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  1. Blind Horse

    I have a 16 year old gelding who is blind in both eyes. As many of the other posters already said, the most important thing is for you to realize that you have to BE the horse's missing eye. I still trial ride my horse all the time and he really isn't spooky at all. That being said, I am hyper-vigilant - always looking for things he may bump into or trip over. And the deer can be a little worrisome - they always hide so well and stay so quiet until you just about step on them - then they jump up and run off, scaring the daylights out of both of us in the process. Arena riding should be no problem, especially if the horse still has sight in the one eye. One thing I would watch for is when another rider is passing you on your horse's blind side. If the other rider is coming from behind you it could startle your horse. Good luck, and enjoy your new partnership!
  2. What Color Is She

    Appaloosas commonly display THREE OR MORE of the "leopard complex" patterns they are known for. My gelding is a spotted blanket, varnish roan AND displays some snowflake spots. Your horse appears for now to be a black and white snowflake with roaning. Whether this will become VARNISH will take time to determine. Not all roan appaloosas become varnish appaloosas. (But most do.) It's so much fun to watch the colors change as they grow up. She may be ten years old before she shows you her final patterns. However she turns out, she's a pretty girl. Enjoy the ride!
  3. Question For Those With Vast Medical Knowledge

    Since the horse was vaccinated for WNV and was only 2 years old, I would suspect EHV1 Neuro, which is far more lethal to young horses and involves all the symptoms you described. If it were EHV1 Neuro, it's possible that even the supportive therapy normally given would not have saved him anyway. My own horse had EHV1 Neuro five years ago, but being older (he was 9 at the time) he survived it. It did however, leave him blind. I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. Is It Really So Difficult...

    This really makes me see red too. One day, driving home from work, I was stuck in a traffic jam and saw the guy in the car in front of me throw his coffee cup out the window. I got out of the car, picked it up and threw it back in his car saying something to the effect of "I think you dropped something!" The truck drivers who also witnessed the littering started yelling out their windows "Atta girl!" and when the offender started to curse at me the truckers let him have it; calling him a filthy pig and so forth. The cup still had some coffee in it, so the guy had to pull over at the next gas station and clean himself up. I wonder if he ever did that again?
  5. Twin Moose Playing In Sprinkler.......

    That could put a smile on anyone's face! I will have to share the link with my family and friends. Thanks for posting it!
  6. Riding My Blind Horse

    Oh, I forgot - I bought the Guardian mask. I don't use it much though. While it does keep the material off the eye area very well and protect from UV rays, there is a design flaw in the one I have. Mine is four years old, maybe they have fixed this by now. The eye patches are removable and can be replaced with varying degrees of UV protection or left open if desired. The patches attach with velcro. For some reason, they lined the INSIDE of the eyehole with velcro as well, even though the patch attaches to the outside. As a result, a huge amount of hair, dirt and even hay collects inside the eye area. With my horse I found that his eyes were MORE irritated with the mask on because of all the debris. (Which is VERY difficult to clean out of the velcro - impossible in fact to get it all out.) Mine fits Reno as far as eye placement, but there isn't much overlap under the jaw so there is only about an inch of velcro contact holding it on his head. Overall, unless they have made some design changes, I wouldn't recommend them for the money they are asking.
  7. Riding My Blind Horse

    My Reno was the same way - I thought I could never ride him again but he WANTED to go out! After being resigned to his being a pasture ornament for months once he lost the sight in both eyes, I tacked him up one day and climbed aboard just to see what would happen. He started marching and boy, I had to start steering cause he wasn't going to walk slow. That was four years ago, and we still go out on the trails together. He handles everything from deep water, hills, going under highway bridges and dense forest to rowdy bucks romping across the trail in front of him. I find he's just as happy alone as with a buddy. When I ride with other people he prefers to be in the lead, as he is a fast walker. I learned by trial and error what would be difficult for him to handle. If I don't tell him the ground is going to rise in front of him he will trip on it. Every log across the trail is a half-halt with a "step over" or "BIG over" depending on the size of the log. You make it up as you go along really, he'll figure it out and remember what the words mean. Reno still tries to run up the hills - it was always something he did when he was feeling silly - but I usually have to keep him down to a jog for fear of him tripping because he can't see how winding the path is in places. I don't really even lope him on the trails where it's flat because the trails are so worn in that they are lower than the ground on either side. If he's loping along and a foot strays beyond the 12 inch width of the path, he can trip very easily. But every once in awhile, I give in for just a few strides. If I had this new format figured out I would add all you guys with blind horses as friends. We should stick together - there aren't too many people in the world doing what we are doing. People talk about having a good bond with their horse - most of them will never experience a bond like this. Good for you for getting back in the saddle! Keep it up - it gets a little easier each time and he will love you for making his day more interesting.
  8. Founder?

