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  1. Holy Crap!

    Dinosaurs and Yaks that's exactly it!
  2. So...sold. Update 11/26!

    The girl girl sounds so perfect and I'm sure he will fit right in at his new home! Congrats! [Huggy]
  3. Holy Crap!

    Glad to see I'm not forgotten! I'm going to try and get back into riding this winter, there is a new barn I've been looking at to take lessons again. I'll keep you guys updated :) I'm trying to think what else I should update you guys on.. I still work at a grocery store I'm going onto my 5th year which is crazy to me. I have boyfriend also! We finally went from being best friends to more over the summer. It was complicated at first but things are really good now! I'm still doing the summer camp thing only this year I was head counselor not just a regular counselor and I was living at camp from may-august. I think that's about it? I also have a beautiful nephew! His name is Mason and his initials are MGM which I love :) Here a few pics just because :) ^Mason and I on his first birthday ^My camp family! I'm the red-head in the middle front.
  4. Holy Crap!

    I Don't think anyone here really remembers me.. But I had to stay home from classes today because I broke my stinkin' pinky toe and can't really walk. So I've been bored and surfing the net and remembered this site! My name is Jenna and I used to own a paint mare named Carina. Unfortunately stuff happened and I had to sell her. I miss that mare like crazy. Since then I haven't really been riding much, which is really upsetting. I don't recognize as many names on here as I used to. It's seriously been at least a year and a half since I've posted. I posted a lot of the RPG board as well. Anyways, I'm not much of a kid anymore, actually I'm twenty. I'm also in my last year of college which is awesome! Well here is a picture of Carina and me, this was taken a whiiile ago, but see if you recognize us :)
  5. ...:::Honalulu High:::...

    OOC: I leave so soon! But Im still not done packing... shows you the kind of person I am haha. But oh man, spending a week in San Fran with my four best friends and no parernts, AMAZING. We have everything planned out and it's gonna be wicked!! SO I won't be back home until the 24th just so you guys know! Dylans eyes shifted off Vanessa and towards the cork board. So many keys! He was amazed. He was in heaven. He had always been in love with cars and seeing that many keys with all the different names on them made him amazed and slightly surprised. He smiled at Her choice, it was the typical hawaiin ride but had always been one of his favourite types of cars. "I knew it. So she really does want you to get close to me, so you can kill me! How did I not figure this out?" He laughed as he pulled himself into the Wrangler. "Nice ride, by the way. And those keys! How many cars does your family own!?" There was something about the way Vanessa sat, or was it the way she hoped so easily into the Jeep that kept Dylan interested and so glad he wasn't at school this particular afternoon.
  6. Ever Been To San Francisco?

    WOO! I leave so soon! I have to be at the aiport for 4:00 am tomorrow morning, or this morning? Either way thats early, but so worth it!! We bought a special san francisco card and we can get into a lot places for free(Aquarium, musuems, alcatraz etc.) So we have that all set! Thanks for the info guys and the suggestions!
  7. Ever Been To San Francisco?

    I really want to go see where they filmed some Full House and Ms.Doubtfure! Sea Lion rescue? I'm totally gonna mention that to my friends tonight.
  8. It's Been A Year Now..

    [Huggy] Wow. This made me cry and hit close to home. I almost lost my Dad this year. I'm so so sorry and thankyou so much for sharing this.
  9. ...:::Honalulu High:::...

    Dylan ------------------ Dylan flashed a bright smile as Vanessa turned into him. He kissed her nose quickly and released his arms from her waist. "Great cause I'm starving, and I still can't figure out where you are bringing me too. You're not going to bring me to my death though.. right?" He joked, trying to be funny which he wasn't all that good at. But since getting closer to Vanessa he thought he'd try to lighten up a bit. He grabbed the sanwches she had made so perfectly and nodded his head towards the door "Lead the way." He said in a smooth voice. [aaah sorry not the best, I have to get back in role playing mode haha] Brooke ------------------ She smiled brightly, happy to have the company of Sky again. She had been busy working for her mother's friends Hotel the past weekend and had no time to squeeze Sky in. "Just the usual. Karen, my moms friend, needed an extra receptionist at her Hotel so I've been filling in every now and then. Nothing exciting.." She said with a slight sigh, bored with the job and not being able to have a social life while working there. "But I'm off this weekend, all weekend which is good! Maybe we could take a hike up the volcano trails? I haven't been up there in a while." She asked, hoping Sky would want to go. Brooke remembered how much her family loved going on sunday hikes but since the accident with Dylans parents, her Dad never seemed to want to go.
  10. Ever Been To San Francisco?

    Thanks guys! Yeah we were just looking up the haight-Ashbury area today and we all thought it would be really awesome to go there! I am so so so excited! Only one more day of waiting and then Im there!
  11. Ever Been To San Francisco?

    Hey everyone! So My march break has started and in 3 days my 3 best friends and I are heading out to San Francisco! We have a hotel right across from Union Square and have some tours planned. I was just wondering if any of you have ever been/what there is too see there that we may be missing? So far we are for sure going to: Alcatraz Golden Gate Bridge The Aquarium (Fisherman's Wharf) MOMA Union Square (we're right next to it haha) Chinatown to see the Chinatown Gate We have a few ideas of other places we were thinking, but does anyone have suggestions?
  12. What's Your Favorite Song?

    Argh. This is hard. Buuut in no particular order.. (To love and be Loved) - Bright eyes, only part of the name, other part isn't so apropriate. It's 10 minutes of pure AMAZING. I love all of his work and have part of his lyrics tattoed on me. Anything death cab. They write lyrics to my life and own my soul. Why Do you Let me Stay here - She & Him You and I - Ingrdi Michaelson Merry Happy - Kate Nash and I could probably go on, but all these songs have a special place in my heart and I will never ever get tired of listening to them!
  13. ...:::Honalulu High:::...

    -You could join back in and get Sky and Brooke started again if you want? - 3 days and I'm in San Fran WOO Dylan was tempted to grab her small wrist lightly and pull her back into him. He couldn't resist her soft lips gently brushing his cheek. He held on to her delicate fingers just a tad longer as she pushed the shorts into his hand, a soft smile played across his face. "Since when do you play for the bad guys?" he joked as she left the room. After quickly changing into the swimming shorts, he joined Vanessa downstairs. His arms smoothly wrapped around her small waist and he kissed her neck softly. "Read to show me this surprise place?"
  14. Thursday Cap Chat!

    Boo.. I worked all night. It sucked. And now I'm working away at Canadian Families which is a really easy class just a lot of stupid work. BUT I'm in San Francisco in 5 daaaaayys!
  15. ...:::Honalulu High:::...

    Thanks for finding it!! Dylan would never be able to get used to the electric current Vanessa shot through his body every time part of her touched him. Her delicate hands pushing him carefully into the direction he was supposed to move. He smiled as her tone changed, almost giggled, finding it so funny how she was trying to be the one in charge of him. But he knew if she really wanted she could have him by a string, doing anything for her. "Hmm.. back me a sandwich? Peanut butter and Banana?" Dylan asked. "I know it's weird, everyone makes fun of me for eating them, but they're my favourite, okay?" He said before she could laugh at his choice of sandwich.