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  1. Hello All! Update. "new" Horse, Pictures, Saddle Help.. :)

    Enjoy! Hope to hear back from everyone :)
  2. How is everyone?! I havent posted on here in a while. Not sure whose going to remember me but I'll give a brief introduction to everyone. I came on here in like 2004 I think? I had a bratty but udorable little palomino Morgan/Quarter Horse named Utah! He was a stinker but boy was he cute, and talented! He could jump anything but we butted heads hard. I started event training on him and had him for about 6 years before selling him to a friend who joy rode him. While I still had Utah I bought Remmy, a palomino Appaloosa/ Quarter horse.. I had a big thing for palos if you cant tell He was my baby. Defiantly the horse made for me. We evented for the 4 years I owned him and rocked it! My Dad had me sell him to a nice young girl from my sisters school that learned to event on him. I then got Birdie an OTTB that I was planning on making my upper level eventer. unfortunately she flipped on me and a nice older woman that wanted to just do some pleasure riding bought her and they love each other! I then purchased my man Finn. Hes a 9 year old 17hh Hannoverian gelding that I bought last march. Hence why he is my "new" horse lol. I havent had a chance to get on here and introduce him to everyone but boy is he great! Definetely my new Remmy. We click so well and we have already taught each other so much in the 9 months Ive had him. Hes pretty much a big baby, loves to cuddle, begs for treats, gives you hugs.... and spooks at everything ;) Im working on just giving him a lot of confidence under saddle because I plan on eventing with him this summer. Needless to say, I love having him and I am excited to see him progress! I also wanted to ask for some saddle help. Im looking for not a hunk of junk jump saddle. My budget is about $1,000. Used is more preferred than new. Finn has got some gnarly withers, but being the 17hh monster he is still requires something that wont pinch him. He has a more narrow shoulder but still is a bit more broad than the average horse. I'd love some help seeing as I'm having a hard time finding a saddle I trust! It also should be around 18" seeing as I am 5'9 with long legs. Now enough of my blabboring, enjoy my boy!
  3. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    This^ is exactly what I was trying to explain lol. I couldn't think of the exact way to say it.
  4. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    It seems we just have different ways of going about things, but let me say. Your posts are absolutely amazing to read and I guarantee they help so many people on this thread.
  5. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    I think it may have just come off sounding contradicting, I will try to explain it a little better. But I want to ask, you say you havent been completely happy in about 3 years, do you think it is from trying to share your love with people who hurt you? (Just curious as to what you think the reason may be, if you dont wan't to share that is fine! ) I give EVERYONE chances, I don't think I have ever just dropped someone because they hurt me once. BUT.. I will not continue to give chances to a person that repeatedly hurts me when I am not hurting them. I agree with what you said, if I just dropped someone for hurting me over a couple small things my bf and I would not be together for the year and a half we have been. Its when someone is consistently hurting me over large very hateful/hurtful/horrible etc things. Like in the case of my ex guy "friends". Very often they would do things that you simply just do not do to someone you care about. For example,they made videos talking about my BF and I and posted them on Facebook, saying very very hurtful things. Things you can't just shake off, I really tried. I'm usually strong willed when it comes to not letting people get to me but you really can not help it sometimes. And I know they were doing it to try to get attention but its just not acceptable to me at all. They also said rude things to me when we'd hang out/do rude things. They invited strippers over to their house one day knowing that the strippers would climb all over the guy I was with, and him not acting they way he should have, pretty much allowed it to happen. (before my current bf and I were together). To me, these people do not deserve my time/energy/love. I will not continue to try to be their friend, give them love, make them happy when all they are trying to do is hurt me and then be my "friend" when they need something. I'm just a very firm believer that you really should not waste your happiness on people who don't feed off of it or appreciate it. There is a line between hurtful things that everyone does and that you can deal with, and hurtful things that people purposely do. I can easily share my love with someone that makes mistakes. But I cannot share my love with someone that is actually trying to hurt me and I know that it means I am letting the hurt get to me, but I honestly am so much happier then I have ever been now that I have people around me that are not trying to hurt me. Consistently trying to share my love with them drained me because you would try so hard, and try to be so forgiving but they would just do it again, and again, and again, which just disappoints you in the end. Removing them from my life and bringing people in that share the same love with me has been such a benefit to my overall well being. I really love the way you think Schatzl, honestly! I just have those parts I don't see eye to eye with. Like you said it shouldnt be an eye for an eye when it comes to relationships with friends, family, SO's etc. You should not hurt someone simply because they hurt you, if you have it in you then keep on giving them love, but if it is a dragged out thing, or a very extreme hurt then I believe you should remove them from your life. No one needs that sort of negativity. Now, my BF and I dont have a perfect relationship, nor does anyone. But its perfect for us, and we both share the same love for each other. We have hurt eachother, and I'm sure we will hurt each other more then once. BUT we do not hurt each other to such an extreme that it makes me want to cut him from my life. When I feel that someone is actually working on sharing love then I will continue to give them my time. Though, if he did something that was just out of line, I would not continue to share my love because I don't think he'd deserve it. (This is in the case of cheating, things like that) I guess its all really what make you happy and what you benefit from. I benefit from removing continually hurtful things from my life. But in your case, you benefit from continually sharing your love. Maybe we are thinking of different kinds of hurt. That is a VERY large possibility. Everyone says, does hurtful things, yes. But I had hurtful things like being completely stabbed in the back, to being cheated on, to being completely neglected. I will not tolerant those things by any means and I will very quickly remove them from my life. I don't think I should let people do those things to me when I do not do it to them. Okay all done, I find this topic sooo interesting and I love hearing everyones points of views.
  6. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    I've posted on here a couple times but mostly just consistently read everyones cute posts and what not But I wanted to share my opinion on giving unconditional love. I believe that everyone deserves chances, because everyone gets hurt, and everyone hurts someone in their life. People can even be very hurtful to someone they really care about. But I do believe that there are people that just do not deserve your love. I will not continue to give love to someone that is repeatedly hurtful or even if its just a couple times. Everyone that knows me knows I'm EXTREMELY friendly, outgoing, nice to everyone, goes out of my way to make others happy. But I also do not waste my time on people who just keep putting me below them or try to hurt me. There is just no point. It could be argued that maybe they just need love but personally, I don't want to share my love with someone that is hurting me. I always try to understand the reason as to why they said, did, acted that way but honestly sometimes its just not worth it. Why do that when I can surround myself with people that care for me just as much as I care for them? I had a very bad group of guy 'friends' in my life, one of which was even my "boyfriend" at the time (quote marks because he acted no where near how a bf should). I continually tried to make things better, share my love, show them happiness but they'd continually try to tear my friends and I apart. It does get to you, just like the girls above stated, it is easy to blow it off at first but then you start thinking as to why they'd say something like that to you and then it just gets to you eventually. But instead of continually wasting my time and getting hurt I just completely erased them from my life, and to tell you the truth. I am 150% happier then I EVER was trying to make them happy, even when things were going good. They have tried on more than one occasion to come back into my life, but I won't let it happen. Simply because I know they will hurt me again, and I believe I honestly do deserve better than that. Okay, I'm done now! I just wanted to share how I feel about it. I do agree with a lot you say Schatzl but I also wanted to share how I see some of it.
  7. Philippe Fontaine Saddles

