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  1. Some Pictures Of The Mare

    BEAUTIFUL horses. I love your mare. What are her lines? She reminds me so much of a big QH filly that I used to handle at work last summer.
  2. Bringing Your Horse To College

    Oh, definitely not hahaha. She's a lazy old pony. So I called the BO of the one place I'm looking at, but she's away this weekend. Hopefully I will be able to go out to the barn next week. Thanks for the replies and I will try to keep you guys updated!
  3. Showering

    Omg lol, my boyfriend and I argue regularly (albeit playfully) about washing feet. My boyfriend is obsessive about personal hygiene and lathers/scrubs his entire body, including the tops/bottoms of his feet and between his toes. I however never wash my feet. The just never seem to get dirty. I got athlete's foot once, but I think that was from running consistently in wet weather. I usually just let the soap from washing/shaving my legs run down to my feet. I know, I'm filthy. I love getting clean though. The best part is drying off and moisturizing after a long sweaty run or day at the barn. My favorite products to use are Bath & Body Works shower gels and Aveeno face wash, the foaming kind. Oh and I recently discovered Aussie "Moist" re-hydrating shampoo and it's amaaaaazing.
  4. Possibly Getting A Dog Tonight!

    I think it's great that you guys are looking into getting an adult dog! It's sad that her owner has to give her up, but I'm sure that she'll feel much better knowing she's going to a home where she'll be loved to bits. Boxers are great dogs, my friend growing up had two of them and they were imposing-looking but still the biggest dorks imaginable. I think the AKC actually ranks them as one of the best family dogs around. Good luck!
  5. Older Women With Younger Guys

    There's nothing wrong with it if the relationship is healthy... I am sick of the double-standard that allows older men to date younger women but makes the reverse somehow taboo. I am 20 and don't have any interest in younger men. The younger ones are still in high school, which is just creepy, and the ones in my age group are all lazy frat boys, lol. But then the older ones are so "over" the whole college lifestyle and don't have the patience to date college-age girls, so... I'm glad I have a boyfriend who is slightly older and a recent graduate. (He's 22.) :)
  6. How Do You Hold Your Whip?

    Maybe I used the wrong terminology... I meant placing the reins in one hand so the crop-carrying hand is free to reach back and give the pony a whack.
  7. How Do You Hold Your Whip?

    I grew up riding dressage but have since switched to riding mostly hunters, so I consequentially swapped my long flimsy dressage whip for a bat/crop. I have to say that I like using a bat more than a dressage whip. I am at the point in my riding where I can easily bridge the reins to swat my horse behind my leg if she is being sticky. With the dressage whip I could never get the hang of "bouncing" it off my thigh to get the tassel to tickle her side. I always ended up whipping myself.
  8. Spurs

    Agreed. When I was little I assumed that the use of spurs was limited to "dig them in and go faster," but now that I have matured I realize that their use is actually the exact opposite. Spurs, like the dressage whip, are merely an extension of the aids - like a big technical bit on a highly trained bridle horse, they are the "cherry on top" that completes the partnership. I do not think that this sentiment is limited to Parelli, though. Every trainer I have been with has stressed the importance of developing a strong independent leg and an obedient horse before turning to spurs for fine-tuning.
  9. Bringing Your Horse To College

    Thank you for the honest replies, guys! I agree that the quality of care is paramount. I mean, that's obviously true in every boarding situation, but especially now that I will most likely not be able to visit her every single day like I'm used to. That's part of why I am so torn about moving her, too - the place where I keep her back home is AMAZING. The care and the facility are top-notch... but I think that if I look hard enough, I will be able to find a barn with the same standards of care up here. Aeris: I am located in the capital region. The barn I'm looking at right now is in a suburb of Albany. :-)
  10. So My Little Prospect Can Jump! - Pix And Vids

    I don't know anything about jumping, so I can't really comment on his form etc., but what a CUTE horse! I love his expression. How old/what breed? And how tall? He looks so big!
  11. Every Aspect Of Our Personal Lives....

    Of course no one is going to back her on this. But I can't help but wonder if the quote was taken out of context. It just seems too extraordinary to be true "as-is."
  12. Has anyone done it? I am about to enter my fourth year at a small liberal arts school in NY. I have a rigorous course schedule, but I enjoy it and have never had a problem budgeting my time. I also have a job that pays all right and gives me great hours - my parents said that if I can find a barn that I like, they would be willing to pay half of the board fee, just to help me out. I am very grateful for that. It's also likely that I will be remaining in the area long after graduation - I am looking at a grad school here, and nearly all of my friends/boyfriends live in the area. I feel established here. The only thing that's missing is my horse! So... when I get back from my run today, I am going to call this woman who owns a farm in the area to see if I can come out and visit it. I have already looked at one barn, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Basically what I'm asking is, have any of you brought your horse to where you were attending school? How did it work out? I'm still on the fence about this, but I feel like finding the right farm might seal the deal... :-)
  13. Skinny People Who Call Themselves Fat...

    Like others have said, it is a matter of perception. I personally have always been on the thin side, but I didn't get really "skinny" until I started running regularly. I am still not as skinny as some people (I wear anything from a size 8 to a size 10) because I have big hips and a wide chest. :tongue9: But I am happy with myself. I work hard to look the way I do - you can't change bone structure! Now I do have friends that are TINY (like size 3 and under) and they are actually not happy with the way they look. One of them complains that she looks skeletal - she just has a super-fast metabolism. She can't even really work out because if she does the weight falls right off and she looks like she has an eating disorder, even though she has a very healthy appetite. The other two complain about how thin they are and wish that they could have hips or breasts. One is embarrassed because she has no curves. So you see it goes both ways! I also have very heavy friends who love their bodies. One in particular goes to the gym 5 days a week, and is probably more fit than a lot of "skinny" people out there - she is just big-boned, and she can't change that. You might as well accept who you are!
  14. Cute Pics Of Teh Poneh =]

    What a handsome boy! He looks like he's wild about you.
  15. Young Teens And Bikinis

    I kinda have a thing against chubby girls in bikinis. I'm a true believer in dressing to fit your body type - in such cases I'm sure that a tankini or one-piece style would be more flattering/dignifying. I don't mean to offend anyone, but that's my opinion. Oh, and as far as the Victoria's Secret bathing suits go... I *love* their styles, but I have never ever ever been able to find a two-piece there that fits me up top lol. I'm only a C cup but my breasts are very full - they spill out of everything! [Duh]