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  1. Xc Photos Of The Big Fella From Today

    He's lush! Text me when you have the next monster dude horse in. I want a ride
  2. Cross Post

    Sounds a lot like my old guy (pushing 23. still jumping occasionally). I have him on NAFF's glucosamine supplement SuperFlex which is much more effective than Kortaflex (and cheaper too). I don't know if you can buy it in the US, but I've found it makes a huge difference having my horse on that. Personally, if you don't have an ideal turnout situation for an older horse, I think you pretty much have to expect to spend 15 minutes at the beginning of your ride really getting them supple in a walk. Actually, you probably can expect that even with an idea turnout situation. They're getting older, they still have lots of energy and love doing things, but they just need a little longer than a young horse to stretch their limbs prior to beginning to work properly to avoid injury.
  3. Saddle Suggestions

    If your horse is a Quarter Horse, you may have a really difficult time finding an English saddle that will fit. The only two that I've found to really fit my mare are Crosby and Harry Dabbs saddles (both wide/x-wide tree). Personally, I'd go down that route and look for one with padded flaps and knee rolls if you're that way inclined.
  4. Is This Right To Do//spice Update 5/25

    I's so sorry to hear about your former horse. Best of luck to you both.
  5. So. We Clipped Him....

    sexy beast!
  6. Crack + Abcess = Big Problem

    Hi. Those products aren't available in England either, and as antibiotics are very strictly regulated, any recipe for 'Pete's Goo' is ruled out too. What most of us barefoot horse owners over here use are the 99.9% anti-bacterial gel and/or athlete's foot cream for treating/preventing thrush (anti-bac gel is great for prevention, athlete's foot cream for treatment). You should be able to pick them up at any pharmacy without prescription.
  7. My Animals Make Me Smile :) *picture Heavy*

    It's been posted! Get Out of There Cat If you can PM me re: having the photo published in the book that's going to be made out of the website, then that would be awesome.
  8. Power Straps On Easyboot Glove

    Fab. Thanks ever so much. His movement isn't too bad, but when you watch him walk, you can see that he clips his fetlocks with the opposite hoof with every stride. As he's 22 and has been sound all his life, we go with the 'if it ain't broke' method where his trim is concerned. I went on a long ride on lots of asphalt at the weekend and his hooves show almost no wear so I hope I won't have to use the boots too much, but it's good to know how to best use them should I need to.
  9. My Animals Make Me Smile :) *picture Heavy*

    Hi @Quarterhorsehunta I tried to PM you but it said you couldn't receive any, so I'll post this in here instead. I asked you if I could submit a photo of your kitty perched on a horse/saddle to the website, which I have done, although I don't think it's been posted yet. I've since received a message from the person who runs the website asking if I could email her the photo because they have a book deal for their blog and would like to use the photo in their book. Obviously, I can't do that exactly as it's your photo. Hence, may I submit it (with your name attached, specifying that it's not my photograph but yours)? Or would you like to do so yourself? If so, please send me a PM. kind regards, E.
  10. Power Straps On Easyboot Glove

    I'm finding myself doing more road work than I have in the past which brings up the issue of the fact that I can't get my Easyboot Gloves to stay on my elderly horse who brushes in front. They spin around, especially at a trot and canter/gallop and thus are useless. I should have bought Epics in the first place, but they were more expensive; big mistake. So now I'm wondering if I could stop them from spinning by adding the power straps, or if I'm better off ebaying the gloves and buying a set of Epics. Your thoughts and experience would be much appreciated.
  11. Best Leather Conditioners

    Passier lederbalsam.
  12. On Farrier Competence.

    Reading your post makes me think that potentially a fair few European farriers could make quality money in the US just like some Master Saddlers have realised. A few months at 'farrier school'? My mind boggles. In case you're interested, this website offers more information about the process of becoming a qualified farrier in the UK. Click here to read.
  13. My Animals Make Me Smile :) *picture Heavy*

    May I please submit this photo to ? Because it is amazing.
  14. Now Do I Be Naughty.....

    yep. that's the one.
  15. Now Do I Be Naughty.....

    There's a rather gorgeous looking ex racehorse on horsemart at the moment if it's not sold yet. V cheap and quite handsome. I'd consider something like that myself if I didn't have to pay livery. As with everything though, the market's dire and there's no saying how long you'd have it on your hands, especially in winter.