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  1. Australia Pictures

    Ha. So did I! [= Glad you had a great time over here. That photo from melbourne is about 2km away from me. [=
  2. Going Through Foreign Customs...

    I figured I would respond, I live in Melbourne, and have been through customs a few times. There are signs everywhere directing you. There are people standing around to help you. Just tuck your ticket into your passport with the forms you filled out on the plane and follow everyone going off the plane. There is only one way to go through, you wont get lost. If you feel you want to declare, you can. But having a look, you really should be fine to go through the non declare line. There are always more of those lines and they clear faster. If you get pulled to get your bags checked, they are very nice. They may do a quick scan, chit chat, and send you on your way. They want to keep the line moving as quick as possible, truly. You will be fine. You'll love Melbourne. Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see photos.
  3. Love.

    wow that hurt to read on my eyes. shame about your situation i guess.
  4. Finally Going Somewhere With My Photography

    Mack that is actually awesome! Your hard work is starting to pay off! Have fun!
  5. Life Plan

    I graduated in 2006 [yes, this makes me 20] I started university at Victoria University straight after doing a Bachelor of Business: Banking & Finance. I worked my butt off that year and managed to transfer into Monash University in 2008 studying Law/Banking & Finance. This is the area I want to go into. I want to graduate in 3 or so years with at least a distinction average. After that I might take some time off to travel with friends and be a mid-20 year old. I don't want to be a lawyer who practices in court. I instead want to work for a huge finance corporation and work in their legal department just working on contracts, negotiations, settlements etc. I hope to be in a sound relationship. If the one I'm in at the moment doesn't last, hopefully someone else will want me. I plan to work my way up to the top in work and make the move to Europe. Eventually I want to retire early [late 40's, early 50's] from law and focus purely on the business side of things, stock markets, investments etc. And buy a French Chateau and live out my days drinking brandy and riding my horses around my lovely gardens. I don't know if I want kids, I think I'm too selfish. If I do have them, either 1 or 2 will be fine. [=
  6. Confessions

    I fell in love with a guy in under 6 weeks. It will 6 months in 2 weeks. And after all this, I'm still scared to death that one day, he's just going to get up and leave me. And I can't shake this worry.
  7. Whats For Supper?

    Pasta with mince and bacon with the curly fettucine made by bf and I last night, plus leftover garlic bread... And for dessert I defrosted some apple crumble so I'll throw that in the oven soon and add icecream. [=
  8. Laptops?

    I have a Samsung X20 at the moment, I've had it for about 4-5 years. It was lovely, with it's little 36GB HD, ha. But in the last month or two, the battery life has just died. It went from having a 2.5hour life to a 45minute life, and I just cant' have that for u ni and 2 hour lectures. So I've decided on the new Mac 13". Was really looking at the 15" but because I need to carry it around uni, I thought the smaller one might be adequate. And GOSH they're cheaper in America. A Mac is so much more expensive in Australia, for the exact same machine! Eugh!
  9. What Is Your Ringtone?

    Hot - Avril [for my ringtone, I think it's hilarious. Ha] Perfect Exceeder [Princess Superstar] for my texts. I've got to change them eventually. I'll probably pick something from 'Bloody Beetroots'. Maybe their new one.
  10. I'm Alive! Huge Update + Pics

    You seem to have absolutely the best experiences! And what beautiful scenery you get to experience. Wow, if I could even have a month of it all, I could live happily! Can't wait to see pics of River!
  11. The Joys Of Living In Florida

    Eugh! I definitely just got the creepy crawlies looking at that guy...does not look happy!
  12. Pictures Of Pictures With Pictures

    That picture of Benny's face had me in a fit of looks like he has one nostril in the middle of his nose! Rofl!! Oh Marco...I want to come to America and ride him! Just to see what he's like!
  13. Popping In For An Update...

    Oh WOW! I've obviously missed some major things! Congratulations on it all! It seems like your life is really coming together! You're so incredibly lucky! I'd love to see some updated photos too. [=
  14. Help With Costume Ideas!

    Hey guys! It's been forever since I've been on hopefully you guys have some sort of idea who I am still. [= I've got a cruise coming up in 2 weeks for my Law class and the theme is the letter L. I need help! Ideas! Suggestions! Pretty please? [=
  15. A Certain Red Tb Mare Wanted To Pop In And Say Hi...

    She's just...I dont know. What an amazing story, she just looks cuddly and happy now!