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  1. 4 Year Old Colt Too Late To Break?

    I generally don't start my colts until 3-4 yrs old , I let them mature some .I've started horses 8 yrs old for people before , so at 4 you'll be just fine .
  2. What Kind Of Cinch Do You Prefer

    history rider there's not many of those men left , that have taught me . We use horsehair cinchas , mecates , rawhide reins , wool pads/blankets . I have one nylon yacht rope mecate , I use in winter as it takes the weather better (and it's half the price of horsehair) . Though I use poly ropes , 99% of the time , and will use a riata some times . Poly just takes a lot more abuse , and costs way less . I don't use any neoprene blankets , pads , or anything else . I tried a cinch , but it doesn't work well for me . It all depends on works works best for someone , neoprene isn't the thing for me . If it works for someone else , go for it . May the traditions of the bridle hors never die
  3. What Kind Of Cinch Do You Prefer

    i use horsehair cinchas , they have lasted the longest for me . I've tried all the others , but went back to what my vaquero friends/teachers used .
  4. Plain Wool Felt Or Impact Gel?

    I only use wool pads , won't use any gel or neoprene . If someone has luck with those , then go for it . Doesn't work for me , I don't like rubber or gel . I use Diamond Wool felt pads , 3/4" with canvas tops . I ranch for a living , and they get used hard . They don't sore a horse , and they absorb shock roping lots of cattle . They run about $50 , and alot of buckaroos I know use them also . That's my suggestion , but you have to find what works best for you . Good luck
  5. Spade Bit On Bridle Horse?

    horsefeathers Pat Puckett & I roped and branded some steers of his , when I went down to his ranch . He's a good hand , down to Earth , and traditional . He knows what he's talking about , and can get on a horse and show how to do it . Pat & Deb , are good folks , good horseman / woman , and he is a good roper . I thoroughly enjoyed roping with Pat , and he can teach folks alot .I learned alot just one day roping with him , wish he was closer to be around him more . Just one of the fine folks of bridle horses , as with all good horse folks .
  6. Spade Bit On Bridle Horse?

    andi you're welcome , though I never claim to to be as good as the men I mentioned . Your last photo is of Glenn Shelly , I know who he is . A good hand , and rides tough horses . I can name lots of buckaroo's who are friends of mine , that you would know or have heard of . These men are far better than me , and I hope to be half as good as them one day . I wish there was more true understanding on the spade, and not so much misinformed opinions . I stood in front of a display one time in Reno , NV. , and this woman was showing her friend the gear . When she saw the spade bit she came unglued , and told him how horrible it was . On and on she went , none of what she said was true , but man , did she think she knew equipment . She wasn't an accomplished horsewoman , you could tell how she talked . But she saw every clinician's videos , and knew all about training . I just smiled at her , never even speaking to her . She had no idea what I knew , because I kept quiet . Us buckaroo's have a better chance to make bridle horses , as we spend our days ahorseback . It's not uncommon for us to ride 15-40 miles a day , that's on one horse all day ( not saying that there aren't some good trainers making them in the arena , Bobby Ingersoll , Benny Guitron). We don't ride them for an hour , then ride back and switch . You learn how to ride a horse all day , and not get him tired . We don't want him dreading going to work , thinking he's gonna be run down hard all day . I learn everyday more on life , training , horses , and cows , we never stop learning or trying to get better . Hopefully we great basin buckaroo's never fade into history ,and there will always be a nice spade bit horse working somewhere .
  7. Spade Bit On Bridle Horse?

    they are not harsh bits , they are very misunderstood . I ride bridle horse , jaquima to freno , hackamore to spade. I learned from the californio vaquero's , they last true men alive of their caliber . We take lots of pride , and time , to make these horses . We make our living ahorseback , I have no outside job . I run cattle , day work for other ranches , and have done this my whole life . A true horseman , buckaroo , vaquero , or stockman , would not abuse their livestock . This is where we make our money , so we don't abuse our animals . We in fact don't make much money , we do this because we love it . If someone is mistreating their stock , it is not tolerated . If riding a spade was cruel , we wouldn't do it . We take lots of time , and years , to get a horse ready for a spade . This is not something we shove in their mouth , and hope for the best . A spade is a signal bit , not a leverage bit . So you will never see a good spade man jerk on his horse , or pull hard . You start them in a hackamore , ride them for 1-2 yrs , then 3-4 yrs in a two rein . Saying a spade is cruel is untrue , but understandable . Most people judge it off it's looks , not knowing how it works or how to get a horse to that level . The truth is most don't understand it , so they have an opinion that isn't fact based - but emotional based . We ride lots of miles in open country , where the horse has lots of time & isn't being pulled on . If anyone has a chance to go to California in April , go to the Californios ranch roping & stock horse contest , and spend time around these guys . Go to clinics of Bryan Nuebert , Joe Wolter , Richard Caldwell , and Martin Black , Scott Groeskopf , Dave Weaver and others . May the art of the bridle horse never die
  8. Ryan Gingrich

    wrangler , why wouldn't you want to train minature ponies , for dressage ? I would love to see that , roundpens with 2' tall fences
  9. Tipping A Trainer