    A horse with acute laminitis would stand more like this:
  9. Off To The Land Of Canadia!

    Don't worry about the language. Most people in Quebec speak English, and everyone in the hospitality/travel industry there will too. You are in for some mighty fine food - the French really know how to cook. Enjoy your trip and welcome to our country! [smiley Wavey]
  10. Filly Sunburnt

    Hopefully the vet meant Vaseline intensive care lotion and not the petroleum jelly. Desitin is great to help heal the burn, then you can switch to the MUCH cheaper zinc ointment that you can buy in any baby aisle. Try to get the unscented stuff, as our horses don't seem to like the ones that smell strongly of baby powder. I was told once by a Dr. working on developing equine pharmaceuticals that horses don't burn the same way people do. We burn on the surface layers, as you can tell if you have ever had a sunburn that peeled. Horses burn into the deeper layers of their skin, which is why their noses crack and bleed and scab where we would only turn red or at worst, blister. They can't "tan" to protect themselves like we can either, because they can't produce melanin where their skin is pink. So, bottom line is that a sun BLOCK works best for them because sunscreen does not absorb into the deeper layers of the skin. Now that I see Broo has had success with sunscreen I have to wonder if this explanation was entirely accurate. It made sense at the time though, and the zinc works like a charm because it blocks the sun.
  11. Broken Coffin Bone.

    Wow. I have to agree with rj here, but with one exception. The rider would NOT be safe jumping a horse that could not feel it's foot. Is it OK to keep driving a car with a flat tire because the car can't feel it? No, because the basic breakdown in the support system of the vehicle makes it unstable and therefore dangerous to continue driving. Severing the nerves on a horse with navicular is different from doing it for a broken bone. The break in the framework is there regardless of any lack of pain. This basic instability can only be compounded when the horse is subjected to further extreme stress. Taking a horse over jumps when they can't tell where they are placing their feet is dangerous and stupid. Poor, poor horse to have an owner who cares so much for themselves and so little for him.
  12. horse draging back toes when she walks

    Toe dragging and lethargy were the first symptoms my horse showed when he developed EHV1 Neuro. If it were me, I'd have the vet assess the horse, not just the farrier. Hope she has a speedy recovery.
  13. My hay...

    You may be getting a call from me in Brampton looking for hay if you get lots of extra! I have a feeling the good stuff is going to be hard to find this year because of all the rain in June.
  14. I am SO PROUD of a fellow BB, but she needs hugs

    To Thee, my master, I offer my prayer. Feed me, water and care for me, and when the day's work is done, provide me with shelter, a clean, dry bed and stall wide enough for me to lie down in comfort. Always be kind to me. Your voice often means as much to me as the reins. Never strike, beat, or kick me when I don't understand what you want, but give me the chance to understand you. Pet me sometimes, that I may serve you the more gladly and learn to love you. Make sure that I am properly shod that I may serve you in comfort. And finally, Oh My Master, when my useful strength is gone, do not turn me out to starve or freeze or sell me to some cruel owner to be slowly tortured and starved to death; but do thou, My master, take my life in the kindest way and your God will reward you here and hereafter. You will not consider me irreverent if I ask this in the name of Him who was born in a stable. AMEN Author Unknown Bless you for doing the right thing for your beloved friend. She will wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
  15. Who says they don't remember?

    I found this a while back and couldn't watch it without crying. There are more videos of him and his story on youtube if you search on Christian the Lion. Who says animals don't feel love?