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  1. let me in!

    woohoo i made it back in!!!
  2. Baby On A Food Strike :/

    is she drinking?try the pediasure shakes,at least she would be getting middle kid,who has aspergers,ate nothing,and I mean nothing but cheerios and hot dogs with ketchup for about 3 months.his doctor said if hes eating let it be.....but we did add the shakes to his diet for nutrition.
  3. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    oh im so sorry about Breyer!!!I miss all the pictures you used to post of Mandyand the horses.i lurk a lot but don't post much,after the back porch disappeared I didn't come around much.
  4. Forced C-Section

    I actually had the reverse problem oldest was a preemie at 32 weeks due to pre eclampsia.i delivered him with an epidural after being in labor that wouldn't stop for 4 days.he weighed 4lb13oz....which would have made him a whopper full term.not a bad delivery but had some stitches from the forceps because he came out"sunny side up". my second child was a stressful pregnancy filled with fun things like food poisoning and again...pre eclampsia but he made it to 37 weeks and weighed 5lb12oz and had bacterial pneumonia.he was a c section because he was in distress.i had a spinal block which went wrong and caused leakage of spinal fluid and a massive headache.he also ended up in isolation because they vaccinated me in labor because my blood work showed no immunity to measles {I have no idea how my doctor missed this}at a week old and being breastfed he spiked a temp and had the measles virus.he finally came home at almost a month old and is now a strapping 6'3 and also has aspergers. my c section was hard and I had to wait on a tubal because they lost my consent form,and t had to be done 30 before delivery for some I got the depo shot on my doctors advice while my body healed and was going to have my tubes tied when my son was 6 months old.when I went back for my next depo shot a few months later(I had started working and hadn't scheduled my tubal yet)they do the normal checkup and told me I was pregnant.i just remember sobbing my eyes out while they quoted me with statistics and birth control failure. I switched doctors and had a better pregnancy,weekly stress tests and kept my BP under control.we discussed the VBAC and I was willing to try but they were aware that I have a small pelvis,as did my mom who had to have 2 c sectons.I was in labor for over 24 hours.i tried to avoid the epidural and had contractions 2 minutes apart for almost 3 I finally got the epidural.i begged for a c section but as long as the baby wasn't in distress they the 24 hour point they wheeled me into a surgical room and forced me to push until the veins around my eyes hemoraghed and they used forceps to pull my large and purple baby out.scariest moment of my life.they got him breathing but there were worries that they fractured his skull during delivery due to the large cone shaped hematoma on top of his head.he weighed 8lb 3oz.thankfully he is a strong healthy intelligent young man.after he was born they insisted they would do my tubal because the doctor was leaving to go on 5 hours after he was born(and I had been in labor for over 24)they wheeld e in for the tubal.....gave me another epidural and asked if I could feel my legs,i was exhausted and numb and I mumbled no and drifted off.i woke up halfway through in extreme pain and I remember the burning smell from the cautery epidural had stopped working while I was being operated on.i tried to sit up and they tied me down and knocked me out.i ended up with 12 staples where they told me there would be two. I would much rather have had a doctor who was willing to err on the side of caution and do the c section than the **** they put me through because the doctor was a firm believer in VBAC.i would love to hear his side of the story because I bet it was warranted and she didn't want to hear it.
  5. R.i.p Hoku

    here is a link from her FB that a friend posted.if anyone wants to help this will probably be best.i think it will help Chase care for the animals. I know Cahse posted she is cremated and he will be taking her to florida where her biological father is,taking her to the heart is just breaking for him.its not fair,their young lives were just coming together!i hope this woman rots in jail!!
  6. Puppies

    swimming pool!!!!!I think ive seen several members posting pic using one
  7. R.i.p Hoku

