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  1. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    OMG! There are still some people on here that will never let me down! They tend to always jump to conclusions, get down on people, make rash judgements, etc. And then there are those who that will always reach out a helping hand. My original posts here were made just to see what would happen. Those I figured would help did, they PM'd me. Those that I knew would go all rightious on me, did. Those I knew would judge, did. So, my experiment worked. I have stayed away from here for about a year and not much has changed. This place, when I first joined was awesome to say the least. Yes, there were a few times when things got a bit hot, but the majority of the time things that were said were not given or taken in a bad way. People educated with a kind, but firm "voice", they talked to each other not AT each other. I see that there are those that still feel they are better than others, there are still those that won't take advice and would rather fight than listen, there are still those that jump the gun and assume the worst before they take the time to get all the information and facts. Most of you on this post have known me how long? You have seen me struggle from time to time, but if you really know me, like you say you do then you know how I take care of my horses. I do not neglect and I do not abuse. Buddyroo had a good intention with starting this post and I think it is a good post. But, my idea was to put something out there and stand back to see where it went. I certainly was not disappointed! IMO calling the authorities on someone that posts on a BB is a bit rash. Think about it...anyone can and does post anything they want on a BB. Does not make it true. So, I told a story. Rather than PMing me for more details, they assumed the worst and called me in. I do have a problem with that. Now remember, this is my opinion, you are allowed to have yours. MOM came on and altho he was a bit strong at first, how many of you stopped to really get to know him? Yeah, his ideas may be strange to you, but alot of you jumped in face and assumed right off the bat that he was a troll and not worth the time for you to get to know all! MAybe he worded what he wanted to say wrong, who knows, but to immediately jump on him was wrong...nice welcome folks! This is something that get me about people these days. You judge before you get to know. Now as far as the OP: I do feel it is our place to be aware of neglect and abuse, especially in the area we each live in. I do not, however, think that evety case needs us to jump in and make it right. We need to gather actual facts first and if that means trying to have a conversation with the person, then you must at least try. IF that is not possible, then talk to neighbors and see if any info can be obtained about the situation.Then if you really feel that this situation needs intervention, then by all means called who you need to in your area. But, get all the info you can before doing this. Sometimes things are not what they seem to you. I want to thank those that stopped and thought before they wrote, even those that came down on me in the way that was appropreate. Education is never to be discarded. Judging and bashing and cutting people down just because you don't happened to agree is wrong.
  2. Cat Question

    When was she last in season? This would help to determine what signs she would be showing now.
  3. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    I am done...I will agree to disagree with some of you.
  4. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    The appearance of an animal does not always mean that animal is healthy or sick! You could have a horse in good flesh and it can be sick. My point was that you cannot always assume that an animal is being neglected. BTW, one of these horses has no teeth and gets fed a diet that it can eat along with grass hay and grass in the summer. This is why the owner goes to take care of them 4 times a day! The other has cushings and is on medication. The vet has given this guy everything he needs to care for these horses. The are OLD! Yes, I understand it is AC's job, but I am mostly talking about the situation that happened to me here. Asumptions were made and it is my opinion that if anyone here wanted to know more, they could have PM'd me. We could have had a conversation! This is what I would have done if it was reversed. But, that is my opinion.
  5. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    My problem is not with the sheriff coming out to look at my horses. He will see that they are a bit thin but fine. I doubt he will even say anything to me. I will say me they look like crap as I am too close to them and my standards are some what high. They are wormy, which I will fix as soon as I can and their feet need to be done, but atre not elf feet by a long shot! They are shedding, which always makes horses look crappy and are thinner than I would like. But, they are coming out of a long cold winter. My problem is that I would have prefered to have this person take the time to talk to me before they jumped the gun and called in a report. This person has not seen my horses or the situation they are in right now. This person assumed something that was not true,i.e. where they are living. I have had AC called on me before for not feeding my horses when I lived in CA. The person who called in the report had a vendetta against me for something esle and was trying to cause trouble. The AC looked at my horses and laughed as they were fat! All I really want is to have a conversation with this person. I am not after retrebution(sp) in any form. All I want is a conversation. IF the tables were turned and I was asked to PM someone about any issue, I would. I have gotten to the point in my life where if you want to know the whole true story, then it is up to you to go to the this case me! There are two horses that live near me. Both are practically skin and bones. If you drove by them you would want to call AC. But, if you took the time to stop and actually find out the info on these horses you would find that they are both over 30 yrs old, the owner goes to see them 3-4 times a day no matter what the weather is, feeds the best hay he can find, suppliments them, does his own trimming, wormings and shots, has the vet out twice a year for check ups,etc. BUT, because you saw them and assumed they were neglected and called the authorities, you would have missed out on the real situation and upset the owner! In my situation at the moment, someone saw what I wrote here and made an assumption without taking the time to talk to me. THAT is what upsets me. If you see what you feel is an abuse/neglect situation, I feel you need to do some homework before the authorities are called. Especially when it is something written on a web site such as this.
  6. The Great Cow Escape

