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  1. The Rise In "free" Horses....

    What an excellent idea for a TV Ad! That should be done all over. About a month ago, I saw an article in our paper titled, " Have you ever wanted a horse? Now is the time!" Talking about how to go to the BLM auction and just pick yourself up a cheap horse for your back yard! GOOD GRIEF!! I wrote a response and said DUMB DUMB DUMB!! Most horse people should not have a BLM wild horse so the unexperienced really should not have one.
  2. Greatest (or Most Fun) Movies Of All Time

    oh gees, I'm going to age myself on these... Harold & Maud The Big Lebowski The Black Stallion (1980 version) The Man from Snowy River Run Loloa Run The Blob The Birds North by Northwest ( best of all time)
  3. Quarter Horses?

    It's all fine to say that we need to just accept the fact that halter QH are a separate breed unto themselves; However, those horses get sold to unsuspecting customers who think they are getting a riding horse and then have multiple health problems making everyone look bad. We boarded a beautiful tank of a mare, halter bred from a big barn purchased by a newbie looking for a show horse. The poor mare had nothing but health issues. Her main problem was simply that her feet were just too small for her hulk of a body and nothing could change that. Horses should be bred to be able to function as a horse. Yes, maybe they can't run a marathon, but they should be able to live out their lives happily moving around in a pasture and this poor mare couldn't even do that.
  4. 2 Questions....

    Like Ozland, I have 7 horses over 20 years old and have been using soaked beet pulp for many years now and it has made a huge difference in the old QH's. I have NEVER had an impaction and as others have said, one of the old boys who use to colic off and on STOPPED after I started feeding warm, soaked beet pulp. Another idea I use.. add corn oil. Adds calories and is relatively cheap.
  5. Your Unpopular Views

    I can't stand the song " Hotel California". And actually most of the Eagles over played, over rated songs. I do not like Paints or Gypsy Vanners. I think people should get a license to have kids and animals. I think 18 year olds should be able to drink. (and I'm an old lady).
  6. Why Oh Why Do Horses Eat Their Poop?

    YES! This is wild, isn't it? I have a gelding who eats only my pony mare's poo and only right after she drops it when we are on a trail ride! I have had to get off my horse to attempt to drag him away while he gulps down the fresh, warm poo. The kid on him couldn't move him at all and I had a heck of a time getting his head out of it too! Happens every fall. very embarrassing, so I can relate. No idea why.. he's out on pasture, 24/7, plenty to eat, rather fat. But there must be just something tastey in her hot poo! Also, the dogs. I love telling people who bring their dogs out that they will go right for it. They always say, "Oh, not my sweet precious". then they are shocked when they hit the poop pile at full force grabbing a mouth full with total delight! :)) I love it. Thinking of selling horse poo at farmers markets, calling it "Tastey Turds" . :)))
  7. Drinking And Riding

    Just the opposite where I live, mostly. Lots of QH's on trails. Just this last week end we were at a big trail ride and we were the only ones on Walkers... then again, my daughter reminded me of the time that we were at a benefit ride and a group of riders came charging through us, with no regard to the fact that I had two little kids on horses with us..very rude. They were all on gaited horses and it seemed their goal was to see how fast they could gait the trails. There were about 15 of them too. All Rocky Mountains I think. Rudest people I have ever seen on trails.. NOW, not all people who own Rocky's are rude, just like all people around you that own Walkers are drinkers. I just HATE seeing drunk people on horses. Just like driving IMO.
  8. 4h Personal Debate

    redpony! Please, please get involved. Here's your chance to make a difference as DawnC said. I am a 4H leader of a group that had no leader. In 5 years we have grown to be one of the largest in the area. What you can do is approach the current leader and ask to help out at the meetings.. if there are none, ask to create them. She should be able to give you the great literature 4H has, and if not go to the county extention office or web site. DO have your son join. What he knows will help all the others. Our group was the opposite. Too many fancy show/trainers that intimidated the average back yard horse kid.. So I worked to change THAT. 4H should be inclusive, that's VERY important to everyone. good luck and let us know how it goes!
  9. Aggressive Baby