    I was totally shocked when a post by one of her friends came across my FB timeline saying goodbye to her.i loved her funny posts and all her critters.the world lost a genuinely kind and caring young lady.i feel so bad for her BF.they had just been making plans to move and had been looking at places that would give the dogs more room to play.poor patriot will be lost without her.
  8. P R P --> I R A P & Reina's Recovery

    at her age the depo probably isn't a concern.i hate using it on race horses because im trying to prolong the life of the injection and keep the joint healthy.kenalog and vetalog are anti inflamatories.amikacins the antibiotic. you need to use a standing wrap with the gelcast to keep it from drying out to fast.since shes not a nut running around I don't see too much problem letting her wear one in the field since you will see her all the time and can make sure the bandage is on well. we used PRP on an older gelding with a 15% suspensory tear in his right front where it bifurcates at the ankle.....that was three years ago and hes still racing at 14.hes been third his last 2 starts.he does have a thicker ankle inside than the left front.but it stays cold and he shows no soreness on flexion so I would have to say it worked well. good luck with her!
  9. Pastern Cut

    if you have to wrap I would try animalintex over the wound then vet can use it wet or dry.....go with dry.that will keep it clean and help dry up the serumy stuff
  10. P R P --> I R A P & Reina's Recovery

    we have used both PRP and IRAP on our racehorses with great success.PRP is definitely the cheaper way to go and if injecting the stifle helps then IRAP can be avoided.are you using straight acid or mixing it with depo?im not a big fan of depo as it can cause joint spurs when used long term.I like to go half acid half to the joint and traumeel soothes inflammation.we recently used IRAP on a little trotter that has spurs n his ankle and hes won 3 out of his last 5 starts.its just really expensive.but he paid for it and it was worth it. gel casts are a small rolled gauze coated in something like numotizine poultice.we like to keep them refrigerated and use them after racing or training.they are not for long term use.i usually leave one on for 2 days.mne get 2 days off after a race with turnout.i just reset my standing wrap and leave the gel cast on.they are great for relieving heat and soreness. sounds like things are looking up for her and you!!!
  11. That Kitty Cat Post

    my girls will be a year old on July would never know they are from the same litter lol. Lily and Daisy at 7 weeks [/url] and now [/url] and my favorite picture of them [/url]
  12. American Horror Story

    I loved season one......and season two is gorier and im loving the start of three.its a great show
  13. What Does Everybody Do For Work?

    I train and race standardbred harness horses.i am definitely blessed to do what I love.its a tough industry and you eat a lot of soup so the horses can eat quality feeds but its worth it.
  14. Rehoming / Giveaways For Critters

    Bree is looking for a forever home.she is a boxer/pitt mix and she is around 4-5 years old.Bree is spayed and an absolute joy to be around.we took her in as a foster 2 years ago when she was an urgent at a shelter.she fit really well into our family and we adopted her.shes fantastic with other dogs and is okay with cats.but now the kids are all out of school or working and I am working 2 jobs.nobody is home and shes very older dog has melanoma and he wont be with us for much longer.its breaking my heart at the thought of losing both of my dogs but I have to do whats good for her.she does crate and it would come with her.she needs a fenced ,secure yard as she is an escape artist.i cant get a picture to upload it says the file is too big....any help with that?lol. she really is a good dog that just wants a person to cuddle with and spend time with her.she sleeps right next to me and burrows under the covers.she is good about baths and loves to play.her only bad habit is she has been known to be a revenge pee'er.that started after we were all gone a lot and she was mad at nobody being home to hang with her.and I am not home for the better part of the day now.i could trust my old guy with a dog door but not her. I hope that picture uploaded....but if anyone is interested in a loving dog that needs a good home please speak up!!!
  15. Amazing Racer

    im drove me nuts watching it.i feel like it made us look semi stupid as harness trainers owners and drivers.the horse was already tatooed....she would have been named and registered already.she had a bad knee according to the trainer...but was bandaged for a sore tendon.but she started training right away.and referring to jogging a horse as riding aggravated me lol.and no way does a trainer with a brain train a horse a mile on a little track like that...never mind the fact that a girl whos never jogged a horse went a training mile(with a mare wearing a stud support haha).and then she goes right to the track,races in maiden claimers,gets claimed(why does no one ever offer me 10 times what the horse is worth when i claim one?)and who the heck trains a stb horse in a sand arena?nobody,it doesnt happen that the girl gets her horse back...and its running a fever and sounds like its dying because she was whipped under harness by the other trainer....and an ice pack will fix her.hand meet forehead!!!!!i think the part that got to me the most was when the trainer told the girl she should drive the horse because while dave palone was a great driver she could do better(lmao....dave is a fantastic driver whos overcome some major injuries on the track)so a girl who has never taken the written drivers test...or done the requisite number of qualifying drives to get licensed drives in a high dollar stakes race...and wins it wiht no whip(which you are not allowed to drive without) just makes me nuts to think someone would find it belivable!!!