    Sounds like quite an adventure! I like the way Bronc boy parked the tractor so they couldn;t get out again!
  7. Who Would Have Thought Asphalt....

    Well, that was much better than when my horse bucked and I feel on my arse on the pavement! Now that did hurt much more than when I was a kid. I guess we don't bend as well as we did then! Hope your elbow gets better soon.
  8. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    Ok, I have had a few days to think. I have not read back over all of my posts, but I do not remember saying that I starved my horses this past winter, I did say thet looked like crap and that they are wormy (something most horses here are coming out of winter). To me this is how they look. To you they may look horrible or just skinny...who knows. Now as far as this person who reported me to the authorities, I was going to let this go, but it keeps rolling around in my head. The report the sherrif posted on their web page says that this person made a report about horses being starved/ not feed. This is his actual write up: RP WAS TOLD ABOUT FOUR STARVING HORSES. NO RES AT LOC, JUST A FENCED AREA. RP FOUND OUT FROM INTERNET, WHEN HORSE OWNER WAS ASKING FOR HELP Now, I have some issues with this. 1. My horses were never starved. 2. How the heck do you know what type of pasture they are in and wheither or not there is a residence there? 3. The "internet" he is talking about is HC. He told hubby this. 4. The report was made after I said I was receiving help from a few members here. Now, I am really trying to be calm about this and in the big picture this won't matter. But, I would like this person to PM me and tell me who they are. My reason for this is to have a conversation with you. I am NOT angry at you, I just want to talk to you. Thank you!
  9. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    Yeah well, she said the world can end as long as it is AFTER the wedding!
  10. Pyrenees Question?

    Epona, your dog is precious!
  11. You Know What Makes Everyone Happy?

    Looks like he is gonna has a heck of a chest!
  12. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    Broo: It never actually crossed my mind that you would report me. I know you better than that! And,yes I did over react. My nerves are a bit raw with things right now...all around, not just my horse situatiion! Cory is getting married on Sat and is very stressed..those that knew her here can relate!
  13. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    Misunderstood your post nick...that is why I asked. I do not know if this person contacted Broo or not. I just feel that this could have been handled better. Yes I posted and would have contacted Broo for suggestions, but before I did a few people PM'd with offers of help and all is well. It was after I posted that , that someone here reported me. I just wish this person would have PM'd me first. As I read back over my posts there is some, a little, exaggeration. But, being the animal owner I have always been I over reacted to my own situation. It's like when I had a freind whose horse got injured, she would call me to come look at it as she could not be totally objective. I did the same with my horses, I would call her come look. Sometimes when you are too close to a situation it looks worse than it is. Yes they lost weight, horses here if they are in pasture, lose some weight over the winter. I t just seemed to me that this past winter mine lost more than usual. They are NOT skin and bones! Yes they do need to be wormed, which at this very moment I cannot afford (some wormers are being sent to me by some wonderful HC freinds) yes their feet need to be trimmed, but they are not turning up at the toes like elf shoes! I usually have their feet trimmed at the beginning of winter then let them go til spring...this was on the advice of my farrier. He said my horses feet do not grow enough for me to have him come out every eight weeks in the winter to trim. I do not ride them at this time and when he comes out in the spring he always says their feet look fine, a bit long but fine. The reason they have not been done yet is because my farrier retired this past winter and I have yet to find another that I trust. That is my priority when I get back home.I assume that since the officer has not come back that he saw nothing wrong enough to persue the issue.
  14. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    I did not think it was Broo, altho Ohio to me is east :) However, IF someone PM'd her about me, I would have apprecited her PMing me to get more info from me.