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  1. Camden

    Adriana was reminded of how utterly wanted she felt when she was with Shane throughout the day. She smiled at his words, her lips softly finding his one last time before she untangled her body from his. "I missed you too," she assured him, her voice still tinged with want and satisfaction. He made her feel more satisfied and happier than she'd ever felt before, but she was also certain she could never have her fill of him. She sat up slowly, unconcerned by the fact that her hair was probably beyond disarray and that her body was still flushed with heat and pleasure. Her stomach rumbled a quiet reminder that they had failed to eat that day, making her chuckle slightly. She glanced over at Shane, the hand not clutching the sheet to her chest reaching out toward him, brushing against his warm skin. "Please tell me you're as hungry as I am?" ----- Liam thought about it briefly, wondering if he would need anything from his house for the dinner. When he couldn't think of a reason not to go straight back to Henry's, he met her eyes decisively, "I'll just come back with you now." Liam was excited to be able to have a long conversation with Henry again. Though he didn't know how much he'd readily talk about with Shelby within earshot. It wasn't that he tried to hide his past from people, it was more that he was embarrassed and ashamed and it usually led to his tumultuous relationship with his family. Things he didn't discuss with anyone...other than Henry and Shane. [[sorry those were so awful! My mind is still recovering from finals haha.]]
  2. Camden

    Adriana pulled away from him at his words, taking her lip between her teeth as she smiled down at him. She knew he was just saying it to make her happy, so she'd stop teasing him, but there was something overwhelmingly powerful about that. He made her feel like he needed her to be happy, which was new and thrilling. Her lips found his hungrily, her arm lazily draped across his chest, the fingers gathering the fabric of his shirt. She'd missed the shivering shocks of pleasure that kissing him sent through her body. She tried to quell the thoughts of leaving and tried to ignore the sinking pit in her stomach at the idea of being away from him for months at a time. Her teeth gently nibbled on his lip as she kissed him and her hips playfully rocked against him with the hope that pushing closer to him would block out any negative thoughts. ----- Liam wanted to call her a liar, to ask what the problem was, but decided against it. He didn't want to know what was going on in her head right then. So, he just nodded, pretending like she had met his eyes when she'd answered him and that she wasn't lying. His fingers twitched with the urge to pull her into him and kiss her, but he restrained as a customer came through the door. Pushing off from the stool, he met the guy with a smile and an offer to help. The rest of the day passed fairly quickly, without anything overly dramatic happening in the store front though Liam did have to send a few customers away when they didn't have what they wanted. He flipped the sign to closed before heading to the office where Shelby was sure to be. His knuckles rapped on the door before heading to the desk. "Here's the stuff we didn't have," he said quietly, setting the piece of paper down in front of her. There was no way that they'd be able to be stocked with everything that everyone could want, but by keeping tabs on what they didn't have it was easier to see what popular items would potentially sell well.
  3. Camden

    The way his words sounded, choked and full of desire, and the way that he was looking at her was enough to make Adriana shiver slightly with pleasure. It took a lot of effort not to kiss him right then, his gaze searing through her making heat ripple through her body. Her fingers unwound from his hair, steadying herself as the hand that was pressed against his chest slipped down and under his shirt, delicately tracing his taut, warm stomach for a moment. She leaned forward slowly, her lips barely brushing against his, tracing his jawline with the same hardly there kisses to his ear. "Someday soon?" she questioned archly. ----- "The meanest," Liam said with a nod, glancing toward Shelby with a slight smirk. He was interested to see their relationship unfold that evening. Whenever he'd been with Henry it had always just been the two of them. He also briefly wondered how much Henry had told her, though if she hadn't asked (which she probably hadn't) it was unlikely that Henry had even really mentioned many details about him. A certain amount of pride surged through him as Henry waved off the nurse, chuckling internally at the older man's pluck. "I'll see you tonight," he assured him as they left. Liam glanced toward Shelby with his deep blue eyes. She had been avoiding being around him too much for the majority of the day and he was curious as to whether or not she minded that he was coming over that evening. He leaned back against the stool, perching on the lip of the seat, "Is that okay with you?" Her answer wasn't going to deter him from going, he wanted to spend as much time with Henry as he could while he was recovering.
  4. Camden

