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  1. Cencorship At Its Finest?

    I wonder why none of you ever understand some posts. If you read itchys last post, she said she did it to show how stupid some of you can be. RIGHT aff the back it was OMG, you should NOT own any horses, you should not be allowed to, etc. etc. SEE the post. UNDERSTAND the post? I knew AFTER the post that itchy went over the top, because she was trying to prove a point about how some of you on here react. I once again WAS NOT INVOLVED with making the story up, nor was i involved expect knowing after her intial post that it was over the top. So you all can say i was involvoed with it all you want, BUT I did not talk to itchy about making the thread up. She wrote it, I had nothing to do wtih it. I did NOT go against any rules on here at all. AND she never asked for anyone to send her anything. You did that on your OWN WITHOUT pming or asking her first. and you are all really naive if you really think someone is gonna put on a fourm that "myhorses are starving oh please help me" get real ppl. most are not that stupid
  2. Cencorship At Its Finest?

    yes i know that is what i said equi. BUT i knew that she made it over the top sorry if i worded it wrong. BUT not from ITCHY herself, from her DAUGHTER.
  3. Cencorship At Its Finest?

    oh how nice, everyone lUFFS me. Fleq-i was gonna ask you in a pm but i guess you said things then blocked me. Poor horsekeeping UMMM HOW. that is what i wanted to ask you. Giveing HC a bad name, UMMM HOW? promoting poor horsekeeping. Once again umm how. is it cause i feed my horses daily, they get grain, they get vet care, they get farrier care, they get roundbales, etc. Once again I was NOT involved with itchys thread, I KNEW AFTER she wrote that is was OVER THE TOP. Cory is banned BIG DEAL. No one wants me here WHO CARES, but you can't bann me if I did NOT break any rules.
  4. I'm wondering, how do you think the organizations you claim to work for,would feel about your part in Itchy's scheme? Maybe someone should send them a copy of the thread.

  5. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    ppl She DID make the story up, knew it all along. AD why oh why is it when someone posts something about their selves on a post you say"ITS ALL ABOUT YOU". give me a break it a forum, ppl posts things about theirselves all the time. Take a thread awhile ago, hurt horse, recommended to use equaide(remember that one), there were MANY MANY PPL on there that posted their expereinces with differnet meds-oh shoot they made it about them. GET OVER IT, ppl can post what they want , tell a story and oh golly you say is all about you or making it about you. DARN. Itchys post just told the entire HC public how harsh ppl can be. I for one glad she did it. I had many friends come here and read, and they can't belive what they saw. instead of a helping hand, it turned into "you should not own a horse, etc.) They turned away from HC, and took their potential members with them.
  6. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    lets see 1 poor- extremly amaciated- better off putting horse down, 2- very thin, visible ribs, 3- thin- ribs can be seen and felt, but with a build up of fat, 4- moderately thin, very faint outline of ribs(VERY FAINT), 5- moderate. mine are all HIGH 4's and 5's. And IF any of you remember i screwed up and took the advice of others and changed my feed to a STUPID RB and RUINED them. Still trying to get them back to a nice 5 .
  7. This>< Close To The Looney Bin

    miss mother we had a dog that had cancer bad. guess what i told hubby that she would be gone when he came home from work. He told me do what i think is best. She died before i could take her to the vet, and NO it was not cowgirl. this was when we were first married in 96. If said dog is suffering like red said it was, then take the dog and put it down. And i have no clue what other topic you are talking about.
  8. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    see there ya go again, and you say I don't read right. I said if that is all you can get. THERE was NOTHING in there about money or afford. In some places crap hay or hay from late last yr is ALL THERE is then you have to deal with what you can GET. READ. I never said it was what you could afford, i said it was what you could GET. in 2001 when i first moved to southern ohio, I could only get hay that was late 2000 hay. There was NONE. crap hay. NO ONE had any new hay.
  9. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    ummm i was not the one that made it about me, i do belive AD started that one. and Like I said IF crap hay is ALL you can get at the time, then thats what you can get deal with it. ONCE again never said my horses look like crap, just said that you DON"T really know what itchys horses looked like. For all you know they could look fine to you but crap to her. GET IT NOW?
  10. Well Shoot

    wow no end of the world still here
  11. This>< Close To The Looney Bin

    but this is all NOT FAIR to the dog. Look dog is dying PAINFULLY and hubby doesn't have the boys to do it, then red needs to step up. edited to add- if a divroce aquires because of this then said marraige must have something else wrong
  12. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    umm wow guys i leave to go make some hay and you all jump on me like I WAS the one doing this to my horses. goodness. NONE of my horses are a 3 they are all high 4's with tater being a high 5. alaska- i think you are the one that said it- majic was run barrels HARD from the time she was 3 until 5, then a break, then she went to college with my sister and was ran hard again for 2 yrs, then i got her back and she ran hard every weekend till she was retired at the age of 19 because of tendons. (my dad was obbessed with running her)Her full brother was ran on the track at the age of 2 till he died of a lightening strike at the age of 6. There was a pattern wtih my dad and running horses. Majic died because of a massive heart attack. The vet report and blood tests showed a toxic chemical was found in her stomach, the same chemical was found on the bottom of the round bale where it sat on the ground and the ground where it sat. Her age, weight had NOTHING to do with how she died. The vet said we would have never known that the chemical was there if this had not had happened. It was an old garden acre where the hay was kept. NO ONE knew that anything was kept there. That area is NOT used for anything today. We had no clue that anything was in the ground or around the bales when they were set there. The vet said She was a very heathy 6 scale horse. Think I was happy when she lost weight? nope but after having vets look at her and tell me the same thing that she was NOT neglected because of no food, she PUT everything into her foals. I was still not happy at all, BUT you know what i fed her the best grain, the best hay i could find. Once her foals where weaned at 3 or 4 months she went right back to being a high 6. and AD- don't know if you last post was directed at me or just ppl in general, but i have great hay, and can't wait to get what we cut today baled. 65 acres of timmy/alalfa. all being baled in roundbales. Can't wait. new bales. 15 dollars a bale cause im helping my hay guy bale . can't bet that price at all.
  13. This>< Close To The Looney Bin

    sorry red but i have to say it" GROW SOME" take said dog to the vet and PUT HIM DOWN. worry about hubby later.
  14. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    i don't like it at all, BUT sometimes you have to deal with what you have. NEVEr said i had a degree in NUTRITION, i have a degree in horse management, and breeding. I was taught that if said horse is a min. of a 3 then you CAN"T seize said horse or report it. In most states a 3 is not skinny-even though most of us know it is. my horses go through a 2000lb round in 3 days, thats making sure they eat EVERYTHING. thats 7 horses on a bale. You go out to the barn and see your horses everyday. you say they are a high 4 maybe 5, someone else sees them and says gee your horses aer a 6 maybe 7, to fat, or you see your horses as a mid 4, someone else see them and say whoa dude your horses are a 3. Just because she said they are thin doesn't necessarly mean they are.
  15. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    you know what ann, IAM FRIEND with itchy and her daughter, I belive that the horses DIDN"T go without feed on any day. Yes maybe it was lite, but it was FOOD. she was in no way abuseing or neglecting them, she has since then gotten help from a few, and NO this was BEFORE the sherriff was called on her. HUMM still wondering who did that, why will they NOT come forward.