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Let's see, I live in the heart of the United States happily located in horse country. I am a Sophmore in college and have dedicated my time to training my horse, Cloud. He entered my life four years ago, starved with little handling. At the time I was working in exchange for the opportunity to ride and be around horses. That was when I was offered the chance to own one of my own. We drove to Seneca, MO on the morning of February 21, 2005 to find a small shaggy Palomino by the name of Jose. He was emaciated and covered in rain rot with very dull eyes, within a matter of minutes he was loaded in the trailer with the paperwork signed.

Four years later and you would never guess that horse back then is the same one that you'll find today. I'm not sure how it all worked out, but I do know that God blessed me with some amazing friends, who helped me get where I am today with Cloud. I also read and learn from the amazing trainers here on HC. I am thankful for the time and patience they have all have given me. These days I am continuing his training under saddle to be a wonderful all-round horse in and out of the show ring.