    Adriana was about to point out that she probably had equally awful morning breath and now they were on unequal footing, but his lips trailing along her neck seemed to make her forget everything. Her fingers wound their way through his hair, gently pulling him away from her and the grin that sat on her features was as impish as it could be. She licked her already swollen lips, wondering if they looked as red as his did. "Well," she murmured, pushing one hand against his chest while the other stayed in his hair, lowering his back onto the mattress, "You really should learn." His hands were warm on her hips as she kept her body raised over his, not allowing anything but her hands to touch him. The soft cotton nightie she wore scraped against him, making the gap between their bodies sizzle with charged electricity. After ten days she ached to lower herself to him and not stop kissing him until he grew tired of it, but teasing him was half the fun. "It would make everything so much easier." ----- "I wouldn't believe for a second," Liam said earnestly. Henry had been one of the most active people that he knew, it was part of the reason why they got along because they could talk about exercising and different ways to stay in shape. While Liam could definitely see that he seemed a little more worn than normal, he didn't seem completely awful, though he could just be refusing to see him as anything other than how he wanted to. "I don't know how much help I've been," he said with a humble dip of his head. He tried to ignore the stab of pleasure he felt at the idea of Shelby talking about him to Henry. Of course, why wouldn't she? He just wondered how much Henry had revealed to his granddaughter about how they knew each other so well. Liam met Henry's eyes his voice low, not wanting to be overheard, "I owe so much to you Henry, that I don't think what I've done merits any sort of thanks. But, if you're up for it, I'd love to come to dinner and spend some time with you guys."
  5. Camden

    Adriana felt a wave of overwhelming relief as Shane opened the gifts and appeared to truly enjoy them. Whenever she bought gifts for her family members they were always difficult to please and it was even more difficult for them to hide how they felt about them. Not that she expected anything different than the enthusiastic response that Shane gave. Regardless of if he was being sincere, it was incredibly nice of him to at least attempt at faking it. But, she didn't think that he was. "I'm glad you like them," she said with an almost shy smile. She reached forward and wound her fingers around the hand holding the keychain, a slow smirk replacing her smile, "I'm so glad you know what you're going to do with it." With a gentle tug, she moved his hand so that she had better access to him. Adriana kissed him slowly, deeply, and her hand forgot about his to gently cradle the back of his neck as she found her way into his lap. She noted the distinctly mint taste in his mouth that made her smile around his lips. "I told you not to move," she accused softly, her voice low and teasing. ----- When Henry entered the store, Liam's face broke into a wide, open smile that made him at least three years younger and more handsome than the brooding expression and half smiles he usually used. He clapped the older man on the shoulder once he sat down in an enthusiastically happy greeting. When Henry had been placed in the hospital it had driven Liam into a work frenzy where he didn't have to think about anything. It'd taken him days to work up the courage to go and visit, because as little as he might like to admit it, Henry was more a father to Liam than anyone else. He didn't hold his past against him and looked at his future with excitement, not dread. "I can't believe you let them let you out. What about the nurse?" Liam joked easily, taking the stool beside him so that he was facing the door. His bright eyes surveyed his friend, checking for any major signs of health deterioration, but finding nothing more than a few more wrinkles and maybe a little more exhaustion in his eyes, he thought about his answer. His trip had been good after the first few days. Though thinking about the conversations, or rather shouting matches, he'd had with his father, his bright eyes clouded for a moment. Pushing the negative thoughts away, he focused on the time he'd spent with Adriana, "It was really great. Paris isn't one of my favorite cities, but it's pretty cool. I know my Mom is really enjoying working on the flat over there to bring it up to her standards. How are you doing?"
  6. Camden

