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  1. clinics in the northeastern states

    Could you guys PM me about info on these also? I may be lookin for something. I have heard good things about Dan and Vickie!
  2. going PA to GA if anyone needs something hauled

    Where do I check to see? I'm not a hauler or anything, just going south for the winter and willing to help someone out.
  3. I'm leaving NE PA the middle of next week to go to GA if anyone needs something hauled!
  4. anyone from GA?

    thanks everyone. That bulls and barrels sounds like something I might like. Do you know what kind of payout they usually have? Darby- I sent you a pm- that rodeo also sounds like something. Could you give me the details on it?
  5. Confo Critique?

    Nice looking filly! Not really a critique from me. Something I don't like about her front legs, but not sure what it is?
  6. anyone from GA?

    I'm moving to GA the end of Dec. and looking for shows or rodeos to go to. It doesn't even matter if it's local gymkanas, I'm looking for anyhting at this point. I know about the one at New Years in Unadilla and the one in Perry Jan 11-13. I'm about 20 mins from both places. Anyone live near there?
  7. Ok now i'm curious. Rodeo people!!!

    KK- you hve a pm.
  8. Pics and a vid of yesterday's ride at Dimple Dell

    utahcowgirl- what kind of saddle is that? It looks really comfy. I've been looking for a new one. Pretty horse too!
  9. should I keep her??

    I bought this mare to have something I could just run. My 5 yr old is having a lot of problems(typical young horse things) and I think I'm carrying a lot of that to the new horse. I have quit riding the 5 yr old for a while to give her and me time off. I wanted something I could have fun on again. I think I could on this mare if I could get over the issue of being timid on her. I am now doing long trailrides because I don't even trust her there. I've been hurt alot getting onto bad horses because I didn't have the money to buy good ones. I took whatever came my way. So when I horse starts to buck it breaks my confidence quick. Even if she's not meaning to buck me off.
  10. should I keep her??

    I got a new mare almost 2 months ago. The first weekend I took her out I ran 1D against 110 horses in an nbha run. (including the girls that won at states) I was so exited to have her. BUT she often feels like she's bucking. Everyone says it's just the way she moves, but it bothers me. (she has bucked on me before) Also, I have a big problem of grabbing her face going into a barrel because I keep thinking she's going to buck and it makes her mad. THen she comes off the first barrel and tries to head back towards the gate everytime I grab her. She also is a little sour at the gate, but not bad. If someone walks her in, she goes and runs good(the way the last people always took her in). So the gate thing doesnt bother me. Today I went to ride, she wouldn't back up when I was walking her out to get on. I just slapped her on the shoulder(not like it was that hard) and she went to pitching a fit. rearing and bucking and bellering like a mad bull. While she was in hand!! I just can't seem to trust her at all. I know its only been 2 months, but seems like I should trust her some by now? I keep getting told "She runs good and that's what you wanted, so you have to deal with her other issues". Should I just deal with it and try tolearn how to not touch her face? or what? any advice would be great.
  11. I am most likely moving near to the race track for my job for 8 weeks starting in mid september. It's my first time going away from home for any length of time. I was wondering what it's like down there. Also, are there a lot of barrelraces near there? I am aloud to take me barrel horse with me, so want to find some places to run her. Any info about it down there would be great! Thanks!
  12. I know you can do the lookup on a horse, but was wondering if you can do it on a person? If so, could someone help me out with it?
  13. Look what I've been up to today...project, WITH PICS...

    I really like the look of that barrel saddle. If you want to get rid of it, let me know.
  14. Could I get a critique on my filly??

    razzberry- she's a VERY naughty horse. Ive had her a little over a month and Monday was the first time I walked her without a chain over her nose. She actually walked!! It doesn't matter how much turnout time she has, she would try to run you over, prance, rear and buck in hand. If you discipline her, she'll nip at you. I also got to put her blanket on for the first time by myself yesterday! She usually tries to kick my head off and we have to put her against a wall. She stood pretty well while tied up. The girl who had her let her get away with everything!! Now when she's being lounged she is great. I really think she just needs a job. How tall should she be as a coming 2 yr old? She about 14.2 at the whithers and 15HH at the hip. I have no idea how tall she will end up though! Her parents are both 16HH supposedly.