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  1. Hello everyone! Long time no see! I'm not sure if anyone remembers me or not, but I used to be a HC junkie before going MIA. I definitely miss the people and stalking the training forum 24/7. I'm not sure if I'm here to stay, thought it'd be nice to stop in for a visit. And if you're the type that doesn't remember names, but the pictures of the horse... I'm not offended. Here's an updated pictures of Cloud - he's grown up a lot!
  2. Hilason Saddles?

    One of my friend's had one that I rode her horse in. It was a treeless western saddle and it was a piece of junk. Every time I mounted the saddle would shift to the side of the horse and I'm not a heavy rider by any means. The leather was incredibly cheap feeling too.
  3. Ever Met A "famous Or Legendary" Stallion?

    I had the opportunity to meet Corona Cartel. http://www.lazyeranch.net/site//02%20Stall...na%20Cartel.asp Big Chex To Cash http://www.bigchextocash.com/ Smart Spook http://www.smartspook.com/spook/index.php
  4. What a neat opportunity to have the trainer come out and evaluate your kiddos. This is such an exciting time for you as well as Indy and Tinker. Broo is right though, don't be hard on yourself. Owning horses is a continuous learning experience. Heck, more often than not I find I learn the most from my mistakes and become a better horsewoman because of them. Just ask Cloud. ;) Be encouraged though and listen to your horses. They will give you feedback and a report card so to speak. They'll tell you through their behavior where you need to improve whether it be on the ground or in the saddle.
  5. So every year I can't help but take the time to flip through old photos and just marvel the difference five years can make. February 21st, 2005 it seems like ages ago, but that was the day we brought home a small three year old gelding that change my life forever. He was skinny, barely halter broke, and terribly skittish. But on the other hand he was quiet, trusting, and a patient teacher. Hope you enjoy the photos. :) The week we brought him home. Picture from our last show. And pictures of our journey.
  6. Returning To An Old Hobby

    I lost my inspiration to play my clarinet over four years ago and I haven't even picked it up since. I loved playing with the rest of the band, but our music directors pushed too hard and I resented it. Thus finishing my last year of band after five years. I then dedicated my time and attention to my horse and haven't looked back.
  7. Introducing Sshaymus Dda

    Momma and baby are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on a healthy colt! [Yay]
  8. How Often Do You Worm?

    I de-worm every two months with rotational anthelmetics. I would love to de-worm less other than I'm not convinced the other horse owners keep up their de-worming schedule.
  9. Rare Disease Hits Horses In 12 States.

    What 12 states have been affected?
  10. Good Job Web Sites For Oklahoma?

    Be sure to check the Tulsa World's website for employment listing.
  11. Drive Thru Mistakes..

    At the store I work in this could not be further from the truth. We have four main stations (Front-Line, Back-Line, Drive-Thru, and Fry Station) and they want you as knowledgeable as possible for efficiency. It doesn't make sense to limit your employees to one station, because you'd never be able to fill positions as you need them. For example, I've only been working at my store for three months and I'm already trained in Front-Line, Drive-Thru, and Fry Station. They will pay you whatever they normally pay regardless of skills because fast food is an entry-level job. It's not pretty or glamorous, but it pays bills and provides food for the family. Which in this economy you cannot take for granted. I can't even tell you how many people I've seen turn in applications the past three months saying they've lost their job and need extra hours to keep a roof over their head.
  12. Drive Thru Mistakes..

    I wonder how many people here have actually ever had to work a food service aka fast food job in the past 10 years? I for one am a College Student as well as a part-time worker at a national fast-food chain and I know what it's like. Believe it or not, but people do care about their jobs. However it's hard to be excited about a job where many people treat you like you're inferior. I'm not meaning to point fingers or anything, but communication is a two way street. I know many times customers do not say what they mean and when order takers don't read back the order it makes a mess. Please consider the industry before you begin to generalize every single employee working in food service. The number one priority is to be fast and 100% accurate, but sometimes to get one the other suffers. So when orders are accurate, but take too long.. people complain. When orders aren't accurate, but quick... people complain. You have every right to complain and every right to take your business elsewhere if you are not satisfied with the service. It's not a perfect system, but at my store we do our best to eliminate things like this from happening, but it's impossible to never mess up when you are running to get orders out. When errors do happen we do our very best to make it up to our customer.
  13. State Of The Union Address

    I wasn't impressed.
  14. Mp3 Players...

    I bought the Sansa Fuze for my mother as a Christmas Present. We got it on sale for $40 in a pretty blue color and she loves it. The graphics are great, the interface is simple and easy to use, external memory, and has the radio.