    She nodded slightly at his words, grinning widely, "I thought presents might catch your attention." Adriana kissed him again, not quite ready to move off of him. Her kiss was slow and deep and she playfully bit his lip as she pulled away from him, a bright smile on her face. She scooted off of him and the bed, adjusting the soft, cotton sleep dress before glancing over at him, "Don't move. I'll be right back." Her bare feet crossed through the familiar house, noting for the first time just how clean everything was and smiling at the newly finished models. This trip had showed her just how much she had come to care for Shane, but she reminded herself how ridiculous the idea of her being in love with him so quickly was. So, she pressed on, out the front door to her car. She grabbed two of his three gifts, returning back to the bed quickly. Adriana bounced onto the soft mattress, not caring that her hair was probably a mess and she probably still smelled like the plane. "You get two now. The other one is for later," she said, pushing the bag toward him, continuing quickly, almost nervously, "One of them is lame, so sorry about that. And it's okay if you don't like either of them." The lamer of the two gifts was a simple keychain from the Eiffel Tower that she had bought when she started to panic about not being able to find the perfect gift. Two days later Liam had dragged her into a used bookstore down a random street and she had found something she thought he'd enjoy. It was an old, beautiful copy of a collection of letters from Napoleon to his wife Josephine, it smelled like a book should and the pages were yellowed and dog-eared. The third present was something she'd really bought for herself, but to share with him. Her bright eyes were on his features as she sat on her knees in front of him, wanting to read his features. ----- Liam could feel a flicker of annoyance through his mind, but he quickly subdued it, his expression not displaying anything. Before he could give an entirely appropriate response the bell chimed in the doorway, signaling a customer. He stood instantly, tossing his empty coffee cup in the trash. He paused for a moment, glancing down at Shelby before pressing his lips against her ear, so she knew the words were meant entirely for her, "I'm on your side you know." He moved away from her, his fingers gently squeezing her shoulder as he made his way to the front of the store. After the first customer, there was consistently at least one person in the building at a time and he enjoyed helping. He didn't know what he was going to do when he absolutely had to get back to the garage. Plus, there was a potential new car for him to start refurbishing and his fingers ached at the very idea. But he owed more to Henry than anyone and he was going to stand by his word and help for as long as he needed to.
  7. Camden

    "Paris was really cool," she said honestly, his sweet kiss tickling her nose and burning her lips. She wrapped a leg around his hip and gently pushed him over so that she was on top of him. Adriana balanced her body weight so that he wouldn't have to bear the full burden of her frame and grinned down at him. She propped herself so that her face hovered over his, "The first couple of days we just spent time with my parents and Grace, going to dinner and spending time with their friends that are over there right now too." She decided to avoid the details of the tension between her father and Liam. "Then I dragged Liam around the city trying to accomplish everything on your list and scouring the stores for a present, or three, for you," she said with a small laugh, "I loved that gelato shop, we probably went way too often." Adriana paused to think about her trip, wondering what kind of details he wanted. It would take her hours to talk about how often she and Liam had managed to get lost with their, at best, subpar French and how great it had been to spend some quality time with her brother. She also wanted to inform Shane of Liam's desire to pursue Shelby seriously, but she figured Liam would tell him when they saw one another. "I also managed to find this really great cafe on the outskirts of the city where you can see the majority of the skyline," she said after a moment, her blue eyes falling into his brown ones, making her heart-rate accelerate slightly. Adriana lowered her lips to his before pulling back slightly, "Did you want to hear about anything in particular?" ----- Liam didn't read too much into her comment, taking a sip of his coffee while she spoke about Henry. He could see how exhausted she was and wondered just how little she had really been sleeping. His brow slightly creased with worry, even though Henry being out of the hospital finally was wonderful news. Shane had said he'd been helping around the store when he could so she hadn't been completely alone around here. "Really?" he asked, nodding in approval, "That's great news. I'll have to come by and see him soon." His fingers stretched out to gently squeeze her knee, his clear eyes meeting hers for a moment, "How are you doing with everything? You seem tired. More so than normal." Liam wasn't sure how honest of an answer she'd give him, if she'd answer his question at all.
  8. Camden

