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    God and horses are the only thing I'll get up early for
  1. Aspirin To Horses?

    Hmmm.....interesting to know. I was thinking, if you could give dogs human joint supplements, horses might be the same.
  2. Hoof Dressing

    What's your opinions on hoof dressing? All my life farriers and horse people have told me not to mess with the horses hooves and that hoof dressings are a waste of money. That was growing up in So. Cal. I now live in drier New Mexico and noticed a couple center line cracks on my TB's back hooves. Am thinking a little moisture from a bottle isn't such a bad idea. Opinions?
  3. Wormers

    I worm every two months. Sometimes I switch dewormers, sometimes I don't.
  4. Supplementing Magnesium?

    Even better is that magnesuim is a natural "calming agent" for the horse. It's been know to relieve anxiety.
  5. Horses With "heaves" Or Copd

    I would advise as much turnout as possible. Fresh air is one of the best things one can do for a horse with COPD.
  6. Bone Chip?

    My vet is the same way and I HATE THIS! I hate not being able to talk one-on-one with my vet. Guess it comes with a high demand practice. Good job on calling the vet. What did he say?
  7. Riding

    I would agree with you and say it does depend on the horse. The woman at your barn was just making an assumption. :) And the soundness of the older horse will depend on how well it was taken care of in its youth mostly, but how well it is being taken care of now is also a factor. There is a 35 year old TB mare in my barn that is still ridden by a little girl for walk/trot. I'd say go for it! Most horses like having jobs.
  8. How To Use Straw As Bedding

    I'm kinda confused. Just lay the straw down on the ground, much like shavings. It's gonna be a pain to clean but, hey........
  9. Cribbing!

    More time to actually be a horse!! Horses with adequate turnout and company RARELY crib. Cribbing is a behavior that develops out of boredom......am I correct in assuming your horse spends hours standing in a stall every day? Cribbing collars and sprays will only address the symptoms, not the problem. Is there any way you can provide your horse with more excersise, turnout.............? If not, is there any way to divide his meals into smaller, more frequent meals so he always has something to munch on?
  10. What's The Best Bedding For Stalls

    Hmmm....maybe its simply the area I live in, but I've never seen these pellets for bedding. My stalls are dirt, but I simply lay down shavings. I have no mats and they always stay nice and dry. You just have to clean them out very good every day, and you have a nice soft bed for your horseies. :) Personally I do not think it's that much money. I probably spend a little less than $40 a month on shavings.
  11. Opinions

    Thanks for sharing how you all keep your horses overnight. :) I read and considered every one.
  12. Opinions

    Thanks guys!! I appreciate all the imput. I'm thinking as long as I don't do it every night, it shouldn't hurt. I'll be careful.
  13. Opinions

    Thanks guys!! I searched all over for a solar water heater, can't find one that is not thousands of dollars. I will try the ball idea, although from experience my horse is NOT curious nor has he ever had any desire to play with the balls I've given him over the years. But I will try! Thanks
  14. Let's Discuss Probios

    Yes, although you'd have to feed ALOT every single day for it to even be benefical, otherwise it probably will not help/harm either way.
  15. Has Any Of Your Horses Had The West Nile?

    I'm sorry your horse got West Nile. But I'm happy he made it out all right. [Yay]