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  1. Horse Loses Condition In Winter

    Might try adding some alfalfa to their rations to keep weight. Only thing that works for my thoroughbreds.
  2. Tonight it's maple braised pork chops. Last night was hot dogs and chili.
  3. Opinions vary. I've been lucky my whole life.
  4. That Talk Thread

    PW, great pictures of your hike, very enjoyable to see them. Many years ago, I spent quite a bit of time close to Mt. Hood, and it was always a joy. PD, great looking bunch of kids, always a pleasure to have grandkids around. Wish all mine lived closer, most of the time. We had a 50th birthday party for my daughter here, Saturday. Had about 25 people here, and a good time. My 4 grandkids that live in the Seattle area were here for it, so it was more enjoyable. I've spent the last couple months restoring a boat . I bought it out of a barn about 70 miles from town. Took it up to Priest Lake, Id. for a nice long ride. Everything went well, kinda impressed that we had no trouble with it. Sherrif's water patrol craft looked us over but didn't stop us, so apparently we were legal looking. The lake was pretty rough, had about a 2 foot chop, but the boat rides well. All in all, good boat. Now I'm trying to figure out why my pickup wont start. Spent the whole, 100 degree, day under and around it to no avail. Ford diesel with 90,000 miles on it, new batteries, fully charged, starter only clicks, . I have taken the starter out twice, and had it function tested, today at a rebuilders shop. Passed with perfection, changed the starter relay, disconnected and cleaned all the ground and hot leads. I'm going to try jumping directly to the starter next, then haul it in for diagnosis at the Ford garage.
  5. That Talk Thread

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, PD. Hope you're having a nice summer. The pump has a few safety switches in it, so it should last. If the well dries up, there's another across the road that's drilled about 200 feet, so we'll not be without, no matter what. We only use the drilled well for watering around the house, and it's rated at 40gpm or more.
  6. That Talk Thread

    PW, must be hot riding down there. Too hot here to ride, fish, or play golf. Most fires have become less of a concern, however a new one started yesterday about 100 miles away. I was watering in front of the barn, and the pump quit. We have a hand dug well about 35 feet deep, and 8 feet in diameter. The water was way down, lower than I've ever seen it. I had to prime the pump, took the plug out of the pipe, and fumbled it down the well. One of many, had a spare right there in the pump house. Primed the pump and turned it on, and the pressure tank came up to the 100 pounds and pump shut off. I decided to change the way to prime it, put together a valve system, and sat down partially in the well to install it. I had turned the pump off, but neglected to drain the tank. Did you know that a 50 gallon tank of water under 100 pounds of pressure runs back through the pump with considerable force? I thought the plug was coming out rather hard, and the last thread started to spurt, but I ignored all the signs and removed the plug. I was unable to get out of the pump house until my shoes were full of water, and it was running out of my pockets. Luckily it's hotter than blazes, but I was sure wet when I got to the house. Oh, the valve system works OK, but slow.
  7. I don't vaccinate at all. My horses are pretty isolated, and never leave the farm. About 4 years ago, I had a vet out to check a mare's condition, that was getting close to foaling. He sort of bullied me into letting him give her a 5 way and the foal was born a month after the due date and lived a day without getting up. I attributed it to that shot. It may not have been the vaccine, but that mare had never gone over her due date before.
  8. That Talk Thread

    The fire close to the farm is contained, burned 11,500 acres in 24 hours, and got within 7 miles. We had a severe storm 2 days ago, rain, hail 2 in. in diameter, and winds of 70mph. Tore a trailer park apart by blowing all the trees down, trees were all about 2-3 feet in thickness. The sight of the place was pretty hard to believe. The trees simply fell straight through the trailers, as if they weren't there. One trailer had a large pine run clear through end to end. Miraculously, noone was hurt there, happened about 4:00P.M. when most were at work. All trees were yellow pines about 100 feet high. One tree fell on an occupied boat at a lake and crushed two adults, but totally missed their three kids in the back of the boat. Really unusual event here, all it did at my place was flop my barbeque over and scare the bejabbers out of my wife. Neighbors house was hit by a tree, knocked the chimney askew, and did some damage to the eaves. The power went out at the barn, pump lost it's prime, and that was an easy fix. The horses were totally unaware of anything out of the ordinary. Cool temps helped the fire fighters on the big fire (370 sq. mi.) and they are starting to get it contained, but I don't think it's out. Expect the temps to reach 100 next week, so results there are still unpredictable. Hope everyone else is having an uneventful summer.
  9. That Talk Thread

    Hi All, been awhile, summer keeps me busy. PD, did you catch any fish? Looks like all have been riding plenty. I spent April, May, and June in the breeding end of the business. Twice a day, seemed like we had no breaks. Had 7 mares there at one time and others coming and going, had a hard time keeping up, only stand one stud. Worst part of the season was that I got ring worm from one of those outside mares, so keeping everything clean took up some of my time. Been checking all the horses for any on them, but so far all clean. The one I had was just above the pastern, uh, ankle. Fires are a problem here, now, and probably will be all summer. Pretty smokey, and the sun isn't visible.
  10. Wordsmiths, Need Urgent Help!

  11. What Have You Been Reading Lately?

    I'm reading Lee Childs "Reacher" books, 2nd time around for most of them. John Nichols "The Milagro Bean field War" is almost my favorite of all time, But Larry McMurray was the best for me.Lonesome Dove is one I read frequently
  12. Whats Your Morning Temp?

    About 35, frosty in spots. Forecast is to stay about the same, 60s until the end of the month, then shoot into the eighties. That's going to cause some suffering.
  13. Daylight Savings Time!

    Pertaining to gov't, time changing; "Only the government would cut a foot off one end of a blanket, sew it on the other end, and think the blanket was longer." Some famous Indian said that.
  14. That Talk Thread

    PD, I'm a big fan of peace and quiet, too, must be the wisdom of age. We spent the weekend over by Seattle, in the rain. Three grand kids birthdays in the first 2 weeks of March, plus my wife's and DIL's. Had to cross Snoqualmie Pass, snow about 10 feet deep up- there. Road was bare and wet. It is nice here, today, and for the foreseeable future. About 60 degrees and sunny, makes me ready to garden. I have a 80X120 paddock at the farm that I can plant in, it's been a cow and horse enclosure for several decades, and so is rich. I planted there a few years ago, with pretty good success, we gave an awful lot of produce away. Grew the best corn that I ever had, but the tomatoes frosted down and came back as yellow dwarfs. Can't wait to get started.
  15. Broken Bone Woes-Updated X-Ray 3-14

    My wife fell out of the pickup, in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and broke hers. Looked the same, the Dr. said it would heal without intervention, and it did. She's been healed up for three years and no residual pain or problems. Keep calm.