eyes, darkened skin tone, built for hard labor. Personality: She is very caring and devoted.She enjoyes helping others, and is very good at her job. Position: Peasent Occupation: Fletching (Arrow making) History: Her family moved here from Germany when she was 12 to escape their ruthless king who was braking hack and burning all the villages to the ground if he sought they were unfit for his kingdom. Other: Nope Pic: Ann Fletcher Other Stats Name: Lakota Age: 3 Gender: Mare Species: Equine Breed: Unknown Apperance: Dark bay Other: Nope Pic: Lakota