    [[sounds like you've been so busy and like you're having tons of fun! I love Key West so much.]] Adriana smiled as his lips pressed against her forehead, she'd missed these soft, sweet gestures from him. She pulled her face away from him slightly as her eyes opened again, tracing his features just to make sure that nothing had changed from the image that she had in her mind. Nothing had. Her fingers reached up to brush through his hair, the simple movement waking her up entirely. Paris had put their relationship into perspective for her and it had made her realize how much she had grown to need him in her every day life. The idea of leaving in six weeks was already making her ache. She pressed closer, to rest her forehead against his, their noses gently touching. "I wish you could have come," she said, her voice quiet and gentle, "I missed you. A lot." It was a sentiment that she had expressed multiple times the night before and yet she still didn't feel as though it was necessarily clear to him just how empty the crowded streets had felt without her hand in his. Her fingers slipped down to his cheek so her thumb could gently brush against his skin. Adriana didn't want to leave the warmth of the bed and since they had the entire day to spend together, she felt no reason to rush the process of getting up. ----- When Shelby's eyes met his, Liam could feel the disconnect and how long it took for her to process that he was actually, physically there. He had to hide the smile that crept into his eyes at how dazed she seemed. Of course, that meant that she probably hadn't been sleeping...again. Liam didn't understand how she managed to keep moving with how little she slept. He didn't need a lot of sleep to function, but she was on a completely different level than he could ever be. The questioning way she phrased her words made him chuckle and remind her softly, "Of course I am. I told you, ten days." Liam wasn't always good about keeping to his word when it came to a time period. Before, he had told countless girls that he would call them and never did or that he'd pick them up at a certain time and then would show up ridiculously late, if at all. He knew Shelby wouldn't put up with that, and he didn't want to make her move away from him. He slipped into the seat beside her chair, his eyes never leaving the tired lines that crossed her face. "Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?"
  9. Camden

    [[This academic year has been miserable. I've been doubling up on my sciences and it's kicking my butt. Yay for trying to do an accelerated premed track. I was abroad most of my winter break as well so didn't have time. But, now it's Easter break and I don't have much to do between now and next school year. So, I'm going to post/ff a bit and Iif you're remotely interested and it's okay with you then yay!]] Adriana was groggy as she woke to the sunlight trickling in across her face from the windows next to the bed. It took her a few moments to recognize that she was tucked safely in Shane's bed, and more importantly in his arms. Her flight from Paris had gotten in late the night before and she had driven straight to his house, even though she'd been exhausted. Their reunion had been short, just an enthusiastic greeting before hopping into his comfortable bed to sleep. Her parents had flown her and Liam to meet them and Grace for ten days. They'd had an enjoyable visit, especially for the her family and she meant to savor it. The only negative had been that the ten days cut her time with Shane down considerably. The two had grown increasingly more attached as the summer wore on and she couldn't imagine not sleeping with him when she went back to Duke. Adrianna pushed the thoughts from her sleep-drenched mind and snuggled closer into the soft cotton of his shirt, her nose deeply breathing him in. Her eyes fluttered close, her mind caught somewhere between reality and dreaming where both seemed equally wonderful. ----- Liam was whistling cheerfully as he ordered two coffees and began his walk to the hardware store. He and Shelby were at on relatively new ground for him. They had continued the routine of hooking up in the most fantastic ways, but he has grown weary of not being able to wake up with her. Carefully, he'd begun to rip off pieces of her walls by slowly giving her pieces of his. Paris had decided it for him though, he was going to fully persue her. He wanted more from her than he'd asked for this far and his only hope was that she would be willing to give it. Liam wanted a relationship, where they could say they were each others and no one else could have them. He pushed easily into the store, flipping the closed sign to open for her and heading straight to where he knew he'd find her, as he had every morning since meeting her. Liam couldn't help the way his face lit when he saw her and the electrifying smile that found his face. "Bonjour! Have you missed me?" he teased, holding her coffee out to hee
  10. Camden