    This is helping a lot, thanks guys! Clearly I'm new to saddle shopping, I used to just buy off of riders I knew. I'm going to ad a couple links, let me know what you think Just to get an idea. Some of those are ending soon, but if you guys believe they're worth it I can stay on the look out for one.
  8. Philippe Fontaine Saddles

    Thanks for all of that! Gives me a lot more to look into. Now generally I don't think it makes too much of a difference, but this is going to be my saddle for Cross country and stadium. So if you believe any of those don't fit the part let me know cause I'm going to really start opening my eyes for some of them. Thanks!
  9. Philippe Fontaine Saddles

    Okay thanks! Just trying to get an idea of what I have to pick from, my price range is only to about 1,000. Preferably lower, but if you know of any other makes that you've heard good things about/had go ahead and share!
  10. Philippe Fontaine Saddles

    Anyone have experience with them?
  11. Roached Back Horse

    I'd clarify it as a deformation in the spine. The websites I have looked at claim it is from un-proper use of the horses back while they were growing. I'd estimate that about 6 inches of his back sticks out and looks bony. I'm going to get pictures of it on Monday and show it to the vet for his opinion and see if he thinks I should pursue getting a full Vet check on him. The only way I'll be buying him is if the vet passes him for what I plan on doing. I also dont think backing a horse around a round pen is exactly the correct way to strengthen their backs. Lol. I'll be looking into chiro's for him if the vet deems him as fine, and a saddle fitter. I'll probably ad pictures of his back on here too, so that you guys can see what it looks like, I wasn't aware so many people hadn't heard of it. I have only heard of it a couple times, but now that I know of it I went out to the barn today looking at all the horses deciding if I thought some of them had mild cases of it. Oh boy I'll give you an update and hopefully pictures monday!
  12. Roached Back Horse

    Okay guys. Little Dilemma.. I have a chance to buy a beautiful Hanoverian gelding. Beautiful on the flat and is jumping small courses, potential to go higher. What I'm unsure about is that he has a slight roached back. You can't tell at all when he has a saddle on, doesn't show any signs of soreness or discomfort. Its just when his saddle off a small part of his back looks bony. I've been doing a lot of reading online and many websites claim roached backs make for strong backs and can be muscled up and become stronger with the right exercises, unless they are severe then they can cause for a cold back. His does not seem severe to me after looking up hundreds of other roached back pictures. I'm just stuck on what to do. Also, I event. Planning on taking the horse I buy just to about novice level (2'11). He'd be ridden about 4 times a week. We'd probably compete in 1 to 2 events a month, and we'd be working with a trainer. He's an amazing horse for the price. Just share what you'd do in this situation. Thanks! ETA: I can PM a couple pictures. He will also only be my show horse until after college for about 3 or 4 years, then be used for casual riding and trails and maybe small local shows.
  13. Bending

    Hi Guys! I just purchased a 3 year old,( well she turned 4 Sunday) OTTB mare. I really want to start her off right, and I'd love to know some good walk/trot exercises to really get her bending, and accepting of the bit. I don't want to start her off wrong, and would like the only thing for her to know is to work forward while opening her shoulders and to lift her back. Thank you!
  14. Well Guys, I Did It ..

    Thank you! And that is the barns Alpacca haha I'm not a fan of him, he attacked my dog. But he seems to really like her
  15. Well Guys, I Did It ..

    Couple more pictures of her first time being turned out in a year or more. She really didn't know what to do at first Her first fly mask! Then she started getting a hang of how to be a horse I plan on tacking her up tomorrow and lunging her. I'll try to get some pictures, she'll be getting her first hack Tuesday ! :) ETA : Thanks you guys!!