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  1. ❀ ✿ ❁ ❀ ✿ ❁ Happy Birthday and May God Bless Ya!!❀ ✿ ❁ ❀ ✿ ❁

  2. Moving Up To Training, Advice?

    Thanks guys! This helps a lot. I might take him training at Middle TN and then back to Novice at Midsouth to be sure to finish this year on a positive note. I have been working on lengthens with him. He is a very naturally adjustable horse, the only problem I have is due to past experiences he is an extremely tense/fussy horse, especially about the bit. It's taken him a while to relax and accept contact, and anything new he gets pretty nervous about. It's just more practice practice practice I suppose, lol. And we're just missing eachother RockSolid! I was up there on the 7th and I will be back down there tomorrow morning. =] I live about an hour north of Nashville, up near Bowling Green, KY.
  3. Moving Up To Training, Advice?

    Okay, so I've been competing in Eventing for about six years now. Unfortunately I have never moved above Novice due to lameness and other issues with my previous horses. Right now I have two horses, a six year old who I purchased when he was three. He's at the BN level, but this thread is more about my other horse, Johnnie. Johnnie is thirteen this year, I purchased him when he was eleven. He is a 16.1hh thoroughbred gelding. He raced when he was younger, however he was laid off due to a bowed tendon when he was three. He healed fine, but was never returned to racing. The lady I purchased him from was told that he was turned out for the next seven years, and was not handled. However I feel due to his behavior when I first got him that's untrue. The lady I purchased him from was a friend/former barnmate. She bought him as a dressage prospect, however she had never handled a TB before and he intimidated her. He's fairly neurotic even for a TB, lol. I have had him for two years, and he has been competing novice since last fall. The horse, IMO, is exceptionally talented. He has never shown any hesitation towards any sort of fence, and if one of those horses, again IMO, that was made with a sole purpose to event, lol. I am looking to move him up to Training. I was planning on waiting until the Spring, because spring event are geared more as move-up events than fall events. However my trainer believes he is not only ready, but that he is becoming careless/bored with novice. Does anyone have information about the Training level courses at the Middle TN Pony Club, or Midsouth Team Challenge? Also, what kind of fitness level would be best for Training? Any fitness plans, or suggested 'tests' to see if he is fit enough? What should he be able to do? What kind of fences/combinations should he be familiar with and the like.. Any extra info would be helpful really. And now.. The fun part! Pictuuures! =]
  4. Tiny's First Xc Jaunt!

    I love how he looks about the drop. He's all 'But Mommy! That's like, a whole 18" down!' He's super cute =]
  5. War Of The Wisteria

    Heat filled her face, and she was glad that the red coloring which surely covered her cheeks by now would not be visible in the darkness. How foolish had she been to speak? She had no knowledge of these people, for all she knew they could be on the hunt for those who opposed the Dark Lord. Which meant her also. Sensing her sudden anxiety, Aiden's front legs lifted off the ground. His hooves only left the ground by a few inches, but they only landed for a moment before raising once more. He bounced, up and down, in excitement. What was there for a Pegasus to fear anyways? No, instead he took his partner's strain as a sign that something interesting would happen. The man stared at her, and she shrunk under his gaze. Her shoulders slumped downwards out of her usual good posture, and she unconsciously tried to make herself smaller than she was. Immediately Aiden's dark wings flared upwards and outwards. It was a move that was meant aggressively. The creature was trying to be intimidating, and this was an attempt to seem larger. A noise akin to a growl, but much more equine escaped from the stallion. Aurelia stayed quietly on his back while the pegasus moved beneath her. She was used to his antics, the stallion acted as if he were still a yearling. Gathering a little bit of courage from the stallion's obvious bravery she spoke to the man. "I'm afraid I'm a little lost. I'm looking for a safe place, you couldn't give me direction to such a place, could you?" Half of her hoped that this man understood what she meant. She was telling him that she was not of the Dark Lord. The other half of her hoped he had not the slightest clue what she was talking about.
  6. Ottbs?

    Southern Kentucky, near Bowling Green. About 45 minutes north of Nashville, 2 1/2 hours south of Lexington, and I think about 1 1/2 hours from Louisville. So anything in those areas works really well for me =]
  7. War Of The Wisteria

    She had been traveling for most of the night. It had become a routine of sorts. Aiden and her would lay low during the day and rest. Then at night they moved about, looking for anyone or anything not of the Dark Lord. She had been one of the very lucky, and very few, to escape before being captured. The dark Pegasus danced beneath her, as he usually did when she restrained him to the ground. His legs moved furiously underneath him as he yearned for the sky, yet he obediently kept himself attached to the earth below him. Aurelia rode with only a thin leather strap wrapped around the base of the creature's muscled neck. It was quite impossible to find a saddle which would fit nicely around Aiden's wings, so she made do without one. His large black wings folded over her thighs whenever he was not in flight anyways, so she was quite secure up on his back. The journey to gaining control with the beast had been a long one though. He had been quite harshly abused before he came under her parents' control. The most damage of which had been done to his mouth, so she no longer used a bit for him. After nearly twenty years of gaining the stallion's trust they had formed a partnership that worked very well. For fear of being captured she stayed off of, but not far, from the main roads of this land. She had yet to find a safe haven in any of the towns, but she assumed that if anything were safe anymore, it had to be hard to find. She heard voices though, not too far ahead either. Carefully she guided Aiden out from underneath the safety of the forest and onto the road. She saw a man and a woman, both near a horse. The man's voice was strained, and from what she could discern of their conversation he was tense. She wondered if he was on the run as well. What other reason would one have for being on edge in this day and age? She moved Aiden towards them, and once she was within easy hearing distance she spoke. "Ex-Excuse me..." Her words trailed off, what was she going to say anyways? 'Uhm, are you safe?' Yeah, that would sound real intelligent.
  8. Ottbs?

