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  1. Beach Day!

    I love my Ollie bear too :) he's such a ham and acts like a big dog in a little body all the time. These two are my kids...they're such great dogs. Arielmarie - George is adorable. Unfortunately Ollie's head will turn red, he's a red headed tri...I wish it would stay black Sol - I work for an animal clinc and when my rot died a client of mine gave me a deal on Nica. Her registered name is Goodfellas Dominica. She's out of Sorvana's Joy Di Goodfellas and by Borealis Q BC Di Goodfellas
  2. Beach Day!

    Going out for a swim Running back to me :) she loves the water Playing with a big rock Baby Ollie :) Playing in the sand Hope you enjoyed
  3. Beach Day!

    I'm a lurker here, but wanted to share some beach pictures from today, since I know you guys love dogs and pictures my best friend and I took my two dogs, Nica (1.5 year old cane corso) and Oliver (5 month old Corgi), to the beach in Indiana today. We had a blast, so without further ado... My pretty girl catching some rays Oliver learning to swim Poor baby was not a fan :) Nica watching my friend...she desperately wanted to go out there One more post...
  4. My New Foster Dog, Odin

    Oh.my.goodness!!! What a handsome Dogge de Bordeaux, I want one soooo bad, though not sure my bed can handle another mastiff type in it How great of you to take him in and help him over his fears...he will make a great dog for a loving family.
  5. Show Off Thread

    I love showing off my babies!!! Goodfella's Dominica aka Nica - 1 1/2 year old Cane Corso. I know she's little...she's a finicky eater and we're working on gaining weight with her. Her siblings usually don't hit full size until they were 2 or 3. Curled up in a tiny ball Oliver - 8 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi His favorite way to sleep Oliver and Nica napping together Ollie and daddy (my husband) My kittens - Dexter (1 year old grey long hair tabby) and Cammie (2 years old short hair black and white)
  6. Anyone Familiar With Mast Cell Tumors In Dogs?

    Mast cell tumors are cancerous and malignant. I've seen pets come to my work with mast cell tumors, had them fully excesized and they still come back...one dog had hers removed from the same general area 3 times and the lab kept telling us we got it all out. Hopefully it's not a mast cell tumor and it's something else. :angel3: :angel3:
  7. New Puppy

    Right now he's all black with a lot of white on him, but he will fade out to be a red headed tri like his mommy. These are the ones I've come up with so far... Marlin Luger Riley Ripley Hippo (as in hippocrates - I'm a med student) Jack Tucker Brinks Chaplain Finely Indy Jax
  8. New Puppy

    Hey guys! I lurk a lot on here and have come to notice that you guys are really good at naming puppies. I'm getting a welsh corgi pup the first weekend of may and I desperately need help naming him...any ideas? Sorry...but no pics of him yet, I have pics but they aren't mine and I don't have permission to post them. Thanks for your help!!!
  9. Back To The Subject Of Dog Breeds

    I normally just lurk on the boards, but I just wanted to second the vote of a Cane Corso or a Rottweiler. I currently own a 1 year old Cane who is naturally protective. She was also very easy to train and was completely off leash trained by 6 months old, I can take her outside on our 10 arces and she doesn't go more then 100 or so feet away and is always "checking back in" before running to explore more every few mins. She is amazing with children and always tries to approach them, though she is quite scary looking so many moms pull their children away. All she wants to do is love on them. Adults on the other hand she is weary of, she warms up to women quickly but is very weary of men in her home or near her home or a place she thinks she has to protect (which is usually anywhere I am). I wouldn't trade her for the world and her looks and bark deter pretty much anyone until I reassure them that she is ok. Also, she only barks when necessary (usually only when someone is at the door). My old rottie was the same way, it's like they know kids are relatively harmless but are naturally weary of adults. We are getting another Rottweiler soon and when we get a house I'm hoping to get a Giant Schnauzer. I like to know I'm completely safe, especially when the hubby isn't home ;) By the way, Giant Schnauzers are also great guard dogs, and so pretty to look at
  10. Contacts... Is This Right?

    I have an astigmatism also, but I use biofinity lenses and I love them, though they can get a little uncomfortable when they get dry or move out of place. When they are backwards they HURT to the point where I can't even open my eye. Make sure there is no "lip" when you put them in..mine don't have numbers in them that I know of. New ones take a few days to conform to your eyes, also. When I fist got them I made sure not to wear them all the time and now I can only wear them for a certain amount of time before they start to hurt. I would maybe go to a different doctor if they are insisting that you are putting them in right and they still hurt your eyes. They shouldn't be that uncomfortable, even the first day I got them they weren't uncomfortable at all.
  11. Finicky Eater

    I have a 9 month old Cane Corso pup who became a finicky eater around the time she was spayed back in May. I have exhausted all possibilities at this point and I'm now facing the fact that we may have to do an exploratory with a small intestine biopsy. I really don't want this to come to that and I'm hoping to get some insight from you guys. Nica has been on Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy food since I got her and seemed to be doing well and growing at a slow but steady pace. After her spay she showed no interest in it what so ever. I changed her to Neutro Large Breed Puppy and after a few meals of that she started to refuse it also. I have tried all wet and dry dog food that is sold at petsmart with the exception of blue buffalo. I have also tried Orijen and she shows no interest in that either, and it gives her the worst gas/diarrhea ever. I have tried boiled chicken, ground beef, bacon grease, yogurt, cottage cheese, cat food, etc with no luck. My boss/vet has done an EPI test, blood work (full work up) and X-rays and she has been on cyproheptadine, mitrazopine and now prednisone to try to stimulate an appetite. I also give her the occasional subcutaneous fluids with "super B" injected into it. Her symptoms display as pudding like, strangely colored, strong smelling stools, occasional vomiting and a fowl smell (which I believe is coming from her mouth - which has been examined and it is normal.) she does eat items that have no nutritional value such as grass, mud, sticks and bugs. Any ideas or help in getting her to eat would be great. Like I said she is 9 months old and a Cane Corso who weighs in at about 60 pounds. She has not gained any weight in about a month now. Her siblings are about 80 to 100 pounds at this point. Please help...this is so frustrating
  12. Anyone Know Anything About

    If you want to do your research look up the Carlin Pinscher in google and you will find out all you want to know about that particular cross. They are super cute though. I work for a vet and we get pug and pug mixes all the time. They all seem to be very sweet but so hyper, especially puggles. My best friend has a pug/Brussels cross and she is very well behaved but they did a lot of consistent training with her. Anyways...good luck with the puppy. I know how hard it is to find the right dog for you.
  13. Military Ball

    What branch of the military is he in? My fianc? is in the marine corps and every year at the ball the women wear dress colors to match the man they are with. If he is in the marine corps then you would wear blue or red to match the dress blues. At least that's what his unit does. They are all very pretty though...I really like 3 and 4 by the way.
  14. Updated- Riding Pics!

    So I totally want horse number 1...I love Irish Draughts!!! I love your picutres and seeing your horses thanks for sharing
  15. Please Keep Virginia In Your Prayers

    OMG...not the doodlebug! You're in my thoughts sweetie...hang in there [Huggy] [Angel]