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  1. Which Show Halter To Use?

    they both fit almost perfect at least i think so but i have never had a fitted halter before. oh and this horse is 13 yrs. so he is not doing much growing,lol! could you guys see the secound picture? so you guys all like the billy royal one? i do too but i figured the dale chavez one is more western for him.
  2. Which Show Halter To Use?

    help.. i need help deiciding which show halter i should use. I have a billy royal "scottsdale classic" and a dale chavez show halter. I bought the billy royal first at an aewsome price was planning on using that to show in and then found the dale chavez (with red stones) at a " i cant pass the opertunity up" price and i can sell both and make money off them and i do love the chavez better but the billy royal is newer and shinnier. i cant decide which one to sell as i cant keep both of them, cuz i wont use both of them and would rather use the money on something else. the billy royal i think reminds me of more of a english type horse and he is western (at least for now) and the dale chavez is more for a western type horse. sorry my computer is being retarded.. or i just dont know how to load pictures or try this one.;ref=fbx_album
  3. hello, im searching for a circle y saddle would love equitation but doesn't matter. must be 16" seat with light oil and black seat for under $700. i probly shouldn't post in here but im getting desperate. i have call all the tack stores in my area and beyond and no one has what i am looking for in my price range. I have found 3 saddles that i love but one ended up being stolen and the other 2 after i told them i wanted them they turned around and sold them on me (im so mad, thats a whole othe story) i will only use paypal unless you are in the illinois area maybe we can work something out. please e-mail me if you have what i am looking for. thanks!
  4. Keeping Horses Head Down

    I am just going to do some local shows, I will post some pictures and I will have to see If I can get a video up it might take a few days as it has rained alot yesterday and is suppose to rain the next 2 days. I will at least get some conformation pictures on here for ya. you are right, I don't know alot about the working from behind part. I am hoping to take some lessons with a trainer in the next month or so, but thought I would ask on here first. thanks for the info and I will look into that article too.
  5. Keeping Horses Head Down

    ok, I have taught my horse how to keep his head down but i got 2 questions, 1. how long does it take for him to learn to KEEP it down? he is constantly trying to bring it up I have to bump his head every 2 sec. will he everntually learn to keep his head down or will i always have to bump his head? quest. 2. now that I have learn to keep his head down how do I get him to slow down and the trot and lope? I want him to have a nice slow lope and slow trot he is getting alot better at the trot but still needs work, also I can't get him to slow down at the lope he is very athletic and likes to move but I would like to turn him into a please horse. is that a stupid idea? he would be a great roping/barrel horse but he has a twisted tendon (healed 100% sound but cant do fast turns) plus I don't like doing that kind of stuff would love for him to be a pleasure horse. I would NEVER sell him either. and can't afford the thousands of dollars to buy a show horse. which adds to my questions can any horse be a pleasure horse or just the ones that seem to move slow? do any of you guys have videos of yours horses before you turned them into a pleaure horse?
  6. What Do You Guys Think Of This Show Halter?

    yea thats what I was thinking. did you say you sold the halter the one we are talking about? do you mind me asking how much you sold yours for? if i don't like I am deffinitely going to sell it. but hopefully I won't have too.
  7. What Do You Guys Think Of This Show Halter?

    thanks for the pictures. I kinda don't like the halter but she said its only a year old and its a billy royal and new is 300 I figured i will get it and use it this season and maybe sell it next yr. and make a probfit, but i don't know i havn't gotten yet (it will hopefully be shipped to me next week) we will see when I get it. is yours stamped anywhere? have you won any classes with it? is it real shinny?
  8. ok, the saddle is a 15" seat. FQHB its stamped on the fenders and has it on the side of the saddle. dark oil and has no tooling but a nice made saddle. heavy. i had 350 on it but that seems low to me since its such a nice made saddle. If the pictures dont work let me know.;id=1702236424 if this doesnt work try this
  9. Horses And Sway Backs Few ?

    wow that horse is 32? holly crap! he looks really good. jumpletwist Im so glad you guys were able to save that horse. I can't believe that. I have heard a horse can get a sway back from being ridden at an early age too, have you guys heard that? i know you guys said that the WB was born with it but is it possible he could have just gotten rode early? I will post pictures when I get my new horse today and you guys can tell me what you think. the lady said he was 15 but he is not registered. so he could be older then that. I just sold my grade qh and i bought him 3 yrs. ago and the owner told me he was 6 and my vet said he was 6, then i sold him to a friend of mine 2 weeks ago, and her vet said that the amount of plaqic on his teeth she thinks that he is 15. thats twice then what my vet said. I don't know why they are saying different things. but i will post pictures and you guys can tell me what you think.
  10. What Do You Guys Think Of This Show Halter?

    wow that cool. did you buy urs new? can you post a picture? I tried to look at the one in ur avatar but it didn't show up when I clicked on your name. i like this halter I don't really like the design but like you guys said it is different. their was another halther that just had plain silver on it that was a some type of congress halter (not a cheap made halter, nice leather) that I could have bought for 115 but chose this one cuz it's unique. have you won any classes with it yet? did you by it brand new? how much was urs? I was thinking of reselling it if I ended up not liking it or it doesn't fit my horse. I paid 125 for mine.
  11. Horses And Sway Backs Few ?

    I just bought a 15 yr. old and my other horse is 12 (both QH's) and was wondering when does a horse develop a sway back? do they all get them? what are the factors for a horse to get one or does it just depend on the horse?
  12. i haven't gotten in yet but I would like to get your opinions of it. I believe it is a billy royal, schniders in the magazine has a billy royal one that looks just like this one for $300 I paid $125. here is the link.
  13. How To Clean A Western Show Saddle

    i heard using tooth paste on the silver works really good its cheap and easy to use, use a tooth brush (just like brushing ur teeth,lol) as far as cleaning the light oil don't know. i have all dark oil saddles so I don't have to worry about darking the oil.
  14. What Kind Of Show Halter Do You Guys Use?

    is the billy royal stamped with any markings? I will stay away from the silver royal brand. are those brands marked, also? I am finding that their are alot of halters for sale that look real nice and look like great halters but they don't have any markings. i found 2 that both people (different people) said they paid like over $350 and 400 for it.
  15. I am in the market for a show halter and was looking on ebay. I like the circle y's but I also like the billy royal and silver royal. I want a show halter that the leather feels good not a plastic feel to it. are the silver royals like that? what other brands? i am leaning more towards circle y just because of the leather is nice, they are really expensive, therefore, if silver royals and billy royal get good marks from you guys i might go with one of them. are there any other brands that you guys like? oh I am just going to be showing locally but still would like something nice. not cheap stuff. I bought a show halter off ebay for 30 bucks and the leather was just really crappy and so was the metal. I would like to spend probly 100 for a nice halter. thanks in advance.