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  1. So I have started riding a friend's little arab. Owner rides western. I want to ride him in a dressage saddle. Problem is he is so tiny. Smallest girth I can borrow is a 22 and it is to big. Thinking I need a 16 to fit this little gut. Any ideas where to get one? I can find 18 but am a little skeptical if it would fit or not.
  2. Little Intro And Some Pictures

    He's a big boy. I like my lil 15 handers. He looks like a nice willing partner who tries very hard for you. I love that stage of grey he is in. really wish greys stopped there. Good luck with him.
  3. Shoulder-In

    I am jealous. EWould love a chance at either one of these. So how do you define shoulder fore compared to shoulder in.Yes is is a change of bend in the horse, but how much? I was taught shoulder fore is 4 tracks and should in is an increase of bend/angle and on 3 tracks. Only ever worked on shoulder fore in dressage. But now you ladies have me confused.
  4. A Quick Cheese Update

    Smartpak's SeniorFlex. Has a probiotic/prebiotic. Cheese has been on a probiotic/prebiotic due to being a hard keeper. She tends to be a finicky eater/ So less supplements are better for her. So I was able to swap them and keep her on just 2 supplements intead of 3.
  5. A Quick Cheese Update

    It has been about 1 month since I started Cheese on a senior/joint supplement. So kicking myself for not doing it earlier. She has felt so good these past couple weeks. Ther for a bit we would loose forward. Which is so not Cheese. Hech I was getting downwards way to easy off of seat alone. Yeah I could have wshed it was training ut she just fet very uncheese like. Well now we have forward again.It takes a couple strides to get a downward off of seat now but I couldn't be happier. A quick vid from our ride today. It was the end and we were both getting tired. As sd evident from my tension. However you can see she is forward and when I do get it right she is lovely for 1/4 of the circle.
  6. Frustrating Horse Market. Seller Woes.

    Kind of happy the market is still in a slump (sorry guys.) I've been riding a friends horse who has kind of been for sale and she is planning to seriously market this horse after May. Horse has talent out the wazoo. Beautifully bred barrel mare. I have been doing dressage with her. Luckily in this market she will be slow to sell (hopefully.) I really enjoy riding this mare that I could never afford to buy.
  7. Introducing A Cash Effort(Cashews)

    lol you finally posted on the board. Beast19 would be Cashews owner. Yes Cashews have improved a lot since sept. Will see if I can get some pics up.
  8. One Of The Worst Days Of My Life

    Just saw this. I am so sorry for your loss. ((((hugs)))
  9. Uhg that sucks that that is your job. It makes riding your own seem like work. Never fun. You do know cows are big scary creatures.Cheese spent the first few years as rodeo roughstock. So she was exposed to cattle a lot. She still thinks they are suspicous. My friend who owns Cashews was there with me. She had a greenie there that day for training purposes. She wants to take Cashews there in a snaffle and show them it can be done. Everyone there rode in a curb. I will admit I do have a dogbone curb bit with short shanks for trail riding.I just feel more comfortable with it. Not ready to fully bit down on the trails yet. Probably more of a confidence thing on my part due to my eyesight.
  10. I agree with Nick. Don't know where you are at but winter has been cold this year. Kind of hard to convince myself to do any work. I have been mixing up some bareback riding or some crossrails if we get a warm day and the footing is good. Trying not to get in a funk. I also do a bit of groundwork. I like Cheese to follow shoulder cues. Helps when there is a beginner or a little kid on her back. I don't have to lead and it encourages confidence in the rider.So go play. Kind of in a funk myself. Lost another trainer. She had a second kid and lost her babysitter. So now on a rtainer hunt again. Stil planning to clinic with Ulf when he comes out. The problem I have is my main show is in May. Uld doesn;t start coming out until May. So that means one clinic before a show. so trying to stay motivated and screw up to bad. While I wouldn't mind moving my horse to a curb when ready the reasoning they cutting trainer gave was for more control. I view more as a training thing. Cheese still gets hot off property. We have good moments and it is a work in progress.
  11. Kind of jealous you get to chase cattle. There is a cutting horse place near me but the one time I was there for a competitive trail thing Cheese up. BO suggested bitting her up in a curb. Kind of turned me away from the place. Used to play tag on horseback. Cheese loved chasing the other horses down. She would probably love working cattle. The sprinkler sytem turning on must have been an interesting way to end a lesson.
  12. With Cash contact and impullion. She tends to be a bit lazy and I am so not used to that. Contact is there but she is fussy when you ask her to bring her head up. She is your low headset typical Qn. Poll slightly above the withers. Needs a lot of leg suppport to keep fer forward and a more up frame. With Cheese it depends on the day. I have her on a joint supplement now and she feels good again. However the weather has gotten cold. Lucky if I get to ride once a week. So a lot of focusing on relaxing. Sometimes contact on our good days and that is if I am riding correctly. If I am not Cheese doesn't believe she has to work. Sooner or later she will teach me to ride correctly.lol
  13. Bit Issues

    I wouldn't stress about the first ride in a new bit. You changed the game. Give it a couple rides and let your horse tell you what you think. I use a snaffle like the one you posted. My horse likes it. If you can borrow an eggbut at your new barn do it. Went through many bits trying to find thee bit. Ended up buying a bit I borrowed from someone.
  14. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    once a lurker aways a lurker. Haven't been on much since getting sick over the holidays. Come on and find this thread. Nice eeing some old faces.