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  1. New Horse Finally

    Hope you enjoy your new TWH! I know I love mine!! I agree with PD, probably just nervous being in a new place. Mine took awhile to get used to me and the new environment.
  2. 5 Hour Trail Ride On The Mountain

    Awesome pics!!!
  3. New Trail Horse!

    Thank you!! I took him to a new trail yesterday and he was great! Love him even more now hehe! PD sorry your walker isn't smooth. Sometimes my first one isn't either, but he has a wonderful personality so he is a keeper too :)
  4. New Trail Horse!

    Thank you so much, everyone :)
  5. New Trail Horse!

    Thanks ConnieSB and CathyJ!!
  6. New Trail Horse!

    Hello all! Hope you are all enjoying the trails so far this year! I wanted to introduce my new horse, Memphis. He is an all black 7 yr old TWH gelding and is super smooth! He is my second walker, but my first registered one and he is so much smoother then, PT my first walker. Plus he is about 15 hh which makes it a lot easier to get on lol (PT is about 16.3hh) I got him in January and he was really spooky and jumpy at first, but I have done a lot of work with him and it has finally paid off. He is so sweet and have to say, he is the nicest horse I ever owned!! This is coming from a previous QH fan btw :) Here are some pics!!
  7. Recent Rides, Lovely Weather!

    Oh, I see. Glad to hear Jet is sound again!!! :)
  8. Short Ride

    Nice pics, looks like a fun and pretty ride!!
  9. Recent Rides, Lovely Weather!

    Looks like a nice ride! Thanks for sharing, I enjoy seeing your pics! Are you still borrowing or leasing, (sorry, I can't remember which it was) the TWH?
  10. How Long Has It Been Since We've Had A Backside Post?

    Tractor and horsey butt :)
  11. Cricket- 12 Year Old Mustang Mare

    What a pretty, wooly girl! So cute :)
  12. I Did It! New Gelding!

    He is adorable, can't wait to see him shedded out. Love the name too! :)
  13. A Sad Update

    So sorry for your loss of your dog and horse Hope you get healed ok and try to take er' easy GG...
  14. My New Trail Riding Partner

    Aww very pretty horse. My heart was stolen by a TWH and would love to have another gaited breed someday! Good luck with your new horse!
  15. Just Sage

    Love Sage! I always enjoy seeing your pics of her :) Oh kitties are adorable too!