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    Trail riding, country music and dancing
  1. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    doublel, sorry about your broken ribs, hope you heal soon, I am still not ok yet, went back this week had some problems walking on the ball of my foot, so he gives this show type think and said to take it easy, that my foot was stressed out, means I did to much walking, no riding yet. Take care. Sandy
  2. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Double L sorry about midnight. I am still not riding, my foot frature has healed but still having problems with bruses on my foot. But soon hope to ride. Sandy W
  3. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Hi everyone, been reading everyone post, and haven't been able to post for awhile,I had to sign back on again. On Jan 12, I sliped in my house and fracture my right foot,know I am wearing the big boot, I go back April 3rd to boone dr, hope I can get something where I can drive, I just been getting my friends have come and taken out to the barn but the boot is so heavy, I get tired real easy. Talk you all later Sandy
  4. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Double L, so sorry to hear about flash. Sandy
  5. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    DoubleL, so sorry about flas, Prayers going your way.
  6. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    DoubleL, hope Flash gets better, so you ride him before winter hits. Babe has a limp so Lighting riding her and I am teaching her to lead with me walking with a cane, my knee is not good, but I can still bend it and get on Babe and ride, so not going to do anything yet. I hope next year we can do more riding on the trails instead of our trails at the barn. Doublel do you know anyone down in your area that has grass hay,my BO is looking for more hay. Sandy
  7. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Thanks Connie, I am having the vet to take exray when the shoer come back to the barn next month to see what is going on. eeyore hope you have fun on you trip. DoubleL, a lady from Pana had an add on craig list looking for trail buddy, so I answer her add, she lives in Pana, so I hope you don't mind I gave her your name and phone number and I told her you lived in Pana also. her name is Natasha Waterman, she has ridden at Ramsey,Wolf Creek and Sand Creek. Sandy
  8. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Glad everyone got to ride this weekend it was so nice. I tried to ride Sunday down are trails, was going great, then Babe starting limping bad, so turn around and walked her around in the in door arena, when the shoer cames back, going to have vet come out and tack ex-ray of her feet, she has navilar and has for years, but think the right foot is getting worse, we use left up pads but I had her leave them off this time, should have not done that, so they will go back on. Sure hope its not to bad and the shoes and pads keep her going, he is ok in her pad dock area, she don't limp in it. Sandy
  9. Portable Corral Panels

    Connie, I have a corral not like what you are looking at, I have them tied to side of my trailer, they said only one person can put them up, I have done it, but it is hard, and you have to make sure you stake them down, because they can move them, mine are light I can't remember what they are made of but sturdy that it keeps them in. Most of the IL State parks I camp in you can use them, I haven't been to wolf creek so don't know if they allow them this year. I get the stakes you use for tents. Hope this helps. Sandy
  10. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Thanks eeyore,after this weekend, think he is to take the Paso back.
  11. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    thanks eeyore,i think i might ride at the barn if its not hot.
  12. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    eeyore, do you know if your shoer is going to be at wolfcreek this weekend, he told my friend they where riding this weekend. thanks Sandy
  13. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Sangchris has 5 miles on the side where you can camp,if you go to the camp grounds to ride those,it is very easy ride, you can cross the river at the crossing the made if its not to high,ride around those trails which takes you by the Ranger station, then there is trails around the lake, but not next to it, these trails are out in the open and when you get to the end you turn around on them and come back. Some of the trail riders take the camp trails and then ride the others, I have not ride the trails around the lake, walked it when they were making them. Hope this help you Sandy
  14. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    I just called the hot line for decatur and its open
  15. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    eeyore have fun this weekend,reallly going to be hot,so I will ride at the barn at around 7:00pm sandy