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  1. Sorry for your loss but glad that you were able to bury him at home.
  2. Have you tried icing it? ice cubes were the only thing that calmed my tooth down when the pain meds weren't working.
  3. Sage Pictures

    Sage is such beauty. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your girls.
  4. Very sorry for your loss missyclare.
  5. Today. Is A Very Good Day.

    I too am glad to see some old names popping up.
  6. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    Sorry to hear about Breyer, I hope that Michico has been behaving himself and staying healthy.
  7. What You Don't Want To Wake Up To

    That must have been horrible to deal with. I hope they're able to get things sorted out for him so you don't have to go thru that again.
  8. My Son Found This

    Nice find!
  9. Kitty Did Not Like Her Flea Bath

    I hope the flea bath worked, not sure you want to risk doing another one who knows what could happen.
  10. Hc Revisited

    Sorry to hear about Mark and Floyd seemed like such a character he will be missed too.
  11. Current Status

    Waiting for it to cool down so I can make dinner but as per usual I have already eaten a bowl of chips and a pepperette so I probably don't really need dinner. I've also been enjoying the breeze on the deck and enjoying my grapefruit/vodka/tonic concoction, it's quiet yummy and I've already had to make a refill.
  12. Puppy Overload.

    I call dibs on the first one!!! they're apartment dogs aren't they??
  13. You poor thing! Hoping this is it and you're on the way to healing.