    She grinned when he agreed to hang out with Liam that evening. "I don't know," she said sadly, reaching over to squeeze his knee, "Probably just sit at home and pine over you." Adriana laughed, to show that she was kidding and she reached over to press her lips against his cheek. She turned back to her sandwich, quickly finishing it off as she really started to think about what she would do without Shane. She realized, with amusement, that she hadn't actually spent a night apart from him since she'd gotten home. "But, seriously, I'll probably just hang out with some people and watch some movies or something," she said with a shrug, already plotting who she should have come over. She finished her water, but wasn't really ready to move, knowing that it meant he would have to leave soon. ----- Liam heard her and he couldn't help but grin, glad that he was still able to affect her like that. He slipped off the bed quickly, his need to use the bathroom had become overwhelming. He slid into his boxers again and headed to the en suite bathroom. He came back to the bed and moved so he was hovering over her face, blocking her view of the ceiling, a grin on his face. "So are we just going to stay in bed all day?" he asked, reaching down to press his lips firmly against hers, approving wholeheartedly of the very idea.
  11. Camden

    Adriana grinned at the peck on her cheek, feeling at home with him no matter which house they were at. She turned to face him, grinning slightly before she slipped away from his warmth to gather chips and a couple bottles of water. She led the way to the small, eat-in breakfast nook, sliding into the window seat type bench. The leather stuck to her bare thighs in an uncomfortable way, making her cross her legs so that her knee rested on Shane's leg. She hadn't realized how hungry she was until that moment and greedily picked up her sandwich. "You and Liam should hang out tonight," she said after a couple of bites, looking thoughtfully at Shane. It was actually kind of weird sitting at the table with Shane and not having Liam there. She had always been the one on the outside, coming down to find the two of them sitting at the table recapping the night before or planning their next adventure. And she knew it was Liam who was being difficult, he was always difficult, but she wanted them to be right again. One way or another. ----- He grinned as her lips seemed to follow his, thrilled that she never seemed to tire of him. She was the first girl who he hadn't grown bored of after the first night in a long time. And he doubted that he'd tire of her anytime soon. His grin spread into a smile as she laughed at herself and snuggled closer into him. Liam's features turned serious as he lowered his mouth to hers, stopping just before he touched her lips, his eyes playful as they found hers. "That's alright," he breathed softly, his lips almost brushing, nearly tickling, hers as he spoke, "I never learned either." He didn't give either of them the satisfaction of a real kiss as he pulled back so his head rested against the pillow, facing her.
  12. Camden

    "Then why'd we get out of bed?" she asked, reaching for the hand that was in her hair. He made her grin and she grabbed the hand he had in her hair, kissing it before interlocking their fingers. "I can handle anything," she said with a serious nod, much preferring that option to a picky eater. Adriana happily led the way down to the kitchen, ignoring the empty bottles and cups, she would take care of them after Shane left. The clock gave way to how limited their time was and she determined that making a sandwich made more sense then trying to make something for him. "Is turkey okay?" she asked, her head in the fridge as she grabbed the different necessities for sandwiches. Adriana set out everything and built the sandwiches, pausing to ask him if he liked different things before adding them, finally cutting them in diagonals before handing his to him on a plate. "Do you want chips? Or fruit? Or anything to go with it? Maybe a drink?" she asked, wanting to make sure he had everything he could possibly need before she would eat. ----- He had a feeling that the fact that she hadn't pulled away or protested was a good sign, a sign that they were moving in some sort of direction. Liam lowered his lips to hers again, testing her playfully snide comment. His kiss was soft, undemanding, it was simply a kiss. He pulled away to look back at her, shaking his head as he teased, "I'd believe you if I thought you knew how to be nice." He liked this. Just holding her and having an easy, teasing conversation. Liam wasn't usually the chat after sex type, he found it easier if they just didn't. But he wanted to talk to her, really talk to her, but he was content with this, figuring it would lead to more.
  13. Camden

