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    ridding my horse, piano, singing in my church choir, gardening, hiking, and tennis.
  1. Wow....

    I work in a pediatric clinic doing the billing and coding. I also run a coding chapter and proctor coding exams and run monthly meetings.
  2. Friday again!

    Wwoohhoo!!! So glad it's Friday again. Been a long and very busy week. Was at both the clinic and the hospital this week. We had 5 straight days of lots of rain. Today is supposed to be sunny. What's everyone up to today? Hope everyone has a great day!
  3. Wow....

    I'm mostly Italian with some Irish, Scottish and English too. I used to have hazel eyes that was more brown or more green depending on the day, but as I've gotten older my eyes are mostly green now with very little brown in just in a ring in the center.
  4. Hi. I gots a puppy.

  5. Weathered Barn, Future Horse

    Welcome to HC! Cool looking barn! Enjoy your new place.
  6. Updated pics of my place

    Jan - thanks! It's been a work in progress. Swimming pool sounds great! Enjoy! MoonStar - 1 of the raised beds has strawberries, 3 have a mix of veggies and 1 container has orange mint and cardamon. I think next year I will add more strawberries to at least 1 of the hanging ones. The green house was made by an older guy who had been a steel worker. It's a heavy steel frame. I've had it about 20 years. It is very sturdy. The "Garden of Weeden" sign I got from a booth at the farmers market. The guy that made it makes all kinds of cool metal things.
  7. Soggy Monday!

    Forgot to add pics. Here is the green house and the round pen. So glad to have them done!
  8. Soggy Monday!

    Good morning all! Haven't been on much lately. Been super busy trying to get as much done as I can before the weather changes. Been hard to do though with all the smoke. Over the weekend got the green house finished and my friend helped me move all of the stuff back inside of it. Went to the farmers market on Saturday morning first though to get a few things. It was so smokey where the market was that we saw quite a few people wearing masks. It started getting heavier before we left and you could see ash falling like little lite snowflakes. Vendors were having to cover up food as well. We got what we needed and quickly headed home but it was almost as bad by the time we got all the way home thanks to a wind shift. My friend helped me all Saturday afternoon to get things back in the green house then we moved all of my round pen panels from my back yard over the pasture where I had a spot to set them up. We got it about halfway up before it was starting to get dark. Got the rest of it set up yesterday after church. Walked into church yesterday morning and it smelled like a campfire inside as well. I talked to one guy who said his smoke alarms kept going off in his house even though he had the windows and doors shut. It started to rain on Sunday late afternoon. I have never been so happy to see rain. Its odd to be an Oregonian and be excited to see rain. It dumped all night and is still raining hard today,. So hoping this will help put the fires out. It has been really bad here with the smoke and ash. Looks like rain all week!! WWooohhooo....yay for rain. Getting ready to head into work for the day. Hope everyone has a great day!
  9. Updated pics of my place

    Jubal- I have had help in the larger projects. The rocks are just large rocks I used to hold the ground cover down while I put the gravel in there. I just hadn't picked them up before I took the pic. Equi- so helpful. If I'm working in his area he will pick up things and walk off with them. PD- thanks. There are still lots more projects to work on but it's getting there little by little. Today it's much cooler and the smoke isn't as bad so I'm hoping to get more done outside. They say we may get some rain today. I sure hope so. We desperately need it.
  10. Updated pics of my place

    Thanks! I have been in my place a year as of the end of May. Trying to get as much done as I can before winter rolls in. Have a few more projects I hope to get done yet. The last few days though it's been hard to get much done between the heat and all the smoke. Today wasn't near as bad. See below for a few pics of what got done on the green house today. Of course my horse had to supervise the project.
  11. Updated pics of my place

    First pic is my little blueberry patch. Will add more this spring. 2nd pic is a cute little windmill I was given. I added a pic of my little garden, one of my planters and my green house in progress.
  12. Updated pics of my place

    Once the landscape is done in the back yard, the green house is put back together and the round pen is moved and set up I will be seeding the back yard for lawn.
  13. Updated pics of my place

    Hello everyone! Haven't been on much lately. Been so busy between work and working on my place. I took quite a few pics today to share. Landscaping is almost all done. Just need to finish the back yard. Green house is halfway done. I have a nice patio to enjoy now. Still need to put up my round pen. It's pilled up in my back yard. Now onto the pics...enjoy! First pic is the right side. You can see the green house in the back.
  14. Monday again.....

    Love the table!! Beautiful job on it.
  15. The Front Porch

    Good afternoon everyone! Just got done with the shoer. I was supposed to have a dentist apt but they had to cancel due to illness. Gonna get a few things done around the house before I head to my board meeting this evening. Hope everyone has a great day.