    Anyone know the best places to look for OTTBs? I got my last guy through the CANTER trainer listings, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any other websites or organizations that have a collection of OTTB listings like CANTER does. I'm looking for possibly another project this winter, and I'm just browsing some of my options. Didn't know if anyone knew of anywhere else to look. I know of New Vocations, but I'm more looking for horses who haven't had soundness issues, instead of rescued horses. Thanks! <3
  9. War Of The Wisteria

    OOC: Cool, well. I'll give it a shot. =] Name: Aurelia Age: 23 Gender: Female Species: Human Apperenace: Long dark brown hair, nearly chocolate in color and curly. Tall for a girl, around 5'7" with bright green eyes. Personality: Aurelia is typically quiet, and well-mannered. She grew up in a family who was considered royalty, but barely so. She was taught the ways of a lady, yet had more freedom as her family had little attention directed towards them. Side: Light Powers: None. Other: Aurelia just recently escaped from the Dark Lord's new kingdom. She was separated from her family a few days back, and has been traveling on her own for a short time now. Pic: None Name: Aiden Age: 73 Gender: Stallion Species: Pegasus Apperenace: Jet black in color, with only a small star for markings. Quite a tall horse, but not very large in the body. Personality: Spunky to say the least. Aiden, the name's ancient meaning translates to 'fire', lives up to his namesake. He is quick to strike out, and rarely stays still for more than a few moments. Side: Light Powers: Flight? Other: Has been with Aurelia since she was born. Pic: None OOC: Alright, lemme get caught up and I'll get a post
  10. Saddles?

    Stubben Maestoso Now, this would be the most expensive, but I've always heard good things about Stubbens. Warendorf SP I've always heard good things about Warendorfs too, and I can test-ride this one. A little bit cheaper too. Klimke Ovation This one is the same price as the Warendorf and I'd also get to test ride. Now, I don't know much about dressage saddles, but I've heard good things about these three brands. Which one would you guys chose? Or are none of them something you would ride in? Thanks! <3
  11. Selling My Horse

    quote: Originally posted by Ptrick: Personally It was probably to make you realize that selling your horse is a strong possibility if your grades dont improve. (in other words... I would probably make sure my grades dont dip that low anymore just to avoid the reality ) Thats just my take on the situation anyway. I agree. My parents would threaten to sell my horses all the time, but they've done it so much I don't really listen anymore anyways, haha. Now their form of punishment (Jokingly) is to get me another horse, haha. Since I have four that I manage to take care of at home, haha.
  12. Natural Hoof Care...?

    quote: Originally posted by missyclare: If the trim isn't soring him as the farrier drives down the driveway, then its not the trim. If he hasn't been sore from his trims and then suddenly becomes sore, I'm thinking its low grade laminitis from the sugar in the grass. This is a metabolic problem. I've never had those kinds of problems with my TBs. I had that problem with my old App, but never the TBs. Is it common in TBs too? And I'm running outside to take pictures now. Edited to add: My young horse is on two scoops of Ultium twice a day. It's 12% protein/12% fat + vitamins and minerals. All my horses have bowls of loose mineral salt out in their pastures as well. I just recently bumped him up from a scoop and a half since he began loosing weight, and energy, in the heat. [ 06-18-2008, 10:45 AM: Message edited by: RedRiver ]
  13. I don't want to grow up! nhr

    Aaah, me too! I have to start sending in College Apps in the fall. I can't believe I'm a Senior this year. It's scary! I was just 16 yesterday
  14. Natural Hoof Care...?

    quote: Originally posted by missyclare: I'd have to see pics of his feet to try to see why he is sore and what's going on with the trim and the pathology. There are many reasons why this could be happening. I don't think its the trim's fault, though. If it was, then he'd be sore right away. Have they been recently vaccinated? Dewormed? Been ill for any reason? On grass? How's the weather been? I'll try and get some pictures in the morning. They've been vaccinated, Dewormed them beginning of June. None of them have been ill, maybe a few accidents and scrapes here and there, but nothing aside from that. It was really wet last winter, but it's been dry now for a couple weeks. We've had a storm or two, but that's the only rain in the past month or so that I can think of. And yes, I've got four horses out on about 20 acres of grass.
  15. Natural Hoof Care...?

    quote: Originally posted by Jazzmatazz: I have even noticed a change in their attitudes since he did their feet. Not as cranky, more willing to be messed with, and much calmer. I have to wonder if it isn't because their don't hurt? ETA-He does think there are some horses who are not candidates for barefoot trimming, and some who do need shoes at times. The thing is, I've noticed that my horse's attitude has changed as well, but not in a good way. He's very unwilling to work, and he's usually eager to be caught in the pasture, but now I'm having to bribe him with grain. I don't want my horse to be uncomfortable, and it seems like he has been. The thing that worries me the most is, like I said, he was fine in the beginning, but seems to be getting worse. And BuddyRoo has a very valid point, but to me it seemed like his hooves have been getting shorter, and chipping very badly. Maybe I just need to be more patient, but does anyone know the legality of competing with easy boots? Are they even allowed?