    His kiss lingered in her mouth as she watched him get dressed, standing after a moment so she could at least put underwear on before they headed to the kitchen. If there was a possibility of bumping into Liam she didn't want to be wearing only Shane's shirt - not that it wouldn't be awkward either way. She wandered back to Shane, her fingers slipping through his belt loops as she brought their bodies together again. "What are you in the mood for?" she asked, leaning the top half of her body away from him so that she could hold his gaze. Adriana usually went with cereal or something equally easy for breakfast, but it was technically lunch time, and she was starving. She'd be more than happy to make something for them, even if it was just sandwiches. ----- He grinned at her comment about his breath, knowing that it tasted just as much like stale alcohol as hers did. Liam's arms, wrapped around her when she came closer to him, pulling her body closer. "You weren't complaining a few minutes ago," he said calmly, pressing his lips into her forehead. Liam knew that she would probably pull away from the gentle gesture, because for most people it was overused. He, on the other hand, very rarely used it and was somewhat startled by how natural it felt to do it to Shelby.
  14. Camden

    Every moment with him that morning was perfect. Incredible. Sweet. Her eyes were closed as his lips pressed against her forehead, taking the moment to catch her breath. His words woke her from the happy haze she had disappeared into, moving her head to look at him. She smiled warmly, her fingers lazily playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. "That sounds absolutely perfect," she murmured, feeling utterly happy. Adriana pushed away from him after a couple of minutes, her fingers brushing across his cheek as she rolled over to sit up. She slipped off the bed, grabbing his shirt so that she didn't have to find any real clothes yet, it was just long enough to cover everything. "Are you hungry?" she asked, pulling her hair over one shoulder as she sat back down beside him. ----- Liam assumed she was reaching out for the drawer when she moved her hand away from him and was confused when she simply placed it beside him. But she had to be. He rolled her back over so he was on top, pressing down on her. He kissed her for a few more minutes, the hard, passionate kisses before reaching out to the drawer. Even though her actions seemed to speak to wanting the opposite, Liam took his time. He was slow and steady, if not incredibly teasing. His kisses slowed before he pulled away from her, only releasing her after a prolonged moment. "See, spending the night wasn't that bad," he said with a small smirk, his fingers brushing against her stomach.
  15. Camden

    Adriana hardly noticed when their bodies shifted, too caught up in the wonderful sensations that his lips were sending through her body. Their intertwined hands rested on her hip and her free hand rested against his cheek, not wanting him to go anywhere anytime soon. Her bright eyes opened for a moment while they were kissing, glancing over his features as they kissed before she pressed her eyes shut again. After a while, the hand against his cheek worked its way up to his hair, tangling in the messy strands to pull his mouth from hers and tilt his chin upward. She trailed his jawline with languid kisses, nibbling on his ear before starting on his neck. Her lips and teeth worked their way along the smooth skin, her hips wriggling against his body as she moved down his chest and back up to his face, her earnest eyes finding his. She simply held his gaze for a moment before pressing back against his lips, her hand never releasing his. ----- Her lips burned against his, demanding more than he had been giving and taking it with ease. His hand pulled her head harder against him, a low groan let out as her fingers raked down his side. She was doing a good job driving him crazy with need. Shelby's body weight had him pinned him into the mattress and for the first time, the lack of control was a good thing. Liam kissed her as long as he could without needing a breath, the kind of hard, needy kisses that she seemed to want. He nuzzled her neck, but resisted the urge to touch it with his lips because he wasn't sure he'd be able to let it go, and he'd promised her. His lips kissed quickly along her collarbone, delivering less playful than hard nips to her soft skin before kissing any possible pain away. Liam made his way back to her lips, matching the fervor that they both desired.