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  1. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Dee improved at the show. Trying to get a hold of the video that a friend of ours that hauled to the show with us took. Shew close call on the radio Kelly! Glad it still works. And yippee on a show :) Here is my saddle pad I won: Earl was no problem for us thankfully. A bit of wind and a little rain (could have used more rain), but glad we didn't have any major problems from the "storm". Meghan your photo from NSBA world will go down in history!
  2. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Laura you are so right, Meghan could wear a dickie and do just fine on Lucy! Oh Kelly I sure hope that you can get to a show this year and I will also pray that the trainer relocates near you guys! I am so excited to be off of work tomorrow. I hope to ride and get everything packed so we can have a restful evening instead of the usual trying to cram everything in after work and then staying up too late.
  3. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    WOW! It has been FOREVER since I have been on here! Super busy with work, horses, farm work, and on and on. Mike and I have both been working some overtime so it is good in a way but it really intereferes with everything else we do sometimes. I take for granted that I talk with most of you guys on Facebook but Kelly is out of the loop on our discussions and things going on on there so felt the need to come here and say hi and update! I have ahd some issues with Dee on the barrels so had some hock x-rays done she has a bit of inflammation so we did injections. Hoping to get back on track with her. Finished out 3rd in the state for IBRA and we head this Sat to the State Finals show. Krista I am so excited about you riding the giant red horse and for the start of your barn! I love seeing your show pics etc! Stephanie so exciting about Minnie getting ready to do some showing and I am glad you have found the time to juggle horses and that adorable baby! Kelly we need updated baby photos!!!!!! I am glad to hear your herd is doing well! Lisa I am extremely jealous of Hawaii! And how did Youth World and the Region show go for you? Oh and HUGE congrats to Meghan and Lucy! [Yay] 4 yes that is FOUR NSBA World Championships! [Yay] They basically took Tulsa by storm! What a talented horse she has!
  4. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Aww the fox babies are adorable! Well went to a QH show with Peaches over the weekend. She did really well. Placed great in the all breed type classes they had, and also did the Green and Jr WP and she pinned pretty good in that too. Just out of the points but respectable placings. This is my favorite photo from the show: I LOVE her wrinkly nose. Kelly glad that Ella was good for her bath and clipping! And that darn Shamu! Funny how they know when they can get away with stuff.
  5. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Bummer on him not working out Kelly. I hope that you can find someone for him! Thought this would brighten your day:
  6. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Oh no Kelly I am afraid to even ask. I hope you can get things straight and find a good fit for him.... Glad to hear he is OK though!
  7. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Wow! Lots of ctaching up to do (well some of you I can keep up with on FB). Like Krista and Stephanie! I love all of your photos on FB! Indy looks great! Bummer on him having some baby moments at the show, such is horse life though. And Allie is adorable! Glad you are riding again! I have been super busy. Taking care of 3 properties has us spread pretty thin, on top of work, and of course showing the fast ponies and the slow poke Peachy. Took her to a bigger open show (about 2 hours away) this past Sat and she held her own with a lot of the horses that will be at our upcoming QH show. So I was really happy about that. And we are under an extreme heat wave. It made showing conditions miserable on Sat but whe was a trooper. Most of the classes had 15 plus horses and we were 2nd-4th in all of them but Horsemanship we were 5th (not our fortay). Planning on doing the Fireworks Spectacular QH Show in July. We had a great time last year. Kelly I am so glad to hear about your babies doing so well. I hope auggie settles in with the new trainer and continues to progress like he has. Hope Cheyanne is doing OK herself! Glad you guys were able to outrun the tornado! Too scary!!!!!
  8. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Hey guys! Hope all is well with you! I have be slam busy (as usual). Shows at the farm, District 4-H show, showing the fast ponies, sick kitty, teeth floating. Shew! Stephanie your baby girl is a doll! How sweet. Krista so glad to hear Chris is home for good! Meghan hope the interview goes well and yay for being an official FL resident. Kelly I can't wait to look at the Ella video at home. And huge congrats to your boy! OK off to see what other fires I can put out at work today. Being out yesterday put me a bit behind...
  9. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Wow how very devastating about Taylor. Jan is in my thoughts, I cannot even fathom. I hope that they have success with a nurse mare for the colt and he makes it through OK.
  10. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Kelly glad to hear it was overall a good show. And wow he is huge and what a looker! I will have to check out the video from home, but the photos look great and I sure hope she can get him to some QH shows. Glad Ella is good. One of our friends had a mare foal late last week and she impacted over the weekend. It has been touch and go but she seems about back to normal now. So scary with that and especially when they also have a foal by their side.
  11. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    It was so exciting to hear that Stephanie and her new little cowgirl are doing good! And so cool on Auggies first show. I cannot wait to hear updates and see photos and video! How exciting Kelly. And how is miss Ella doing???
  12. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Oh Stephanie how exciting you are so close :) Kelly the baby sounds so sweet! Everyone still doing well? Had a show at our farm on Sunday. (SHSA circuit that I did with Peaches last year). We had a great turnout and Peaches was a dream! She was so quiet and did so well! And made me feel even better since the judge is a lady that lives down the street from us (we don't know her but I see her out riding all the time), well she does dressage, so always a plus when they are well rounded enough to know quality WP as well and use us above the hunters in the class. Here are a couple of pics (since I have to keep Kelly up to date).
  13. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Meghan I am glad to hear of some progress! And yay for Hockey! Ella is a popular name right now, but VERY fitting.
  14. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Shew Kelly what a story! But am really glad to hear it is over and all are healthy! Ella is a beautiful name! Thought's on registered names yet??? I love her little dish face. And that hind marking is like Dee's (who is also bay), Dee has the white with black spots in it. I have heard that it has meaning, I hope it doesn't mean she will act like Dee I cannot believe she struck at Roger! Shew, he definitely needs to increase the beer treats. Meghan I hope that the dogs start to blend in together. I am not sure how it is for all of you guys, but we have had about 3 days in a row in the 90s. It is like we went straight from winter to summer. I think rain is coming tonight and will bring some cooler temps with it. (And hopefully knock down the crazy pollen).
  15. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Naw I already got one from Kelly!