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  1. Heidi And Other Cat Geniuses!

    I was able to get the heavy duty wire shelving units from work. The shorter/narrower ones work perfectly for my windows (open sidewards) and a panel from a used 4' high dog 'play pen' or a wider/taller wire shelf works for my sliding door
  2. What Do You Do On Your Cell Phone?

    I use the alarm feature and occasionally take a photo but, mostly, I make and receive calls on it. Rarely text, NEVER web browse, no music, no apps, no games. Do not have/do not want data plan or 'smartphone'.
  3. Heidi And Other Crazy Cat People

    One of my cats had what I thought was bloody stools. Stools were normal/soft formed and had a goodly amount of bright red, mucusy stuff with it. I was finally able to get a unburied sample to the vet and all that red stuff was negative for blood. The vet thought maybe he was having weird reaction to food coloring or veg protein. I changed to a uncolored, higher quality animal based food and the color went away.
  4. Help Managing Horse On Sand...

    You are talking apples and oranges; they are both fruit, but that's where the similarity ends. You need to compare EQUAL volumes or EQUAL weights. Not weight for one and volume for the other. Also you need to look at comparable items; not a sugar laden, watered down product to a 'purer' product. Such as your sand clear to the plain, coarse fiber metamucil http://www.valleyvet...92-00b0d0204ae5 Manufacture's label/content: http://valleyvet.nac...msds&id=1000035 SANDCLEAR™ Farnam Apple/Molasses Flavor NATURAL PSYLLIUM CRUMBLES For All Classes of Horses VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED National Animal Supplement Council THE BENCHMARK OF QUALITY™ FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY Active Ingredient per 5 oz: Psyllium Husk 102,250 mg Inactive Ingredients: Artificial flavors, mineral oil, natural flavors, propionic acid http://www.metamucil...inal-coarse.php Metamucil Original Coarse Fiber Supplement Powder Ingredients Sucrose, Psyllium Husk Active Ingredient (in each TEASPOON) Psyllium Husk, Approximately 3.4 g ASSUMING that the sand clear measurement is VOLUME and not weight; i.e 5 fluid oz. There are 6 TEASPOONS to an ounce (3.4g x 6 = 20.4g/oz) and you are feeding 5 oz (20.4g/oz x 5 oz = 102g of Psyllium per the same feeding as Sand Clear. Which if you look at the Sand Clear I found on Valley Vet and has 102.25g of Psyllium per feeding. At this point I would go with whichever was cheaper, if I used such a product which hasn't really been proven to do a darn thing more than just feeding forage does. Yes, I DO live in a sand plagued environment and NO I don't feed Psyllium, as there is no clinical/scientific proof that it does more that slide through the gut in a stringy mass over the top of any sand present.
  5. Dog Math

    My 88 pound dog takes 70% of the couch. The 6 cats I sleep with takes 30% of the bed, each (don't ask me how that works out!, I've been trained to turn over 'in place' in any position without disturbing any of the cats).
  6. Hello From Weblec - Webinars For Horse Owners

    The second one sounds of interest to me as a gelding owner; however, I prefer to DEWORM my horse, not worm him.
  7. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Don't forget Sofa King and his descendents for WP! Or the 'corn cobs' for proper posture.
  8. Westren Riding Lesson 2

    My mustang have never been in a stall so that's a none issue. Many 'detanglers' will also dry out the hair as a lot of them contact petroleum products or silicone and collect dirt so causing more tangles later on. Or you can brush, braid and put up the tail so it stays out of the mud and snow; brush mane whenever you groom with a 'peg brush' like a cheap hair brush.
  9. Westren Riding Lesson 2

    Many of us only put show sheen or 'shine spray' on for a show. Most of those dry the coat out too much for daily use. Also if you are brushing the mane and tail with any frequency, you probably don't need a detangler daily either.
  10. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Joined in '04, lurked for a couple of years before that. Still more of a professional lurker than a poster.
  11. Pictures Of Family And Iceys.

    If I could afford one of your boys, would you come with them to teach me how to ride/work them?
  12. If a 'sibling' isn't in the cards, hire a cat sitter. Have them come in at least a couple times a day to feed and cuddle for 15-30 minutes at a time.
  13. Reina Has Arrived!

    A member in WA was musing on amother board that she had a 'older' mare that would like a better climate. Some one else thought Heidi was a perfect match, and asked her about it. A little give and take happened. Some one else mentioned that Tazzin was taking a trailer to CO and if the mare could meet up with her, that would be a goodly distance already being travelled and members of the other board gave of their time, petrol, feed/pastures and money to get Reina from WA to Ga over the course of a month.
  14. Help With ''hot'' Horse

    Something strong enough and heavy enough that a restless horse can't pull it down. Preferably where the horse can be tied higher than it's withers so I can't get as much purchase to pull. Leave horse there until it settles (feed and water as appropriate) down. Once it is calm(ish) release it. Repeat until horse learns that being tied, is going to happen no matter what it's opinion of tying is and learns to stand there calm and relaxed until untied. Once horse is good about tying, repeat ramdomly for minutes/hours as a 'reminder'. Often done before and/or after working.
  15. Have We Come Very Far In Race Relations?

    SHE didn't report me. When I told her I'd been written up, she said that if I had been offensive, she'd have just decked me or told me to shut the hades up. She did complain to the manager, that no one else needed to be 'offended FOR her' if she wasn't offended. How can only one side of a conversation be 'racially insensitive'?