    Hi there.. I can see by your handle that you are dealing with a pony, eh? Well, I got a Welsh weanling last summer and went through the same issue all last winter. I put her in the stall by herself and went into the stall with a dressage whip with her food for many nights until she stopped pinning the ears and going after me just like you say. Some times I would tie her in the stall when she was especially bad and leave her there while I fed all the others first. As every one else said, make sure she has your attention when you feed her and stop this now or it will get worse.. believe me, I know! If she goes to kick you, you need to go after her right away like her life is ending and scare her fiercely to end it. I kept telling my baby that the world didn't need any more snotty pony mares and if she wanted to continue living she'd better not be one or end up called "Alpo". [shocked]
  10. At What Age Do You Think The Average Kid Is

    "... and I knew darn well that as long as I had that lead rope, there would never be a problem." Well, folks, I couldn't disagree more. Bought a well trained, POA for my 10 year old daughter who was riding pretty well, but was continuing in lessons. Took them out in the winter for a walk with me holding the lead. He decided to buck and she flew off. You can NOT stop a bucking or rearing horse when you are holding the lead. She had the reins but was unable to stop him either. That being said, I am sure I put my daughter on our old horses many times before that as a young child with no issues.. it's just something to be aware of. I give lessons. I know I won't be popular here, but I don't take kids under 8 years old. I have had many motivated 5 and 6 year olds, but it doesn't work and I feel it's a waste of parent's money. Save the money, wait until 8, 9 or 10 when the child can listen, learn and observe to properly learn. Also, after a few years of begging, you will know for sure that they really really want to do this. Personally, I like 10 or 11. My experience has shown that most 10 year olds catch up with 8 year olds with 2 years of experience in about 2 months. Most 10 year olds, don't cry or blame the bad horsy when they fall off either. They are ready to understand the horse as an animal and explaining behavior becomes easier. I do only 4H, which helps, as 8 years old is the youngest for the horse project.
  11. How Does This Happen?

    They think that a buyer ( and they don't care who the buyer is by any means) will see a baby horse with a little kid on him and say, "great. They can grow up together, just what I am looking for". No matter what you tell people about buying young horses for their young children, they JUST DON't GET IT> It drives me NUTS. This is an arguement I have weekly with some one as I give lessons. Buy your kid and OLD horse they can jump on daily and have fun with and not get hurt!
  12. Sweet Itch/mtg -pics New Symptoms

    Hello again. About a week ago, I double dosed my 30 year old gelding with Equimax after reading this. He had rubbed his butt RAW [shocked] and it was very ugly indeed. When I got the wormer, I told the sales woman about why I was doing it, and she also recommended rubbing straight ivermectin right onto the wound. This had worked for her a year ago with the same issue on her mare's chest. I don't know which product worked, but I did both and he is now much better! so Thanks! Anyone else hear about using ivermectin topicly before?
  13. Teaching A Yearling Without A Round Pen

    I have a yearling Welsh pony who is very pushy on the lead now. She is fine in her own domain, but when I try to take her out of it, she gets very pushy, occasionally rears and generally wants her own way. I do not have a round pen, but do have an arena. Should I try lunging? How to start? Thanks!
  14. Zim Gold Causing Ulsers

    I just heard that recently and it got me to thinking. One of my horses coliced two years in a row shortly after I used Zim Gold. The first time was bad and he ended up in the clinic for a week, last time, not so bad. So obviously I decided not to use it again on him, but was at a loss as to why. He was "off feed" also, so could have been a sore mouth that led to the colic from lack of food/water.
  15. Sweet Itch/mtg -pics New Symptoms

    thank you all so much for the informative thread! wow! My old guy has rubbed his butt raw and it looks just like Banjo, so I am sure this is what he has. I have been cleaning and spraying with no luck, so I am just thrilled to read this.