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    ridding my horse, piano, singing in my church choir, gardening, hiking, and tennis.
  1. Updates and pics.

    It's been a super busy spring and summer here. My work has kept me busy and also trying to get a few projects done around my place. I added a hitching post on the side of the barn to make a nice area for the shoer and vet when they come. My horse turned 24 this year. The cats turned 2 years old. I ride most mornings before work so its cooler. Been hot here and drier than normal. Next month I will be traveling to Washington DC for a coding conference. I have never been to the east coast. Furthest east I have been is when we went to visit my grandpas cousin back in Iowa on her corn and soybean farm. I'm excited to go. How has everyone been?
  2. My garden

  3. My garden

    I think this has been the best garden I have had in a few years. Everything is growing really well. Here is a few pics so far.
  4. Hike pics from last weekend!

    Havent been on here much lately. Been super busy. This past weekend I went hiking with a friend. We checked out a new trail since most of our favorites are still closed. We did about 5 miles total. Saw two pretty waterfalls, streams, open meadows full of flowers and gorgeous views of Mt Hood. Here are a few pics.
  5. Prayers Please

    Prayers for your mom and family.
  6. I did it!

    Congrats on passing your test! Good luck on passing your next one!
  7. Signs of spring?

    Forgot to add a pic of a cake I made for work. It's a giant ding dong cake. 1st pic shows the frosted cake. It was frosted with a chocolate ganache. 2nd pic you can see the cake and the filling.
  8. Signs of spring?

    They terrorized the tree like usual. Lol. It doesn t seem like my horse should be that old already. I hope he's around for a long time more. I will add some updated kitty pics. The first one is Desi, my little boy kitty. The 2nd pic has both Lucy and Desi.
  9. Signs of spring?

    Hello all! Been crazy busy here. Our weather has been crazy, back and forth a lot. I think we have been getting all 4 seasons crammed into 1 week. We went from 70 and sunny Tuesday to 30's and snowing by Thursday. In the last week we have had sun, rain, hail, snow, wind and thunderstorms. We finally got a dry day yesterday so I got my lawn mowed quick. Was getting way to long. We have only had 1 dry day in over two weeks. Looks like we are supposed to get snow again on Tuesday. Both cats are doing good. Cant believe they are almost 2 years old! Next month it will be 2 years that I have been in my place. Time sure flies. My horse is doing good. He is a muddy hairy mess, he loves loves the mud and will go out of his way to roll in it. lol. He turns 24 next month on the 3rd. I have a new vet coming out for an exam and meet and greet next week. My old vet retired after 30 years, will be odd to have someone new after all that time, hope my horse likes her. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
  10. Signs of spring?

    Hello all! We went from almost 70 and sunny on Thursday to chilly and rainy on Friday with a thunderstorm warning. Woke up Saturday morning to snow. It snowed on and off all morning and had melted off by evening. Been just plain rain the last couple days with some sun breaks. Everything is starting to bloom and leaf out around here. Most of the bulbs I planted in the fall are coming up. Looks so pretty! See below for pic from Saturday morning.
  11. Hello - and a question

    Love the sign! Looks really cool!
  12. Good Morning

    Good idea on the manure pile. I would love it if they moved! My luck we would get someone worse.
  13. Good Morning

    Heidi - I have thought of lots of things I wanted to do to them when i found that mess. I was so pissed. Makes me sick to think of what could of happened has I not found the wire. Little Cow - I think a combo of both. They thought it was funny and thought their dog was "playing" with the neighbors across the roads calves. When confronted they think its funny and shrug it off. These people are clueless self centered citiots. They think since they moved to the country they can do what ever they want when they want. Noponies - I wish i could send them the bill for clean up. They just don't care. If my horse would of been hurt they would of gotten the vet bill. Jubal - I took all of the barbed wire down. They don't need it and I don't want to chance them pulling a stupid stunt like that again. I cant even turn on that side of the fence cause the crappy job they did on field fencing is so loose it flops over onto my fence. They have been told they need to fix it and they don't care. It makes me sick to think of what could of happened if he tangled in that wire. This is not the first issue with these awful neighbors either.
  14. Good Morning

    Grimmie - in the snowy field pic it was about 8 inches deep. The power lines are up high, not close. It looks like it from the angle of the pic. I was standing near the bottom of a steep hill. Been a busy weekend getting stuff done around here. I was checking over my fence line and found that the newish neighbors decided they didn't want their barbed wire fence any longer. Instead of removing it properly, they took it partway down and tossed it over my fence into my pasture. It was tangled in my fence and laying along the fence line where my horse walks. There were hoof prints right next to It! I was so pissed! The sections that were still up were wired to posts. I had to use bolt cutters to remove it. I pulled it all down and got rid of it. So over these rotten neighbors. Anyone want craptastic neighbors??
  15. Good Morning

    Thanks. Roads aren't to bad this morning. We didn't get the snow overnight they predicted. It's a clear and sunny but cold morning. It's only 18 deg!. We may get more snow today though.