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  1. Wow... Its Been A While!

    Ahh, the first time I go on HC in a million years and I see a post from you! How lovely. I'm so glad you're doing well, all the horses look wonderful!
  2. Hey all, I would appreciate some advice. And flames would not be helpful. I have a Thoroughbred mare that I acquired off the track around a year ago. She was a CANTER cutie for sure and drew quite a lot of attention when she was in good shape and looking shiny. Anyways, life has gotten in the way and times have changed. She has been sitting in a pasture for most of this time, adequately cared for but it could be said she is perhaps on the verge of neglect regarding attention. She is not in good shape and needs about ten baths, but she is smart and willing to learn and curious and very intelligent. I haven't put any training on her, but she is a great mover off the lounge line and would probably do well if she was taught to jump. At this point I wish I could have handled the situation better and paid more attention to an animal that surely deserves it. However, what's done is done and in the past but she is becoming far too great a financial expenditure to handle. I want to find her a new home but I can't imagine a way to do that that will be ensuring her safety. Of course I will continue to be responsible for her wellbeing through whatever ends for as long as that might take, but I don't know how I can find her a good home that I trust. Financial resources are currently extremely limited but I would be entirely happy to give her away to an entirely ensured good home. She would be great for someone looking for a project, but I am worried in this economy that well-trained horses are being given away for free and a prospect would have a worrisome future. I just wish someone I knew was in the market! I'm sorry for this post being a scattered train of thoughts, but it's finals week at my college and I am completely fried from cramming and studying! I would love to hear any advice you might have; however, please save the flames. This board is not the place to state my personal situation that led to this difficulty, and without such full disclosure it is really inappropriate to berate me. Thanks in advance, and feel free to PM me!
  3. My favorite dog in the universe. Cuddling with ne of the most beautiful horses I have had the pleasure of knowing. She belongs to a personal hero of mine. Some of you may remember a large pony I had for several years, Melody. My favorite view in the universe Thanks for looking! Hope everybody is doing well.
  4. Hey everyone! I used to post really regularly and I feel a little out of touch, but I'd love to hear everybody's updates! As for me, I am a now a first year college student at the University of Colorado (Boulder), and while I joined the equestrian team first semester, I was a total quitter and I still haven't been riding regularly in years. I was home for about ten days a couple of weeks ago and I found some old black and white film in my room I decided to give a shot (pun intended ). Photography is my passion and meaning in life and entirely consumes me at all times. I was having a bit of a rough week when it came to stuff going on in my life but I rediscovered the therapy of riding at that point. I was going out to the barn and forgetting entirely about college and reality and turning my cell phone off and riding four or five horses a day. It was a really healing process for me and reminded me so much of growing up at this barn. That being said, I'm putting most of my traveling plans on hold this summer to see what I can do with a retired racehorse I have on my hands still. First I'll share some barn shots. This is the Adobe Barn. This is my trainer's daughter who just graduated college teaching a lesson. She's been my inspiration in life for years. A view of a lesson student from the side of an outdoor arena. The small folks paddock- two youngsters and a miniature horse. A different barn through my windshield- aka me procrastinating leaving the warmth of my car. (to be continued)
  5. All Apologies

    Yay!!!! /wow! [Yay]
  6. All Apologies

    Wow. Yay!!!
  7. Looking For A Horse From The Past

    I have to say I disagree with most of you guys. I consider it's nearly her duty to track him down. I feel that, in general, its our responsibility to keep track of the horses we once loved. Under normal circumstances, I would say that it's important to see the consequences of our decisions and if the horse is doing well, that's fabulous, but if not, perhaps to learn from mistakes. However, it's clear in this situation that the choice of whether or not to let him go was entirely out of your hands. I still think you should do your best to find him. Maybe if you make contact with his owners now, a few years down the line they might turn to you when they need to sell him and you'll have plenty of cash to keep him in a happy retirement.
  8. Update And Pictures From My Show Last Week

    KENDRA! Leggo looks like a completely different horse, you've done so much good for him! And Keven is just incredibly handsome as usual. How's Chico treating you? One of my best friends is up there this year, I visited her a couple weeks ago! Who are you riding with?
  9. Heeeerreeee's Johnny!

    Oh Erin, he's sooo cute and I miss talking to you! I just love that first picture
  10. Some Barn Eyecandy

    I worked with Harley Brown a couple of years ago down in the old indio and he seems like a great trainer. How old would his daughter be now? Also, I'm from right outside of San Francisco and have a billion friends at both Cal Poly and Cuesta. They all love it. I'm glad to hear you're having a great time! P.S. good for you for trail riding your show horse
  11. It's Boring Here.

    Psh well I'm at college in Colorado so my snuggie is currently safe in the dorm :) WIN when I looked at this threat I expected to see so many new names and think well now, that's why the h/j(/e??) board is going so downhill. but all you guys have been on here forever and are beloved members! what has HAPPENED to us?
  12. It's Boring Here.

    guys, I love my snuggie and IT IS SO BORING HERE!!!! what in the world happened to the h/j board?
  13. Could Really Use Some Help Here For A Great Cause!

    Thank you guys, I really appreciate it! Remember you can vote once a day. This is just a bump! [Jump]
  14. Hey guys! It's been soooo long. I've been out of the horsey loop for awhile (I have a TB in a paddock at home, but I'm in college at the University of Colorado in Boulder now, and I love it!) I joined the Equestrian team (we compete IHSA) but haven't started yet (I start on Tuesday), so hopefully I will have updates soon. Anyways, I volunteer for the California branch of an organization called CANTER that most of you have probably already heard of. They're just getting on their feet in the area of taking in racehorses, and they're in a contest right now to win $20,000, which would SO beneficial to the horses we already have and the future ones who need immediate care, especially in this poor economy! Anyways, if you go to the http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickTo....faces?siteId=3 and search for "Canter" in the state of California and click vote, I would appreciate it more than words can say. It'll be the only thing that shows up out of Los Gatos, CA. You can vote once a day, but literally anything would be helpful. Thank you so much! This is a cause that is really important to me since the work I did was going to the racetrack and taking listings, so I got to see a lot of motivation for the organization firsthand. Thanks again! [Yay]
  15. French Link, Oval Link, Or Plain Snaffle

    Borrowing them from friends and seeing what your horse responds best to is the best way to go- no stranger on a BB can tell you the best bit for your horse because, well, we've never met or ridden your horse! Also, your price range should not be a deciding factor in what bit you get. If you find a bit that's right for your horse, you can at least try and hunt for bargains on eBay or used bits! I know there's definitely deals to be had. :)