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    ridding my horse, piano, singing in my church choir, gardening, hiking, and tennis.
  1. Salmon River West Trail hike

    Hello! I thought I would share a few pics from my hike i did on Sunday with a friend. It turned out to be a sunny and mild day so we took off to hike a new trail. We did a trail on the south side of Mt Hood in what is called the Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness area along the Salmon River. Did about 7 miles total with lots of hills. We passed so many water falls that I lost count of them. A lot of the trail was along the river or views of the river. See below for pics.
  2. A few snow shoe pics

    Here are a few pics of the lodge and also the view from the parking lot. It's on the national historic register and is a beautiful old lodge. The view from the parking lot is looking south towards Mt Jefferson.
  3. A few snow shoe pics

    New Years day i went snowshoeing with friends on Mt Hood. We ring in the new year every year on new years day snowshoeing somewhere. After our snow shoe adventure we always stop at Timberline Lodge for hot cocoa and to warm up by the fire. This year we snowshoed about 4.5 miles in the White River area. Beautiful weather once we got above the fog and not to cold. Onto the pics. Enjoy!
  4. New Years Weekend

    I have friends coming over tonight for dinner and a game night. Tomorrow I will be going snowshoeing with some friends on Mt Hood.
  5. Happy Holidays, ladies.

    Lol!! That's funny. I think I remember seeing this once on t.v. Happy New Year everyone!
  6. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  7. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Heidi - that looks yummy!! Enjoy. Jubal - It took a lot of pics to get one with him looking cute and not making faces. Lol. Woke up to 34 deg here with snow and ice. I'm curled up with a hot coffee.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Been super busy but I will get a 4 day weekend, and a bit of a break. Having friends over tonight for dinner and a game night, then on Christmas day doing the family thing at my parents house.
  9. Forum Photo Of The Week

    Gorgeous horse!!
  10. “Hidden Figures”

    I haven't yet but heard it was good. I wanna go see it. Haven't had time lately to go see any movies.
  11. 36 and cloudy

    It was 32 and lightly snowing this morning, but quickly cleared and turned sunny and the temp shot up to about 40. Clouds are rolling back in again though so we shall see what we get. Im just happy we got a bit of dry weather. Snow would be fine, just need a break from the rain.
  12. Windy weekend

    Good morning all! It's blustery and cold here today but at least the sun's out and it's dry. Spending my Saturday proctoring coding exams at the hospital. I only have 12 examines so it shouldn't be to bad today. I made key lime pie scones to bring with me for breakfast. Tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest. Had to use 1 for the scones and 1 for the key lime pie filling. Hope everyone has a great day!
  13. Windy Wednesday

    Good morning all! It's a clear, cold and windy day here. At least it's a dry one today. Getting ready to head into work in a little bit. I get to the end the day with a fun zumba class at the gym i go to. Hope everyone has a good day!
  14. My Wife Mozelle.

    Prayers for your wife, you and your family during this time.