    I have gotten tips from clients , as they felt I went out of my way to help them with their horses . I have gotten cash , and gift certificates for tack shops . I'd say get them a gift certificate for a tack shop , it's a really nice gesture .
  10. Ryan Gingrich

    like a fella in montana said , they use the "two pull " method starting horses . Pull up your cinch , and pull down your hat . cutter has this cool chicken , she's also a "chicken whisperer" . I think she's out of the roundpen now with him , and is letting him stand on the railings of the barn . You can use a photo of doofy , for your tv show's opening scene . He'll love it
  11. What Would You Do With This Horse?

    I think it was said the horse was 15 yrs old , if it's not over it by now-it won't be . Why would a person want to waste their time fixing a 15 yr old horse , when there are so many nice 3-4 yr olds . That don't want to spook , step on people(though it may have been just a feak accident , there's no reason that old of a horse should be doing that . I have some 4-5 yr olds that I'm starting right now , and they have good minds . The 5 yr old had 14 rides on her , and I was dragging calves to the fire . She was better than most broke horses in there , and never spooked jumped , or bucked . I've ridden enough of those type of horses the OP described , and I'll tell you to tell the owner what I told my clients who had those type of horses . They're not worth it , there's too many good ones . It costs the same to feed a bad one , as it does a good one . Don't waste your time , or the risk of injuring other people . Trust me , Ive ridden those horses , and I've had some of my own . I cut my losses and sent them down the road , so me or anyone else didn't get hurt . Why risk a professionals safety ? I am that "professional" that got sent the bad ones , and they have left bodily damage I'll never recover from . Just my opinion , send him to the sale barn - with a message he isn't to be bought to ride . They'll ask you what he can do , how well he's broke . just say " I hope the weather's fine , in Mexico "
  12. Ryan Gingrich

    wrangler , where were you yesterday to watch the show . ??? I had a sick bull , around 1,400 lbs , and Megan was helping me . So I have an 8 yrs old gelding I just started , and had 18 rides on him . I'd roped some little calves on him , so I thought , well , I'll use him to doctor the bull ..... nobody ever said I was sane :0) He's a big horse , so I knew he was a good bet to hold him , so I headed him - Megan heeled him . We laid him down , tied him up , and doctored him . You'd have thought the horse had like 4-5 months of riding , he worked like a champ . I took lots of time , never let him get jerked on , and let him learn to handle working a rope . anyways for your show , I will bring the minature ponies , and we'll round pen them with the short panels . Cutter will feed her stick horse lots of shavings , as we need to work the ponies first .
  13. Holey Neoprene Saddle Pad Question!

    I agree with Trinity , Cheri , and Cutter , I'd stay away from neoprene . I tell people to wear rubber boots with no socks , all day in 100 degree weather . There's no way they will absorb or wick away sweat , it just rolls out when it has an opening . I use wool blankets , or wool felt pads . Check out NRS (national ropers supply) , they have some nice pads on there . I ride lots of miles , hills creeks , and such , as I buckaroo for a living . I used a professionals choice cinch for a while , but didn't use it long . I ride alot of colts , and it didn't do well as I ride long - hard miles . I use all horsehair cinches now , as do a few other guys after they saw how well they worked for me . I'd never use a gel or neoprene pad , it just doesn't work well for me . Maybe it works for other folks , so I tell them then use them . Just personal opinion for me , I don't like synthetic tack of any sorts .
  14. Please be HONEST!

    you're doing alright , and making choices in the horses best interest . Put him in the futurity when he feels right mentally , and things will come together for him . Have fun
  15. Please be HONEST!

    I agree with ozland , short sessions & work up . Here's my rundown , and what I do . 6'3" tall , 265lbs , with my saddle & gear around 300lbs on a horse . I ranch for a living , and day work other ranches . I ride 20-30 miles a day , up and down hills and flat ground . I used to ride 8-11 outside horses at a time , but now ride 7 colts of my own . I've ridden everything from Arabs , morgans , TB's , appy's , paints , QH's , and tons more . Not only do they have to pack me around , but gather cows , rope & doctor , everything else . I had all sizes of colts in , all different shapes and sizes . You just have to judge each horse accordingly , never do to much that will harm him mentally or physically . I have a friend who's 6'1" , 350lbs , and is a good hand riding a bridle horse & roping . He has good balance , and can ride a colt that pitches . You'll be just fine , just judge how much riding , what terrain , and how he handles it . Enjoy your horse.