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  1. Texting Fail.

    hahahaha i remember when you did that a few months ago and asdf like, didn't respond after you did it and you were freaking out
  2. Paranormal Activity

    everyone that i know that has seen it said they couldn't sleep the night they saw it. which i'm taking as a good sign. so i'm reeeeeeeal pumped to see it hahaha
  3. Favorite Schooling Helmet?

    those helmets are so ugly i don't know if i'd be able to let myself purchase one. as long as you never go off the property in it or let anyone see you in it then i guess it's okay hahaha
  4. Tear Me Apart....critiques Please

    you flat in the fetal position like me! only i have double d's that i like to blame for it, you don't get have that luxury hahah. stretch up. do it. i dare you, riding makes so much more sense when you aren't doubled over hahaha. i am currently learning this.
  5. Upper Level Hunter Riders

    I think that the rides that a lot of these top level hunters give actually DO throw you out of the tack pretty easily. A lot of the riders aren't trying to make it LOOK like they're getting popped out of the tack, they really ARE getting popped out because their horses can crack their backs so hard. I mean, look at Popeye K...he jumps sooo round that Tommy Serio had to put Sadl-Tite on all of his tack...his boots, saddle, reins, gloves. Also, I have a friend whose horse is VERY nice, extremely competitive, jumps GREAT and due to his conformation and style when he jumps over a 3'6 oxer his head and neck drop so low that it DISAPPEARS and there's nothing left in front of you. Because of that, she tends to stand on her toes and duck because she basically only has the back half of the horse there. And then there is that style. A lot of hunter riders ride in that forward seat, albeit not all of them are effective at the same time (like me!). The wide hands, long reins, all of it is essentially trying to create an image of fluidity. It's just how a lot of people ride now. If you consider the juniors who will go around ducking in the hunters and perching perfectly in the eqs, that's a completely different ride. For one, half of them have different horses to do the eqs, but also, in the hunters you are trying to make your horse produce a beautiful, smooth jump. That causes many people to ride differently, trying to do whatever they can to make their horse's round seamless. Although ducking isn't the way to do that, sometimes it happens when you're trying to open up your horse's stride and get a nice gappy distance. It can be distracting, but sometimes it just happens. In the medals and stuff though, the goal is to maintain equitation and essentially be perfect. If your horse ends up getting a little tight to a jump and drops his knees a bit, as long as you maintain your position then that isn't going to be the same kind of penalty as it is in a hunter class. Ideally, all of these things could be done maintaining the same, perfect position, but we don't all ride like George Morris, unfortunately. It is what it is.
  6. Trotting Fences

    i will usually post. sometimes i sit a few strides before. if the horse is backing off and spooking i'll sit.
  7. So.

    show meeeeeeee
  8. Music <3

    brand new brand new brand new brand new brand new brand new
  9. Shouldersback, Opinions?

    i can't wear mine under my clothes or with super short sleeves cause it rubs, but it really does help remind you to pull your shoulders back which in turn, for me, helps me open my hip angle. i rarely wear it when it's hot but i'm going to be making good use of it this winter.
  10. Music <3

    it's hello brooklyn not hey haha
  11. Lots Of Jumping Pics!

    he was probably spooking at the gigantic coop under the fence hahaha. i guess it isn't GIGANTIC but a lot of horses never jump anything but poles haha.
  12. If You Were To Buy A New Helmet Today...

    i'm kind of tempted to try on the new CO's. the ones that are like vented? i kind of like them.
  13. Whats Hot In...

    taylor adams has one.
  14. A Happy Thread

    i see my friend jesse tomorrow who i haven't seen in forever. my momma won 500 dollars in the lottery and gave 200 to me to go towards tall boots. except i will probably spend some of it tomorrow on clothes for my senior pictures. i get to take some of my senior pictures with my horse and she's super photogenic and i'm excited. i'm going to watch the rest of hunter derby finals tomorrow. i got an icecream cake today. that's all.
  15. Whats Hot In...

    they're soooo comfortable though haha Breeches? pikeurs, yeah. i have one pair and they're the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Helmets? speed airs and gr8s still. the vented co's are becoming more common too. and i've seen a couple of the antares helmets. Gloves? roeckls still. Jackets? same as usual i believe Boots? "" Tack and Accessories? ""